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    Thread OmniROM Android R (11) for Pi 4

    First off, nice to see android 11 working on the rpi4, great work. Secondly, I have things working well for myself currently, but I do have issues using the built in system auto update not wanting to download newest versions. It can see them, but refuses to download them no matter what...
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    Thread [ROM] [10] OmniRom for OnePlus7T [EXPERT]

    Download unoficial: DOWNLOAD Unofficial Kernel source: Source Selinux Status: Enforcing flash on your own risk. FLASHING This is for experianced people only, because theres no working TWRP yet. If you dont know how to read stop here (funny eh ?). Also if you dont wanna follow steps bellow...
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    Thread Media Alarm Clock

    Spin off version of the OmniClock app Simplified and focusing on beeing "only" an alarm clock Spotify support is included and need no extra download Free and add free Play Store Link FEATURES •Light dark and black color theme •Use Spotify (requires premium account) as alarm •Use alarm ringtone...
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    Thread [8.1] Omni for Nubia Red Magic

    Kernel source: Device tree: Download: Unofficial TWRP:
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    Thread [8.x] Omni for Oneplus 3(t)

    Kernel source: XDA:DevDB Information Official Omni for Oneplus 3(t), ROM for the OnePlus 3 Contributors maxwen, scanno, kldoc ROM OS Version: 8.x Oreo Version Information Status: Stable Created 2017-10-28 Last Updated 2017-12-09
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    Thread [8.x] Omni for Oneplus 3/3t

    Kernel source: XDA:DevDB Information Omni 8 for Oneplus 3/3t, ROM for the OnePlus 3 Contributors maxwen, maxwen, scanno Source Code: ROM OS Version: 8.x Oreo ROM Firmware Required: 4.0.2 Based On...
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    Thread [8.x] Omni for Oppo Find7

    Kernel source: XDA:DevDB Information Official Omni for Oppo Find7, ROM for the Oppo Find 7 Contributors maxwen ROM OS Version: 8.x Oreo Version Information Status: Testing Created 2017-10-27 Last Updated 2017-10-27
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    Thread [7.1.1] Omni for Oppo Find7

    Kernel source: XDA:DevDB Information Official Omni for Oppo Find7, ROM for the Oppo Find 7 Contributors maxwen ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat Version Information Status: Stable Created 2016-11-30 Last Updated 2017-01-04
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    Thread [APP] OmniClock

    ABOUT Based on AOSP DeskClock - developed as part of the OmniROM project. The app is open source and can be reviewed as part of the OmniROM project. Development may be asynchron between the open source version and this version FEATURES •Alarm source selectable from ringtones music files...
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    Thread [7.1.1] Omni testbuild for Oneplus3

    Kernel source XDA:DevDB Information Omni testbuild for Oneplus3, ROM for the OnePlus 3 Contributors maxwen, kldoc, scanno ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat Version Information Status: Testing Created 2016-07-24 Last Updated 2017-01-14
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    Thread [6.0] Official Omni nightlies for N3 XDA:DevDB Information Official Omni nightlies for N3, ROM for the Oppo N3 Contributors maxwen ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x Version Information Status: Nightly Current Stable Version...
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    Thread [6.0] Omni nightlies for Find 7a/7s

    Download: Kernel source: Google space: XDA:DevDB Information Omni nightlies for Find 7a/7s, ROM for the Oppo Find 7 Contributors maxwen ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow...
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    Thread [5.1.x]Omni nightlies for Find 7a/7s

    This is the thread for Omni Lollipop nightly builds for the Oppo Find 7a and 7s Omni only supports TWRP recovery, use any alternate recovery at your own risk. Official TWRP for this device is: Anyone...
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    Thread Adding multi-window support to your Omni build

    Since this has been asked a few times Multi windows support is not in by default You need to cherry-pick this to include it in your build
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    Thread [Recovery] TWRP without TP firmware flashing

    Not much to say about that :) This is TWRP with a kernel that will not try to flash the TP firmware No other changes - so all credits to the awesome TWRP guys
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    Thread [ROM][4.3]AOKP based - 20131016

    Lets start with a new thread for 4.3 So please keep the 4.2.2 thread clean of 4.3 posts Thanks to the beta testers: grimpressive, michiil, RaspberryJam, skdubg, [email protected]@tz, CoopZor Attention: If you ever flashed a stock 4.2 rom you must restore the 4.1 modem firmware before - else wifi will be...
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    Thread [rom][4.3] cm 10.2 unofficial *temporary*

    Here are the rules! This is an UNOFFICIAL build This thread is only temporary until CM will make the move to CM10.2 official This has nothing to do with any official CM build DONT EVER BOTHER Entropy512 or the other CM guys by posting anything about this in the official CM thread This is for...
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    Thread [ROM][KERNEL][S2W][4.2.2]AOKP based - 20130820

    This ROM can be best described as "AOKP with some extra flavour" See also this video from hackarchive I maintain this ROM and a kernel for some time for the HOX+
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    Thread [ROM] [International] 2013/07/14 AOKP 4.2.2 - 2.0m

    This is AOKP with some extra "flavour" :) Kernel: 4.2 roms require a different kernel then 4.1 So you MUST use the correct kernel (and dont forget to switch back if you go back to a 4.1 rom). Important: With 4.2 google added the "user account" feature That means your "home" folder is NO...
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    Thread [ROM] [International] 2012/12/31 AOKP 4.1.2 [DISCONTINUED]

    AOKP (Android Open Kang Project) is a free, community built distribution of Android 4.1 (JB) This is an Unofficial release. AOKP Homepage #include /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired...
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    Thread [KERNEL][International] 2013/07/27 - BLADE - AOKP/AOSP - 4.2.x

    Kernel for AOKP/AOSP 4.2.x and compatible roms and CM10.1 github: download: mirror: Build 201307272344 Changelog: -added S2W pocket protection - based on proximity sensor and...
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    Thread [ROM][PrimoU] 2012/12/08 CM10 *Unofficial*

    Continue thread from here Please read that before you continue here :) Reason for this new thread is that I have taken over from Llor to maintain those builds now. CM10 Issues thread...
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    Thread [Kernel] [PrimoU] 2013/05/21 HELLBOY

    Hi I started a new kernel "project" Compared to Titanium-KISS this will include also experimental features and will likely "move away" from HTC kernel sources in the future. So this kernel is my "playground" but I try to keep it usable and working all the time but you can expect that some...
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    Thread Help needed to fix BT problem in CM9/10

    Hi To all CM9 and CM10 users I am searching a problem where certain BT devices will not work properly for outgoing calls The one case I know that causes problems is using a Nokia CK-7w car handsfree device. Incoming calls working fine but outgoing calls will not be routed correctly to the...
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    Thread Benchmarks and how to interpret them

    Hi Benchmarks apps like AnTuTu are Quadrant are very polular. This thread should give you some insights why the results of such benchmarks should not be taken too seriously :) "Real world" example: KISS kernel with max 1.5GHz OC Using scheduler "odemand" -> AnTuTu will score at about 4000...
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    Thread Usage of init.d scripts

    Hi Actually there are already a lot of threads on xda which describe this so everyone interessted can already get a enough information about it. If you have specific questions you can of course use this thread for asking them. I just want to share some "insights" that I recently discovers...
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    Thread [Q] USB OTG

    Hi Can someone answer if USB OTG is supported on the One V using stock kernel and ROM? Regards max EDIT: After some searching I found that "official" it is not suported What surprises me is that in the kernel configuration of the stock kernel all options are set that I would assume to...
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    Thread [Kernel] [PrimoU] 2013/05/21 Titanium-KISS

    Hi IMPORTANT: Before you continue reading! At the moment this kernel is only for PrimoU devices and NOT for PrimoC (CDMA) devices IMPORTANT for CM users If you want to use CM or a CM based ROM choose the correct kernel! CM9 needs a different ramdisk. With the permission from Adi_Pat I would...
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    Thread Updated 14/10/12 CM10 for One Bugs List & Solutions GSM+CDMA

    Right guys THIS thread is for reporting bugs\issues and for solutions, PLEASE USE THIS THREAD and keep the DEV THREAD CLEAR. We need that thread clear for Deving uses. i will update this with every new release\hot\bugfix. if your unsure on how to create a logcat please refer to this thread...
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    Thread Spontanius reboots on my ONE

    Hi During the last days I have experienced spontanius reboots of my ONE The backtrace from logcat is: E/AndroidRuntime( 1802): *** FATAL EXCEPTION IN SYSTEM PROCESS: android.server.ServerThread E/AndroidRuntime( 1802): java.lang.RuntimeException: Error receiving broadcast Intent {...