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    Thread MI 6 died while charging

    Hello everyone! MY MI 6 DIED while on charging. I used a new charger, mobile popped message that the device is heating up, ( device did not feel hot in hand) I quickly removed it from charging and tried to restart. It shut down while restarting and never turned not. Computer could not detect...
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    Thread Samsung Experience ROM for our Mi 6? Possible?

    is it possible to have samsung experience rom for our mi 6, just like there is Samsung experience rom for redmi note 5 here
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    Thread Samsung-style ROM?

    hi everyone, is it possible to port any of the samsung s7, s8, or s9 rom for mi 6. thanks
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    Thread Droid Turbo xt1254 vs Xiaomi Mi 5

    Hi guys, I own Motorola Droid Turbo, ever since I have seen Xiaomi Mi 5, I am leaning towards it. How wise will it be to replace Droid Turbo with Xiaomi Mi 5? :confused::confused::confused:
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    Thread Droid Mini battery 🔋 drains too fast

    I am looking for solution as my device drains battery really fast. I hope someone could assist me on this... I am using 444, su6-7.2 with bootloader locked. Sent from my XT1030 using XDA Free mobile app
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    Thread Data from one app to another... help

    Hi devs, I need your help to modify scrabble application. Is it possible to change the dictionary of one scrabble.apk with the dictionary of another. Actually, scrabble from ea has merriam-webster dictionary and twl dictionary only, whereas I want dictionary of another scrabble..which is...
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    Thread Some Editing iOS 7 look-a-like custom rom

    Hi Everyone... Today I found a new rom for Galaxy ace s5830 thoroughly themed as iOS7... It is very nice. I like it and want to stay with it for some time. Here is the link .. Little help required...
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    Thread SGSIII v11.2 and GOSMS pro compatibilty

    hi devs, I have found this rom as the best one avaialble for ACE so far... Happy with it.... but there is a small issue.. I use GOSMS pro for messaging, I am facing some problem for GOSMS with this ROM. contacts Name color inside "TO:" box is white on white background... so there remains no...
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    Thread Contact sync problem...

    Hi everybody.... It's my first post here.... My cousin owns HTC wildfire buzz... There are some hurdles that I cannot happen to cross for him.. His device is untouched.. Means No rooting, no modding., no custom ROM.... 1. Arabic language is partially supported... it displays the characters of...
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    Thread Extracting Kernels....

    Hi to everyone... Can I extract a kernel and Cook/flash it with other rom so as to extend battery life of second rom... I luv layout of one rom.... and battery life of another.. can I merge the two to have the best one....:) Sent from my GT-I9300 using xda app-developers app
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    Thread [Q] AceSIII v7 stuck at samsung logo

    I downloaded AceSIII v7 from other site... flashed it on my ACE... but it found to stuck at samsung logo.... did it happen with anybody here? What is the solution.... v2 and v4 booted nicely... Hoping good response from you devs thanks in advance
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    Thread Play store goes missing even after reinstall on touchwiz v1.0 rom by skyWalker

    I m facing a weird problem on touchwiz v1.0 rom... Play store becomes invisible so unaccessible... I tried to reinstall play store app downloaded from 4shared link.... Please help:mad: Sent from my GT-S5830 using xda app-developers app