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    Thread CWM for RAZR i

    Well, after figuring out the image format for boot and recovery, I built a CWM image for the RAZR i. I had to fix and hack around quite a bit of code to have it building (arm is hardcoded on several places :( ), and it's completely untested as I don't own the device, so try at your own risk :)...
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    Thread [DEVS only] Unpacking RAZR i boot images

    I've seen you haven't been able to unpack the boot images so I investigated a bit on this "weird format" Moto used. This is what I could figure out by looking at the image and the bootstub code Motorola released: 0x00000000 kernel CMDLINE, filled with zeroes where unused 0x00000400 bzImage size...
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    Thread [ROM] Atrix CM9 [ADT's SelfKANGish builds - 20120715]

    Well, given the confusion that was arising on jokersax's thread, I'm opening this one to keep things a bit more organized. You are still encouraged to (and you should, really) read the other thread, and play with both builds. Feel free to compare them, and make sure you mention which build are...