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    Post Various touchscreen issues with S7+ 5G

    The touchscreen went unresponsive today again and I noticed these in the kernel dmesg... Actually, similar dmesg entries happen all the time while the device is running, I just took something that looks relevant. [ 708.540205] IRQ 5: no longer affine to CPU6 [ 708.561407] fts_touch 4-0049...
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    Post Various touchscreen issues with S7+ 5G

    I've unlocked and rooted the device as I tried to look into the issue further so I can't really rely on Samsung anymore. I haven't really updated the thread since then as I've been busy and am trying to live on with the issue which I think it's just natural for touch screens to have issues and I...
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    Post Do Project Treble ROMs work with the Galaxy Tab S7+ 512GB Wi-Fi variant?

    I actually booted it myself and kept a backup of it so I can test it a bit further if needed. With TWRP and appropriate backups it's not difficult to switch back and forth. Since Magisk can't work with Android 11 vendor at the moment, and that recent GSI builds are not certified for some...
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    Thread Build BUC1 has blocked the downgrade to Android 10

    I upgraded my tablet to BUC1 a few days ago via Odin. Recently I was thinking about downgrading to ATK3 to see if GSIs behave better with Android Q vendors, only to find out that it's not possible anymore. Starting from BUC1 build, the SW REV value has been incremented to 2 from 1 which...
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    Post Do Project Treble ROMs work with the Galaxy Tab S7+ 512GB Wi-Fi variant?

    1. At present, AOSP v304 GSI can be booted, but no Magisk yet. This is if you have Android 11 stock FW. The situation with GSI might be different (probably better) with Android 10 stock FW, but I can no longer test this, as the latest BUC1 build blocked the downgrade path. You can still...
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    Post Im rusty, mr 0 , 2 ,3 ?

    Uh... you can try GSIs on this phone after unlocking bootloader. Most of the phone's functionality work with GSIs at the moment. Recently Magisk has changed its way of distribution so there's only an apk now. But if you rename the Magisk apk into a zip, you can then flash it from TWRP (which...
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    Post Tab S7 - Touch issues while gaming, among others

    If it's not about 120Hz display I think some other tablets, including older generation ones, might be good choices. It's just that I don't think I'll ever pick another Samsung product anymore thanks to the GOS fiasco (app/service apks that would be automatically re-enabled by watchdogs placed...
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    Post Custom rom!!??

    You're right about the other features. For office/productivity works this tablet is an excellent choice. On the other hand, this tablet's performance is very disappointing when it comes to gaming. I'm currently dealing with some touch-related issues when playing games (none of which would be a...
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    Post TWRP for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ 5G (T976B)

    I simply check everything in case of emergency, though in most cases I only need to restore Super/data/boot like you said. Those other partitions aren't too much in size compared to the overall storage space the tablet provides.
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    Post Tab S7 - Touch issues while gaming, among others

    I'm having some strange issues with my Galaxy Tab S7+ as well, mostly touch-related. But in overall, the tablet's performance is really disappointing. I was expecting much more from this SD865-based tablet compared to my previous one, Pixel C. Taps are not being registered accurately. Sometimes...
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    Post Custom rom!!??

    A general thing to lose with root for all Samsung devices would be those Knox-related stuffs, namely Secure Folders. I've been trying to boot a GSI on the tablet but up to now all attempts have failed. The tablet refused to boot, despite there were no problems with the flashing. I personally...
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    Post How to uninstall One UI 3.1 (Android 11) Update?

    Thanks, but it's not really that relevant now as the crashing issue was finally fixed by the developer. However, on Android 11 things are indeed performing worse than on Android 10. Frame rates are much lower, and touch issues (erratic or sudden delay/loss of touches) become more frequent...
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    Post TWRP for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ 5G (T976B)

    I tried this guide. Although it can indeed flash the GSI (as confirmed by looking at the /system_root contents), I currently can't make it boot. It keeps rebooting in the Samsung (Knox) logo that warns me about using custom ROM... I'm currently on the stock kernel with Magisk installed into it...
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    Post Android 11 Kernel Source for Samsung Galaxy Tab s7 (gts7l) T878USQU1BUAC

    Great. Looks like the source for SM-T976B (Galaxy S7+) build BUA8 is out as well.
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    Post watch out Samsung is being sneaky.

    Plus, Samsung would lock you out if you dare to touch anything related to it. EDIT: I think it depends on how you debloat. If you debloat them all at once (I used this debloater's Root/Magisk mode to do so) you would be fine, so some Samsung system apps probably have watchdogs to ensure the...
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    Post watch out Samsung is being sneaky.

    This time I tried the Root method (which utilizes a Magisk module to systemlessly replace files, and can complement my NanoDroid overlay) so all the Samsung stuffs in question can be banished from the system. I did not add other lists (namely the GFAM ones) as I might need to manually install...
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    Post watch out Samsung is being sneaky.

    TL;DR: Guess I really need to be careful about Samsung in some ways... Okay... just unlocked and rooted this tablet. Although I can safely disable most bloated apps using this script (root not required at this point), there are some untouchable ones, especially Game Optimization Service/GOS...
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    Thread How to uninstall One UI 3.1 (Android 11) Update?

    I recently updated to One UI 3.1 and it's performing much worse than it was on Android 10, especially with one of my games constantly crashing when trying to enter the main menu. I want to know if there's a way to revert the update somehow... so that at least I can get things keep running for...
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    Post watch out Samsung is being sneaky.

    Aegis is a better solution for 2FA codes. It has more features, and supports everything Google Authenticator could offer. From what I read you should be able to secure (add a master password) and move (backup/restore) your vaults around with Aegis, so as long as you have a backup of the vault...
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    Post Multicore performance lower than expected.

    I don't think you should believe in benchmarks anymore, it's better to refer to real-world tests and reviews from users. Actually many Android devices have implemented hidden switches which temporarily disables thermal/performance constraints when it detects a benchmarking app being run...
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    Post watch out Samsung is being sneaky.

    It's better to do some detailed tests if possible and make a list. I think Samsung is way too sneaky about things a system app would do as disabling the apps on the surface do not really disable the functionality itself (at least that's what the system logcats told me), in order to deter people...
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    Post watch out Samsung is being sneaky.

    Samsung has a lot of things under the hood that even disabling those system apps via adb is not enough to stop them. Back then I disabled Game Manager as I thought it would get in the way with gameplay (I don't have any use of it), but turned out disabling the app alone was not enough. Some of...
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    Post samsung eye comfort shield adb uninstall package name?

    I've noticed the same issue. Originally I've set it to only turn on during night time, but now it stays turned on, disregarding my time schedule. Actually the new Android 11 upgrade is not stable for the time being, that apps may not cope well with it (despite Samsung claimed otherwise in the...
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    Post Why are there no Roms?

    Not everyone gets the update at the same time (don't know how they handle when and who should receive the update). I only got a November update a few days ago (though some claimed to have already gotten it) and it offered few improvements. The tablet still feels the same as usual. As one must...
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    Post [DRIVER] [10.0+] Adreno 600 Series OpenGL & Vulkan Drivers [[email protected]][1.1.128]

    Tried this on a Razer Phone 2 (SD845) with a Havoc GSI 3.8 (Android 10), using the 3.5 package, installed via Magisk Canary (21101). The OpenGL/Lite package is not working correctly, causing system UI crashes. I made a logcat, inside there are some scattered snippets mentioning things like...
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    Post TWRP for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ 5G (T976B)

    I'm mainly after its 120Hz display. However, my experience with some games is not quite satisfactory, as some effect-heavy games have proven themselves to be quite demanding even for Snapdragon 865. Anyway, having usable TWRP recovery can be considered a first step, as one can now make nandroid...
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    Post TWRP for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ 5G (T976B)

    Given Samsung devices have Knox and some people might still have use for its features (such as Secure Folders), the interest in getting root or custom ROM at this point (while it's still supported and updated) can be low. I've been thinking about this myself as well, whether or not I should give...
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    Post New July 5, 2020 Security Update Build P-SMR4-RC001-RZR-200616.3181

    Sorry for a bump of this, but does anyone have the OTA file or the link for MR4? Given the OTAs are block-based and incremental, this MR4 OTA is required for MR5 (whose download link has been known) to be useful. Sadly it's been quite a while since Razer posted the last full factory image...
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    Post TWRP for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ 5G (T976B)

    Yeah, at least not for now. Not sure if anyone has managed to boot a GSI on the S7/S7+. I'm still holding on stock until a working custom ROM or GSI is available...
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    Post Various touchscreen issues with S7+ 5G

    I cannot rule out the screen protector might affect input, but personally the impact on input sensitivity/precision with tempered glass ones is not that significant. With this tablet I do regularly clean the screen. Nowadays I also use such protectors on my phone, and I hardly ever had any...
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    Post Various touchscreen issues with S7+ 5G

    Bumping this myself as I discovered something. It seems forcing the S7+ to 60fps (Display -> Motion Smoothness -> Standard) can significantly mitigate the repeated/ghosted taps issue, and varying improvements regarding other touchscreen issues. I cannot say the issue is completely gone this way...
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    Post Various touchscreen issues with S7+ 5G

    Not sure what might be causing the issues. While not really an issue for normal use, but in some games it can be really frustrating to find it so difficult to full combo even on lower difficulty levels such as Easy because at least one tap would fail to register correctly in almost every play...
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    Thread Various touchscreen issues with S7+ 5G

    It seems the tablet's touchscreen has several issues that I cannot be sure whether the issue is hardware related, software related, or a mix of both. I've been following this thread, but it seems the issue I'm having is more than what the OP was having so I'm considering moving the questions...
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    Post S7+ screen way too sensitive

    I'm also using a tempered glass screen protector and my personal experience with such protectors on different devices has always been positive, with few issues directly related to such protectors as long as the quality appears to be good enough. I don't connect the charger while gaming, but I do...
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    Post Does anyone know how to keep date and time synced, but use a custom timezone?[SOLVED]

    It seems I've found the answer myself. See here. Use adb shell and set "auto_time" setting value to 1, while keep "auto_time_zone" setting value as 0: $ settings put global auto_time 1 $ settings get global auto_time 1 To make sure "auto_time_zone" setting value is still set to 0. $...
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    Post S7+ screen way too sensitive

    I think the touchscreen of this tablet does have some interesting behaviors, as I've also observed some touches being registered when my finger was a still a short distance away. I suspect this might have something to do with palm-related gestures (like palm swipe from right to left for...
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    Thread Does anyone know how to keep date and time synced, but use a custom timezone?[SOLVED]

    I want to keep the tablet's clock synchronized over internet, while configuring a different timezone from network-provided one. However, at present it doesn't appear to be possible, as General Management -> Date and Time -> Automatic Date and Time option would automatically set to use my...
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][LineageOS][18.1][dragon] -> 2021-05-05

    Just flashed this kernel and 20425 canary. It's working now. Thanks!
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][LineageOS][18.1][dragon] -> 2021-05-05

    Magisk 20408 and onwards are currently broken due to missing kernel cmdline args. A while ago I found Magisk 20408 and onwards stopped working on Pixel C Android 10 ROMs. Magisk 20407 and before were okay. I recently did a bisection on Magisk and found the offending commit, and after the...
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    Post Ghost touching

    Hardware issue is possible. I had a swollen battery a few months ago, which caused a lot of issues and was left unnoticed until recently. A while ago my tablet started to lose touches (that touches might be "released" prematurely, causing some unexpected misses of holding notes in rhythm games...
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    Post [ROM][Alpha-3][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS-16.0 For dragon (6/19/2020) 4.9 kernel.

    Guess you're right about Magisk to some extent. After flashing the latest Magisk canary (20419), the system still boots (without bootloop), but cannot see Magisk at all. Some efforts would be needed to get this working. By the way, it seems with this kernel I cannot reboot properly. Reboot...
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    Post [APP][ROOT][5.0+][1st Nov 2020] Migrate - custom ROM migration tool

    WARNING: If you use NanoDroid and installed init.d scripts, DO NOT use /data/local/tmp/migrate_cache as target folder. They can cause a conflict! At first I thought the issue was a Migrate-related bug, that the apk files in the migrate_cache went missing after system startup (before startup...
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    Post [ROM][Alpha-3][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS-16.0 For dragon (6/19/2020) 4.9 kernel.

    Is Magisk usable on Alpha 3? If not, can anyone explain in detail why it won't work (or maybe a related GitHub issue). The "real SaR" explanation looks very vague, since Magisk can already work with SaR devices (and current Android 10 custom ROMs for Pixel C also utilized SaR to some extent, at...
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    Post Does anyone have experience with external HID touch monitors?

    After some research it seems setting the phone's screen size to 1920x1080 will make the touchscreen work on the entire screen, although one may need to set the density as well to keep the size of items the same as before. wm size 1080x1920 Please note that you'll need to manually revert the...
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    Post [PIE/Q][KERNEL][4.9.223-Upstream][GPU-OC] TrinityKernel R4.0 -(Gaming-Battery Kernel)

    Not sure what's changed but I'm observing some strange behavior with the 4.0 kernel on Havoc 3.5 GSI. While I can get to the lockscreen much earlier compared to previous kernel versions, the system is not stable at this point and SystemUI would crash (back to Havoc logo) 1-2 times before going...
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    Thread Does anyone have experience with external HID touch monitors?

    Recently I got myself a Sculptor 16.1'' external portable monitor that has multi-touch and gravity sensors. The monitor claimed to support many smartphones including ours as well as some others like ROG Phone 1/2. While most other functionalities work (screen outputs at 1920x1080 @ 120Hz, USB-C...
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    Post corrupt to the core

    Recovery is built into the kernel (which is common for recent devices). arter97 (or Trinity) kernel image includes TWRP in place of the stock recovery, so you get TWRP when you flashed the kernel. Stock boot.img comes with stock recovery, so if you flash stock kernel you lose TWRP. Also, keep...
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    Post corrupt to the core

    I'm not sure about the comments in the telegram group, but I don't think it was necessary to flash all the stock stuffs. Factory images may contain stuffs that you should never flash on a device that has already left factory and packaged. Usually you should only be flashing boot, system and...
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    Post Razer root service?

    If you could get your device unlocked (depending on your carrier) you should have no problems with rooting (via Magisk).
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    Post [r14] arter97 kernel for Razer Phone 2

    Wasn't SELinux already enforcing? At least that was the case with GSIs all along (including Q). Was it possible to set it permissive on stock before?