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    Thread Is safe root and unroot redmi note 8 pro?

    Is it safe to root redmi note 8 pro? I just received the RN8P purchased on Aliexpress. I would like to unlock the bootloader and install TWRP and flash magisk. However I see many reports of brickeds devices. My biggest question is this: Is it safe to flash magisk uninstaller if any module causes...
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    Thread Maximum screen brightness without custom kernel

    According to reviews on various websites there is information that the maximum screen brightness on redmi note 8 pro can reach the incredible 640 nits. This is an impressive mark for an IPS display, but this brightness level can only be achieved in auto mode. Is there a possibility to reach this...
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    Thread [MOD][MAGISK] Immersive screen (hide and fit navbar/statusbar)

    Requirements: Root + Magisk //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Screen Mod: Full immersive screen (ideal for games): 1. Notch Killer Link 2. Deep Screen Oreo Link 3. Immersive Manager (alternative app for deep screen...