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    Thread S8 beeped 3 times loudly, shut off and has blinking red LED, won't turn on

    Well color me bummed! Have had the S8 for a few days, stock, only added 3 apps so far, sidesync, Clash of Clans and Lastpass. Anyway this morning, the phone was at 58% remaining battery, running fine. Then it beeped a weird tone 3 times, shut down and started blinking a red LED on the...
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    Thread Continuum a poor excuse for Desktop to Phone connection, just want mymobiler back...

    Windows 6.5 had this function, simply connect via wifi or USB (through activesync) and have 100% control over the phone from your mouse and keyboard. It was great, perfect and enabled no need to ever pickup my phone through my work day. Continuum blows compared to this. Do you think we will...
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    Thread I have some dumb VPn questions, figured XDA maybe could help me...

    Sorry but I don't have another resource to ask and I am always on XDA... I am trying to connect from a home Windows 8 via RDC to a VPN at a Dr's office. I have all the info I need to connect but am not able to. The remote computer is requesting my login verification but none of my known...
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    Thread Drop down menu with touch on surface, problems

    Aloha all, Having trouble knowing how to ask this...bear with me. I am having problems with the menus that are triggered by the 'hover' action of a mouse. Using the surface pro or even my lumia 920 I am frequently unable to operate many menus on sites.
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    Thread Could a BT user profile like AVRCP be used to make external keyboard possible?

    This may have been discussed over time but I am learning. It quickly gets very convoluted to search for answers and the tech docs on what each profile does is hefty to say the least. Hoping someone with experience could help me make sense if an idea I had is old and wouldn't work anyway...
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    Thread Learning & Lesson plan to succesfully be able to develop a specific 'simple' app?

    I just signed up and am wanting to learn how to develop a basic windows phone app. I am taking the online video classes offered around the web, from Lynda and on MSDN. Hello world was a success! My initial goal is to make a one button application that has a count up or countdown timer set...
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    Thread My head hurts from slamming it into my desk over 900 data connection location...

    ...I know as a community most are not fond of a proprietary connector on a device. I ride the fence ont hat one. What I think we can agree on though, is that data and charge cables should not be on the tops of devices as this makes for incredibly stupid dock and mounting options in vehicles...
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    Thread [Q] Local cell tower is 850mhz, will it ever go 1900mhz automatically?

    I bought a cell repeater for the 850mhz range and it works great. I am on At&t and they also operate at 1900mhz. Will the local tower equipment automatically switch from time to time or is a tower only going to change when they change the antenna, etc?
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    Thread In diagnosis, how do you see what tower frequency you are connected to?

    I was trying to take a 2 bar outside signal and rebroadcast it inside my house. My local RS only had a zBoost on the 850mhz range. It works really well. But on AT&T in the US & on "3g", is that tower also a going to be 1900mhz sometimes? I am afraid that while the repeater works now, that...
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    Thread [Q] Quickie: control phone via windows or use a keyboard to type SMS on WP7?

    I searched but found nothing recent. Any apps that let me control the phone via my computer yet, or possibly allow me to type into SMS? Right now I am emailing myself, copy and paste to SMS. AT&T doesn't offer any SMS services that have my contact list, etc.
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    Thread How do you close programs vs suspend them?

    I know the back button held down brings up a task switcher and that it shows the 5 most recently used programs bu is there a way to close a program on purpose?
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    Thread [Q] WM7 + iphone function that allows people to group SMS, Getting Media Content

    Can't find out much information because I don't know how to ask or what to ask... I have a focus, WinPho7.0. I SMS to 4 people (all on iphones), then they somehow reply all but then I can only reply to one person and I miss some of the chains of conversation. I don't know what this is called...
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    Thread Call waiting call accepted but no caller history in log?

    I seem to be doing something wrong...I accepted a phone call today while on another call and the cID came up but after the call I can't find the caller ID in my hisotry. I feel like I have swiped and looked but it doesn't seem to be there. Is this already listed as a problem or an issue...
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    Thread The biggest failure of WP7 (I'm a fan, not a bash thread)

    I love WP7, my Focus, and life. Why not? The one thing I just do not understand is the decision or lack of decision to utilize a dock port system. It's is maddening to have to plug in mUSB instead of clicking in and moving along. From a Dev. standpoint, is this because they have to allow...
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    Thread Removing personal data from pictures shared via email and MMS

    Is there a particular software someone has run into that will remove personal data from photos taken from WP7. I can send them to my computer, remove the personal data, then send it back but I was hoping for something like a photo editor that may allow removing it. Thanks
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    Thread Play For Sure, WB Digital Copy on WP7?

    When you download the movie it says clearly that it works on Play For Sure devices but not Zune. Are we out of luck on this sort of thing or is it possible that in the future Zune might handle Play For Sure?
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    Thread Can you explain why or how to avoid WP7 from auto rotating my pictures?

    I can't seem to get a handle on when or why WP7 err my Samsung Focus will take a picture and then choose to auto rotate it. Can anyone explain to me how to avoid it from doing that (not holding camera a certain way, software, etc)? I am holding the camera in Landscape mode with the Shutter...
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    Thread WP7 IE zoom, how does it work?

    Is there a particular way in which IE chooses when and how to zoom on websites? Sometimes it pulls up pages in very good readable sizes, and other times not. I want to create a page like the one below but with Tiles, similar in shape and size to Wp7
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    Thread [Q] Where did all my Free Space go?

    Aloha, I remove all pictures and videos from my WP7 Focus when I sync, but it seems I am still losing free space. Any suggestions on 'figuring out' what is using up my space and how to clear some things out?
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    Thread Do the newer 4g towers have lower latency from tower to handset than current 3g?

    I was curious if online multiplayer (non turn based) gaming will ever be possible off of Wifi?
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    Thread Default video setting of 640x480 won't save as 720p? How do you save these settings?

    I have been playing with the WP7 and Focus video settings. It takes some great high def video but for some reason I can't get these settings to save. You would think they would save as there is a reset to default button but wth. I set the settings to 720p and high sharpness. I took a video...
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    Thread RSS App with enclosure download?

    Im looking to replace beyond pod. None of the RSS readers indicate if they handle enclosures. Would love to find a WP7 app that auto downloads feeds so they can be ready to play anytime. I am not in love with the way WP7 has to use a wifi sync with Zune to get podcasts right now... Any help?
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    Thread What is the best Google Voice app for Windows Phone?

    Any suggestions for me?
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    Thread Has anyone increased output sound volume on the phone yet? *#0002*28346# - Audio con

    Love the phone but I think the audio volume output is totally junk. Has anyone used *#0002*28346# - Audio control utility. or somethign similar to boost audio output on the audio jack?
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    Thread Focus just started acting weird, seems to not charge yet not want to turn off

    My focus was working fine for the last 2 weeks. Last night I plugged it in, and went to bed. This morning I woke up to a blank screen with a battery logo on it. When I pressed power button the phone didn't go on. I changed charges, chords, etc. After a number of presses I got it turned...
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    Thread Can't seem to find info on limitations in MMS video/email video

    Aloha, Had a fun day at the golf course on Kauai today, took some great videos too. I took a 4 meg video and tried to email it to a friend, no dice. I tried to MMS, no dice. I didn't try anything more creative (uploading via file browser to youtube? If that's even possible.) So did I...
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    Thread focus not sleeping properly

    My phone is not sleeping itself down after the time elapses.anyone else noticing this, its making me think its draining my battery.
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    Thread Updated: AT&T Gel Case, Body Glove Pattern Soft Shell Case

    This isn't the case for someone who doesn't want to modify it... Problem: The case covers the power, shutter and volume buttons. The case does not allow enough room between the button and case. Result: Power button and shutter buttons are pressed under the case and often results in powering...
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    Thread Gmail/Google vs Hotmail/Live comparisons on WP7

    Aloha, I searched a little and didn't find a thread that will compare using Gmail/Goolge on WP7 vs using Hotmail/Live. I have 'heard' that Gmail/Exchange is not 100% working and that even when it is 100% working that it will simply not be as powerful as using Hotmail/Live. Does anyone have...
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    Thread Long time HTC user goes to AT&T and gets a little Focus

    It's been a long journey for some of us with smartphones/pdas. My journey began with XDA and moved to the 8125, 8525, Tilt, Fuze and Tilt 2. Today I join the ranks of the qwerty-less and HTC-less folks on the XDA as I now have a focus SGH-i917. First impressions: From reading various reviews...
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    Thread Automatically purging SMS? SMS storage limits?

    Any creative ways to keep HTC messaging from storing too many messages and slowing down to a crawl? Manually purging works to speed my phone back up and resolve all the messaging lockups but can't I automate this? Thanks ahead of time for reading, reviewing and possibly answering.
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    Thread Anyone use the Kin phone yet? That timeline app looks awesome

    I love that timeline software that the Kin works with. Do you think Windows 7 will have this adaptation?
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    Thread On the stock rom, how can I get the time and battery level on the top tray?

    I tried pocketplus but it seemed to really have an issue on my phone, so much that I had to hard reset. I am just looking to get the time (always) up top and the battery level too. Titanium only, no Manilla or Flo. Any suggestions for a stock romer?
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    Thread Do you run an IT business or consulting? What software do you use to organize with?

    I currently use a web of softwares to organize my IT business but am overwhelmed by what I have created. There has to be something better than the mishmash of programs I am using... My billing and invoicing is all Quickbooks. Client contact info is all maintained in Outlook. To Do Lists are in...
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    Thread Waterproof case, GPS accuracy for timing myself on a canoe

    ALOHA! I am so stoked, just upgraded from the Fuze to the Tilt 2. I am researching cases. I ran across a watertight, floating case that looks like it could provide me with some nice GPS usage while I'm out paddling (vs buying a garmin watch for $150) Is the GPS sensitive enough to show lap...
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    Thread IT resource forum, free version, do you guys know of any good ones?

    I was using experts-exchange for higher end IT admin questions but Im tired of paying for it, i only use it for random questions like "Is there a way to email photos to an ftp location?" I see but they seem to be a bit broader. Thanks for your input!
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    Thread AT&T figured out I was tethering and began billing me?

    Has anyone else seen this issue: On my bill I see a Pay Per Usage Category and some data calculations. Pay-Per-Use Usage USER LINEDATA GPRS PPU DOM WAP $0.01KB - WXP2OS I have roughly $8 in charges... Does anyone know why this would be? I tether on my Fuze but haven't seen this charge...
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    Thread With no landscape mode why is everyone jumping to Sense?

    I am lost here. I like Sense, seems cool enough, but I have a HW keyboard and would like to use it within landscape mode, why are so many HW keyboard phoen users jumping to Sense with no landscape? WHYYYYYYY? lol :)
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    Thread Can a mod/admin/op review something I posted and let me know if I am in the wrong?

    I posted in what I thought was the correct place, I thought about my fellow XDAers, and the rules of posting but a member felt I was out of place. I would like to know; was my post innappropriate placed? Within the Fourm Raphael Rom Dev
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    Thread [Question]Energy Rom version help...pretty easy.

    AloHA! Happy Thanksgiving all! The islanders out Hawaii are not too keen on a Holiday celebrating the take over of lands from the natives but we Haoles living here still celebrate! The energy Roms are sweet, I liked them but now that I go to return to them I am a bit confused by all the...
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    Thread Gmail Exhange via ActiveSync; does yours work yet?

    As of Oct 16th I am still unable to get solid performance out of Gmail Exchange with ActiveSync. There are literally hundreds of complaints across the web detailing the same issues I am having but I don't hear people saying much on these forums. Does your ActiveSync/Exchange Gmail mail work...
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    Thread Windows Live ID, javascript and Pocket IE, why doesn't IE work?

    When I go to and try to sign in with IE I get an error about not having javascript. I am running a Wm6.5 rom from RRE. I get the same error in Opera. What browser does do javascript and why doesn't the newest pIE have this built in?
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    Thread Increase gesture flick movement amount on Fuze?

    i can't seem to nail down my terminology so forgive me . I want to increase the amount of vertical/horizontal movement when I flick up and down in Opera, messages and documents. What is this called and can i adjust it somewhere or with advanced conifg? For example on an iphone if you flick...
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    Thread Help? A working Task Switcher with 6.5 23047 ROM?

    I am dying to find a working task switcher with the newest breeds of 6.5 ROMS. With the buttons at the bottom my normal SPB PocketPlus X Button app doesnt work. e-natives showcase freezes up and doesn't open sometimes. What else can I try to quickly and effeciently change from one task to...
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    Thread How to us google to search link, awesome

    A newb member wanted to know where an app could be downloaded and someone replied with a link that took them to a tutorial on how to type their question into google, it was awesome. How do I find that? Yes I have googled it, haha :p
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    Thread App or Sheet to track bets?

    Anyone have suggestions on how to keep track of all my bets for the upcoming awesomeness that is NFL, MLB, NBA seasons? An app would be great but I have a feeling really only a excel sheet is out there.
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    Thread CV Cingular Video - on VGA does yours always show a 50% screen size?

    I just got CV working on my Fuze with a custom ROM. Is the video always half size unless you full screen it?
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    Thread What is RRE?

    I see it on all sorts of programs and some ROMS, what is it? THANKS AHEAD OF TIME FOR NOT RIPPING ME!
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    Thread Can I install the HTC Fuze update Rom from the download site on my radio upgrad Fuze?

    I use Arrupenthals Wm6.5 Rom and I just updated the Radio to the I wanted to try the HTC Rom update from HTC for kicks. Do I need to downgrade the radio or anything or does the HTC Rom load everything I need?