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  1. renna1992

    Thread Facebook Messenger "incorrect signature"

    Hey there, everytime i try to log into the Facebook Messenger I get an error saying "incorrect signature" eventho the email and the password is correct (tripple checked it :D). For what it matters: Maguro version, latest Rasbeanjelly Rom, Trinity Kernel, latest Facebook Messenger Update. Been...
  2. renna1992

    Thread XDA apk

    Would anyone mind uploading me the FREE version? can't seem to find it on the market but i would really like to have it :(
  3. renna1992

    Thread [INFO] Facebook Contacts Sync for AOSP ICS

    Found an interesting thread at rootzwiki: [SOURCE FIX] Facebook Contacts Sync fix for AOSP ICS I do not own anything, nor do i take credit for anything, all credit goes to the op on the other thread, i just wanted to keep you guys informed cause i think if it works its a pretty awesome feature...
  4. renna1992

    Thread ICS Source Code coming Nov 17.

    says the CEO of Notion Ink. Source: AndroidCentral-Link I so hope this is true, can't wait for the real thing :)
  5. renna1992

    Thread [Q]Stock ROM flash

    Just a quick question guys. 1. the official ota updates from google only work with the stock rom right? does it matter if the phone is rooted or not? so if the phone is rooted, do the ota updates work? 2. if i want to get back from a rooted rom/cm7 rom/miui rum/... to a complete stock rom...