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  1. love4chat

    Post Gcam

    use footej camera
  2. love4chat

    Post [OFFICIAL][Eleven]Pixys OS for whyred[08/05/2021]

    thanks for maintaining gapps version...its better
  3. love4chat

    Post [ROM][11][WHYRED][OFFICIAL] Evolution-X 5.5 | Tremor | [03/10/21]

    my favourite rom...thanks zeeshan...hope U ignore bad comments (if any) and keep updating and fixing bugs! bro what is deep sleep issue? #keepevolving
  4. love4chat

    Post there's screen filter at lowest brightness? (FIXED)

    its a bug will be solved by ota update
  5. love4chat

    Post Heating Issue

    its under control heating not too much
  6. love4chat

    Post Samsung Galaxy M21 Surprisely Got OneUI 2.5

    before it takes 2 hour 40+ mins to full charge
  7. love4chat

    Post Evolution X 5.7[OFFICIAL] for Ginkgo/Willow

    Amazing rom,keep it updated...thanks
  8. love4chat

    Post Screen dp

    393 dpi is best
  9. love4chat

    Post BEST GCAM [MI A3] [Android 9/10/11]

    Dise version is good for me!
  10. love4chat

    Post V12.0.0.11.QFJMIXM (Global) on V11.0.5.0.QFJEUXM ?

    only if u have unlocked bootloader
  11. love4chat

    Post Which is better - urnyx or parrot gcam?

    urnyx v1.8 fixes almost every issue with K20!
  12. love4chat

    Post Google Camera by Urnyx05

    i am using stock MIUI
  13. love4chat

    Post Google Camera by Urnyx05

    Excellent update fixed everything on my MI K20/9T...
  14. love4chat

    Post Realme X Activate This Device Problem.

    visit service center
  15. love4chat

    Post Redmi K20 Pro Stuck at Recovery 3.0

    U can't get ur data u have to reset without wasting ur time
  16. love4chat

    Post Best rom for Mi A2( Android 10)

    evolution x is the best
  17. love4chat

    Post New TWRP LUX 3.3.1-0

    working fine...thanks
  18. love4chat

    Post [ROM][7.1.2][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 14.1 weekly builds for Moto X Play (lux)

    could you plz maintain lineage 15.1 builds
  19. love4chat

    Post [Android-10]-[AOSP-ROM]-[Official]-[20.05.2020]-Havoc-OS-v3.5[X01BD][ENFORCING]

    if u r already on gapps build the flash gapps version but if u r on vanilla build then flash vanilla build... if 3.1 gapps the flash 3.2 gapps and if 3.1 vanilla then flash 3.2 vanilla
  20. love4chat

    Post [DISCONTINUED][10.0][OFFICIAL]Pixel Experience [20/08/2020]

    Battery backup is fine here...all mods... Sent from my Asus Max Pro M2 using Tapatalk
  21. love4chat

    Post [DISCONTINUED][10.0][OFFICIAL]Pixel Experience [20/08/2020]

    for orange simply switch off dark mode u also got customize option
  22. love4chat

    Post [Android-10]-[AOSP-ROM]-[Official]-[20.05.2020]-Havoc-OS-v3.5[X01BD][ENFORCING]

    Android 10 roms don't have face unlock as Google removed it in android 10 Sent from my ASUS_X01BDA using Tapatalk ---------- Post added at 10:19 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:11 AM ---------- Turn off smart charging under battery settings Sent from my ASUS_X01BDA using Tapatalk
  23. love4chat

    Post [ROM][10.0][BERYLLIUM][OFFICIAL] Evolution X [AOSP]

    Excellent rom...wanna stick to it
  24. love4chat

    Post [ROM][10.0][UNOFFICIAL] 家 BootleggersROM 5.0 - Stable for X01BD 家

    thanks nitesh,hope to see you take over evolution x rom in near future!