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  1. rani9990

    Thread [APP][4.1+] Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition Camera

    Tested and working on Hyperdrive. Should work on all current GS3 Roms. Screenshots later, I'm posting this from my phone. It looks like the "4.3 camera" exactly though. NOTE: Focus before taking pictures, otherwise it crashes. You can relaunch it without a reboot though :good: NOTE 2: EVERYTHING...
  2. rani9990

    Thread Galaxy S3 international to get Android 5

    From the Note 2 forums Does this mean we might see it too? (After the carriers bloat the hell out of it) Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Tapatalk 2
  3. rani9990

    Thread How to change transition animations on 4.2?

    Is there a way to change the transition animations in 4.2? Like fly in, flip, bounce, etc.
  4. rani9990

    Thread CM10.1 Nightlies Discussion

    Just continuing the old Nitro tradition of having a discussion thread for each new set of Cyanogenmod Nightlies that come out. A request, please post your screen on time when bragging/complaining about battery life :P WIPE EVERYTHING ONLY IF COMING FROM AN UNOFFICIAL BUILD OF CM10.1 (which I...
  5. rani9990

    Thread Ac!d audio v7

    Just wanted you guys to know that TEAM AC!D released their new engine, its on their Facebook page. Its working on 4.1 for me..better than 5.0. YMMV. Awesome. FLASH FIRST SECOND Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using...
  6. rani9990

    Thread [PORT][4.0+] MoToBlUr LaUnChEr eXtreme

    Hopefully nobody got to porting this before :P You may think this another ORDINARY launcher. You are wrong. It is far smoother, and provides a special quick settings page so that you don't have to go to the app every time you want to turn on/off GPS. Cool, right? Works with 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, you...
  7. rani9990

    Thread Don't Use Chainfire3D Yet

    Chainfire3D, unfortunately, doesn't work with our devices. I wanted Tegra FX on my games so I tried it out. It sent my phone into a soft brick. I probably could have recovered, but I was using the buggy port of, that gave me a build.prop error on every ROM I tried to install. So, I had...
  8. rani9990

    Thread Use an AT&T 3G SIM in a 4G LTE phone

    Hopefully no one has posted this before me. Many of you must have, at one point tried to put an AT&T 3 G SIM into a 4G LTE phone. Of course, you would then see that calling and texting worked, but no data! Well, here is a simple method to enable data. Go to your APN settings and add...
  9. rani9990

    Thread Enable softkeys on (probably) ANY ROM

    To enable softkeys, simply add the following line into your build.prop qemu.hw.mainkeys=0 And reboot. VOILA! Oh, and BTW, is there away to get rid of the hardware key light in cm10? That would add to the soft key effect and save battery. Sent from my LG-P930 using xda premium
  10. rani9990

    Thread Super Sensitive Screen

    I need help guys. I flashed slg's MIUI Port, and all seemed fine. Then, after a reboot, the screen began to get SUPER SENSITIVE. My touches were registered all over the dang place. Even UNBRICKING didn't help. Any way to reduce the screen sensitivity somehow?
  11. rani9990

    Thread Use an AT&T 3G SIM in this?

    I have an old sim and on the grandfather unlimited plan, at&t said they'd take me off of it iif I got a new sim for the phone, so can I use my old sim on this? Its not lte by the way so I hope it works. Sent from my LG-P930 using xda premium
  12. rani9990

    Thread Can a 3G Sim work on this phone?

    So, I'm debating right now between the Hox and the gs3 and honestly the only reason why I can't get this phone is because its lte. I use a 3G sim for all my phones (except my nitro, I don't have a sim in that at all) so I need to know if one can insert a 3G sim and still get data. Oh, and I...
  13. rani9990

    Thread How To Enable Multiple Users in CM10

    So, to enable multiple users, you have to type in Terminal Emulator su pm create user insert username here Then, to pull up the second user, simply hold the power button. The second username will be there. Once you swithc, the tutorial will be there, and the homescreen will be resetup. To remove...
  14. rani9990

    Thread Beats Audio Warning

    If you dload and flash ANY of rockodevs beats audio mods, it causes multiple errors in your ROM ranging from unable to change your boot animation up to the system apps crashing and the camera screwing up, leading to a reflash of your ROM after wiping data. Happened to me every time I tried...
  15. rani9990

    Thread Unable to change bootanimation in CM10

    So, I just went into /system/media and replaced the CM9 Bootanimation with the CM10 one. Now, when I reboot, my bootanimation just shows as the blue rippling android. Is there something else I need to change in order for this to work? I tried multiple boot ani's but all just go straight to the...
  16. rani9990

    Thread Nitro stuck on LG Boot

    So, my Nitro is stuck on its LG Boot logo. I'm scared to unbrick (even though I've done it before), because I can access CWM, and when I tried installing a new ROM, it just shut down as soon as the process started. The lights blink when turning it on, but thats only for like 1 second before it...
  17. rani9990

    Thread LU6200 ICS Source Code OUT! Search LU6200, ICS is in the source code list! Devs please use this to make ICS ROMS.
  18. rani9990

    Thread [PORT] Samsung Galaxy S3 launcher ICS ONLY

    Works for sure on the P930, other devices have widget problems. For u ppl who don't want to flash andasa's nitrogen. I DID NOT TAKE THIS FROM HIS ROM, I PORTED IT FROM THE OFFICIAL GT-I9300. Copy to system/app NEW LINK Sent from my GT-I9300
  19. rani9990

    Thread MIUI won't give us a rom, even if we do win.

    Optimus still hasn't released ics source code, so miui can't build the rom for us. I asked them over fb. They said it would have to wait :(. Sent from my GT-I9300
  20. rani9990

    Thread [PORTED] Samsung Galaxy S3 Task Manager

    I saw that no one else had ported this so I decided to do it, just for kicks. There should be no problems, but if there are (I don't have an army of phones to test on, just 13) TRY COPYING TO SYSTEM/APP. If that doesn't work, post it and I'll see what I can do :D. EDIT: REMOVED BECAUSE OF...
  21. rani9990

    Thread Jellybean source code released! Let the devving begin! Jb source code. Sent from my GT-I9300
  22. rani9990

    Thread [PORTED] [BETA] Samsung Galaxy S3 launcher now for ALL ICS ROMS

    I successfully ported the launcher for all ICS ROMS. Unsure about gingerbread, someone could give it a try and see how that works. Copy to system/app folder or just install as a user app , it doesn't make a difference. Something that PoorCollegeGuy pointed out to me is that PaWill started this...
  23. rani9990

    Thread Pull img from ROM

    I was just thinking, if we did brick, could we have the system img backed up from your favorite rom and flash that instead of stock. Or would you need the baseband, firmware, etc. Or is this even possible? Sorry if this should be in general. Sent from my LG-P930 using XDA
  24. rani9990

    Thread ADB Not working

    In CM9 only, adb doesn't seem to work. It works perfectly in the ICSLEAK though. Running Nitrogen 1.08 by Andasa. Any fixes?
  25. rani9990

    Thread Nitro HD Unlock

    If I've entered an unlock code in stock rooted gingerbread, when I upgrade to cm9 will I lose the unlock? Sent from my LG-P930
  26. rani9990

    Thread [Q] airtel 4g lte

    Does anyone know if airtel 4g lte is compatible with this phone? If so, does anyone know the cost? Thanks.
  27. rani9990

    Thread How to disable the front key light completely?

    Title says it all. Sent from my LG-P930
  28. rani9990

    Thread VLC BETA works with our phone.

    Just a heads up, VLC beta has been released. It works on our phone, thankfully. Its really a great player, better than Mx player for sure, even in the beta stage. Dload link because its not available in the USA: Sent from my LG-P930
  29. rani9990

    Thread JB 4.1 for our nitro

    Do you guys think its possible? Or maybe the optimus 4x will get the glory. Sent from my LG-P930
  30. rani9990

    Thread CM9 bootanimation

    Here's the stock cm9 boot animation. Its a little more fluid IMHO, but that's your opinion. Sent from my LG-P930 using XDA
  31. rani9990

    Thread CM9 power drainer vs. ICS LEAK

    Has anybody else noticed that CM9 has horrible battery life compared to the flash able ics by hono? Kinda weird. Is there a reason for it? Sent from my LG-P930 using XDA
  32. rani9990

    Thread [Q] Remove AT&T from the Nitro

    Is it possible to remove the physical at&t logo at the top of the screen from the nitro? I honestly don't like it very much. Has anyone ever attempted it and successfully done it? Sorry if i posted in the wrong section, unsure if I should've posted it in the Accessories section.
  33. rani9990

    Thread [Q] Nitro With v10j root

    I just got my phone back from LG, but they have pre-installed the new OTA update from February, so I can't root it anymore.Is there a way for me to root it? Maybe, if, you know, I followed the the last steps of the unbricking guide where I have to flash the original ATT images?
  34. rani9990

    Thread Warning to all nitro users

    There is a guide out there. A horribly wrong guide. A guide that will permanently hard brick your P930 with NO CHANCE of ever getting it back. EVER. This guide is located at and you MUST AVOID IT. This guide is also the...
  35. rani9990

    Thread [Q] CM9 Nightly for i897

    Whenever I try to install CM9 Nightly for my SGH-I897, it says a long error message with SGH-i896 in it, so I'm thinking this is only compatible with i896 or something. Can someone help me get cm9 nightly onto my i897?
  36. rani9990

    Thread Random hot boots

    Whenever I use my phone, and do something that barely exerts it, it hot boots (you know, where it goes through just the boot animation sequence). The damn thing just hot booted while trying to post this. If anybody can help it would be appreciated. NOTE: I HAVE ALREADY SWITCHED BETWEEN ROMS...
  37. rani9990

    Thread [Q] LG Nitro HD Bricked

    I recently got a new LG Nitro HD. I tried installing CWM on it using the instructions here: [Go to google and type in: Install clockworkmod on lg nitro hd. Select the first result ] but it just bricked my phone. The phone will not turn on, go into recovery, or even go into download mode. Please...
  38. rani9990

    Thread [Q] Captivate bootloop

    So, my i897 now thinks its an i9000. I tried flashing an i897 kernel (corn) over the i9000 kernel, but instead of overwriting, it merged with it and keeps booting into itself over and over again. I know how to get it out, but I need the original PIT, PDA, PHONE, and CSC files to flash via odin...
  39. rani9990

    Thread [Q] Captivate stuck in Galaxy S Menu

    I tried flashing Serendipity 7 to my captivate via Odin. First sign of screwing up; Galaxy S home. Then I tried getting into download mode to get back. That didn't work. I'm stuck in recovery, recovery thinks i'm an i9000 when i am an i897. I also cannot select anything in the recovery mode...