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    Thread Can't download anything with chrome

    I updated to N P4 and now I can't download any files from chrome. I can download using firefox but I get "download unsuccessful" with chrome and chrome dev. Any suggestions?
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    Thread getting weird errors updating to 6.01, Brick?

    Originally tried to just update seperate images so as to not lose data. Kept getting this (even with updated fastboot) MacBook:platform-tools$ fastboot flash system system.img sending 'system' (1970048 KB)... FAILED (remote: data too large) So I decided to just use the script to...
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    Thread Status bar time not updating

    So never had this problem on another phone before. I noticed a couple times this week where I doing something on the phone, and look up and my clock is like 15 min (or whatever) behind. Not sure if it's related but it seems to happen when I lose connectivity in so much as everything says I'm...
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    Thread [Q] Trouble redeeming free battery

    I see that you can redeem the LG G4 promo online now for the free battery. However, when I enter all my info in and hit submit I get this error message, anyone knows what it means or has had success? this shows up in red "Length cannot be less than zero. Parameter name: length"
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    Thread [Q] gpe 4.4.3 build prop

    Does anyone have a stock gpe 4.4.3 build.prop they give me, thanks Sent from my HTC One_M8 using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
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    Thread [Q] decrypt storage

    Argh. I was attempting to return my gpe converted phone back to sense, so I followed a thread to flash 1.54.401.5 firmware. That went ok. It rebooted however and now it always goes to Decrypt storage, 30 attempts remain (safe mode). I don't remember setting a password to encrypt storage and once...
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    Thread [Howto] Use tasker to create a nandroid backup repository

    I like to flash, when I had the nexus 4, sometimes several times a day. I would simultaneously use a couple ROMS at the same time by just going back and forth every day to see which I liked better. I also liked to re-visit ROMS I had used in the past, but didn't want to go through the hassle of...
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    Thread Converted to gpe need to tether

    So under T-Mobile sense stock ROM there was a tether app, i'm on jump and get 2.5 GB a month I think. I don't ever use that much but anyways since I now have a gpe ROM, did I lose the ability to tether or do I need to download another app? Which one is good? Sent from my HTC One_M8 using XDA...
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    Thread Best way to leave JUMP?

    I was previously using the $30 month TMobile prepaid but jumped at Note3, which I signed up for post paid Tmobile with jump. I don't really use that many minutes and want to go back with the $30 month. I don't want to buy the Note3, it's too much. Would it make sense to use my next jump upgrade...
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    Thread Cifs

    Dumb question maybe, but does the Samsung stock kernel support Cifs? Is there any kernels out there that will? I really would like to mount my linux server.
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    Thread Atooma finally available for the gear

    Atooma seems to be a rudimentary tasker type app. I played around with a bit, made a profile where the vertical movement would silence my phone but the controls are way to sensitive. Just moving your wrist is enough to trigger the action. Not a bad start I guess, what profiles or uses can you...
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    Thread Does root void Tmobile jump?

    New Samsung user coming from Nexus. If I root my Note 3 from tmobile jump will they let me turn it in for something else in 6 months or is my eligibility voided?
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    Thread ROM features for stock

    I'm on stock and want to stay that way. Does anyone know of any apps that would extend my phone like a custom ROM, for example an app to customize quick settings or similar or an app that has power menu options etc, or something like ribbon by aokp.... Sent from my Nexus 4 using xda premium