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  1. chas123

    Thread [OREO OOS beta] Do not disturb tile Magisk module

    For those of you w/ big thumbs who can't easily peck through a case to flick that little switch: This mod is based on the first oreo beta. It will not work w/ official, and will not be updated as I have moved on to a custom ROM w/ a full set of Android's intended features This is a hack job...
  2. chas123

    Thread Hey Oneplus

    If you're gonna step on native android, why not get it right. WTF is oneplus laboratory anyway? 1) with a case on the phone, the little switch is useless. I had to build a sysui with the dnd tile, although much of the intended functionality is gone- i.e. dnd until next alarm. 2) the native...
  3. chas123

    Thread [Tutorial] Build Your Personal Magisk ROM

    Figured some adventurous soul might have fun with this..... Anyone who follows our thread in the development section of this forum probably has figured out that I am a huge fan of topjohnwu and Magisk. Our team maintains a Magisk ROM there. So I decided that I would try to show anyone...
  4. chas123

    Thread [ROM][AROMA] Bad Boyz ZTE Axon 7 US ROM | 7.1.1 | v 2.1| 4.09.2017

    Team Bad Boyz presents... Bad Boyz ZTE Axon 7 US ROM 7.1.1 v 2.1 DOWNLOAD MD5- b4e7cb6c4727d543b60e6a237e2dca20 You must be on Nougat firmware (bootstack) to flash this. See post #4 DOWNLOAD MAGISK ROM see post #3/5 You need Nougat firmware, system.img, and...
  5. chas123

    Thread AT&T Volte

    I'm coming from a HTC 10. Volte worked on that device. I can't find anywhere to turn it on with the 3t. Does it support 3t for At&T?
  6. chas123

    Thread Couple Of Q's

    I am new to the 3t. I have developed ROMs for HTC devices for quite a while. Just wondering: Does Magisk work w/ 3T Nougat? Specifically a Magisk ROM that utilizes a module. and... I saw a thread on cooking ROMs w/ Arch Linux. Will Superr's kitchen work?
  7. chas123

    Thread [ROM/MAGISK]Bad Boyz US Unlocked HTC 10 ROM | N | 2.41.617.3 | v3.2 | updated 2.1.17

    Team Bad Boyz presents... Bad Boyz US unlocked HTC 10 ROM 7 NOUGAT Sense 8 v3.2 Modified Stock Kernel DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD Magisk ROM REQUIREMENTS -Must be unlocked with custom recovery installed (TWRP) -S-Off highly recommended!!! thx @jcase & crew! FEATURES -...
  8. chas123

    Thread [ROM] Bad Boyz AT&T ONE M9 ROMz | 5.1 | 2.11.502.18 | Sense 7 | 3.11.15

    This is a ROM we did for those who would like a fully functional AT&T ROM while awaiting Marshmallow. When the update comes we will be making another ROM for that. So............ Team Bad Boyz presents... Bad Boyz AT&T ONE M9 ROM 5.1 Sense 7 v1.0 Modified Stock Kernel DOWNLOAD...
  9. chas123

    Thread [ROM] Bad Boyz VZW ONE M9 ROM | 5.1 | Sense 7 | v1.1 [UPDATED] 10.7.15

    Team Bad Boyz presents... Bad Boyz Verizon ONE M9 ROM 5.1 Sense 7 v1.0 Modified Stock Kernel DOWNLOAD REQUIREMENTS -Must be unlocked with custom recovery installed (TWRP) -We recommend Captain_Throwback's custom TWRP FEATURES - 10.5.15 -Based on VZW M9...
  10. chas123

    Thread [MOD] Native Hotspot- Working 4G

    This mod will enable native hotspot to work w/ 4G You will need a root file explorer and sqlite editor to complete this mod. Your choice to flash this- Do a back up After that- GET S-OFF Sunshine will cost you, but is well worth it. Instructions: 1) Flash the attached aroma installer in...
  11. chas123

    Thread Don't like saying OK, google???? Mods: please delete this thread.
  12. chas123

    Thread Don't like saying OK, google????

    So it seems a little weird out in public saying "ok, google" to my phone. Not to mention- It seems like I'm giving them consent to do something. Bang my wife, take my money, etc. If you open up siri- whoops- I mean google now and go into settings>voice, you will see a section entitled 'offline...
  13. chas123

    Thread [MOD] SIM UNLOCK for 4.3

    I figured I would post this in a new thread so those who have abandoned hope will see it lol. The attached zip contains a HtcOMADM_SPCS from the 4.3 update with modified code and files to allow access to the API menu, and not cause vDM client crashes. I do not have a GSM sim yet, so I can't test...
  14. chas123

    Thread [MOD] Update PRL from Phone UPDATE 2 for KitKat

    Update 2: Attached is an EPST that will allow ##778# PRL changes on KitKat ROMS. It took me a while to figure this out. I had planned on posting this up, but wanted to keep it a Bad Boyz exclusive for a short while. Again the teams intention was always to share this with the community...
  15. chas123

    Thread Free Internet Calling

    Thought I'd share a find with you guys. This site offers a free SIP gateway to Google Voice accounts. Once you enter your info and click ADD it will not work. You need to check your gmail account and following the instructions on the email from Google to authorize access to your account...
  16. chas123

    Thread [MOD] Native Hotspot Hack

    I used the following method to get the native hotspot working. I have used the app 3 times over the last few hours and it has worked every time. If someone could confirm this, I would appreciate it. I am currently on MeanBean. Edit: Just for shets and giggles, do a speed test first. Mine...
  17. chas123

    Thread Black Dialer- UPDATED

    See post #2 for new version This is a deodexed version of a black dialer that I made for MikG for anyone who wants to give it a try. It should work on any SENSE 3 rom, but I have not tested it as I am on an odexed ROM. Make sure to do a nandroid backup before flashing
  18. chas123

    Thread Black Dialer

    I am trying to make a black dialer for Mik 3.0. Can somebody tell me where the button png.'s circled in red in the screenshot are?
  19. chas123

    Thread Black Clock for Mik 2.1

    Pretty straight forward. Flash from recovery. Same files that I used for this one
  20. chas123

    Thread [REQ] Can someone port this mod?

    I saw this on the Desire forum and thought it would be cool to have on the EVO:
  21. chas123

    Thread Converting binary xml files.

    I have been looking for something to do this. It states that in can convert binary xml files to text, and back again once they have been edited. 1. Description -------------- This tool can convert binary XML files used in GRID to plain text XML file, and save plain text XML to GRID binary...
  22. chas123

    Thread Incall Volume help needed

    Does anyone know where the resource circled in the attached pic is located?
  23. chas123

    Thread Replace WM alarm in Mobile Shell

    I have searched and searched for a way to do this, and I finally figured out a workaround. Thanks go out to Koush and AVlev. They deserve all of the credit for developing the apps. First I downloaded and installed Klaxon: I then moved...