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    Thread audio (both back and front speaker) issue?

    Does anyone else have audio issues with their flex2? Most of the time it works, but some times there is just no audio going through the back speaker or the phone speaker. So calls or youtube will be silent. the only way I can get it back to normal is to reboot phone. Bluetooth audio works...
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    Thread can we use odex file optimization for all apps?

    we now seem to believe that odex files speed up the apk. It evidently it seems to be so, and it should as, among other things, it optimizes method lookups to use memory offsets instead, similar to the C linker. I've notice a good performance increase coming from JF 1.5 to JF 1.51 US, and the...
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    Thread Why ext2 instead of yaffs2 on sdcard?

    I don't know much about yaffs2 so if this is a dumb question, just tell me so. I was just wondering why we use ext2 instead of yaffs2 for apps to sd? Don't know much about yaffs2 at all, but know a little bit about ext2 and as a filesystem it is very much optimized for hardware that have...