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    Post New full update for P7-L10

    of course directly
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    Post [RECOVERY][ Unofficially Open Recovery TWRP ][ 09/11/2014 ]

    well packed ;) version TWRP for Huawei Ascend P7 is here
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    Post [Q] NEW UPDATE FULL ROM B619 Turkey

    NO! Don't do that if you are not Turkish. Part2 changes hardware location to the channel/tr if you flash hw/eu bootloader will unlock, if not try this I've described all the ways to do (or not to do) here
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    Post neeed urgent help Plzzzzzz

    flash the VENDOR UPDATE or make your CUST - 2 ways After installing vendor-update you'll got hw/eu, maybe it is better for you than hw/spc (南太,south pacific) ...maybe One more way - you could try (with Root and Root Explorer) to rename /cust/hw/naf(or other) to /cust/hw/spc (by the way...
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    Thread P7-l10 b619 ota (translation) They say that cust\hw\meaf\delapp & cust\hw\naf\delapp (Middle East and Africa, Egypt - North Africa) contains "com.wakti.store_v2.7.1_w_201502271550.apk" - suspicious (classes.dex Android / AdDisplay .Commplat.B) But customizations...
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    Post New full update for P7-L10

    No :) cust/wind/it/*** (rename or copy "hw" to "wind" and "eu" to "it" ) Now (after the EU vendor update) your phone has EU location forever! So the above is not actual and even don't do that! (it was second method when your phone earlier have had location WIND, but now is too late for that...
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    Thread [Q] X1 Open Source Code

    Hi, is it Mediapad X1 kernel open source?
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    Post New full update for P7-L10

    Hi! Google is powerless for "readlink" ;) I have BusyBox installed and Terminal (and root): readlink = No such file .. ; su, cd /system(or vendor)/lib - the same. can't find, but i know my cust is hw/eu and i'm on B162)
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    Post New full update for P7-L10

    Good! Now your hardware has "EU Location" and the CUSTC432 will be with you forever cause EU customizations (this is just a folder) are included in every firmware for L10. And what about WIND, they ordered their own "Location" for bringing some customer software, all other settings were exactly...
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    Post Lollipop to Huawei ascend p7? Only for Chinese devices L00-L09 in July 2015 (2015年7月). AnDroid 5 for L10 may be next year...:confused: But L07 hardware is similar to L10, so custom ROMs we will see soon definitely!!
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    Post New full update for P7-L10

    new baseband module 23.350.03.00.000, "work like charm but you must do a factory reset after installation".. that's all for today zaabolla, if so, nothing to lose.. imho. you had "lost" this CUST, because your hw is not in the list (applies to ALL current 6** firmware for L10) let's try to do...
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    Post New full update for P7-L10

    Did you see my last post here about customizations ("locations")? Check your hw, be careful please! Be shure your device is not locked by your operator if you bought it cheap! (NCK code may be needed)
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    Post New full update for P7-L10

    haninatoon, CUSTC408 - Egypt Did you find any problems on B616? This ROM includes customizations for hw: eu | meaf | naf | nla | normal | ru | seas | sla | spc | usa and if your phone's hw is not in the list above, hw/default will be used. Please dial * # * # 2846579159 # * # * and check...
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    Post New full update for P7-L10

    zaabolla, do you have the same CUSTC432 now as at the end of this screenshot h t t p:// ? If not: try or (identical) Install this B609 AND...
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    Post New full update for P7-L10

    try factory reset