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    Thread [MOD] Upgrade your rotational vibrate motor to a OnePlus 2-like coin vibration motor!

    Ever thought that the vibrate motor in your OnePlus One is too weak? Want to upgrade it to a stronger one? Well, now you can, at the expense of one of the two mono speakers in the speaker block, and your warranty. Not for the faint of heart, perform at your own risk. What you will need: Tools...
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    Thread Ever wondered why the One's vibrate motor is comparatively weak, yet also loud?

    It is so weak because it uses such a small vibrate motor. The counterweight's mass isn't enough to make for an adequate vibration, especially given the One's large size. Here it is next to the iPhone 4's vibrate motor: And next to the iPhone 5's motor: For size reference, the OnePlus One...
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    Thread [Repair guide] OnePlus One Full Disassembly/Screen Replacement + Re-assembly Tutorial

    The pictures are quite big. Resize the browser window width to shrink the pictures to a more manageable size. Disclaimer: Perform the following repairs at your own risk. This thread is for educational purposes only. You will void your warranty if you proceed. But that's implied, right...
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    Thread Yellow tint/band/gradient/screen/tinge - an Investigation

    Introduction If you own a OnePlus One and have kept up with news covering it, you should already be aware of the infamous "yellow tint/band/gradient/screen/tinge" (how many terms have been coined for this phenomenon?). If not, basically, it's an issue that has evidently plagued some* OnePlus...
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    Thread Fixing the touch issues for good! (it was never a software problem (for me, anyway))

    Note: the fix depicted below is only a plausible fix and it assumes the screen/digitizer itself is not faulty. If you intend to follow it, be aware that a faulty screen can be a possibility, so RMA if you can. Unlike the other software fixes out there, tampering with the hardware is a one-way...
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    Thread [Warning: giant pics inside] My experiences with disassembling the OnePlus One

    Meh, might as well. Repost from OnePlus Forums. Update: finally added the Note 2 battery's weight :p Tip: resize the browser window to make the thread more readable. I should add that I facilitate no allegiance to any particular phone brand, nor am I sponsored by any phone brand. I work for...
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    Thread [Q] Apps from Play Store not running on Sony Vaio Duo 11 (Android on Intel Platform)

    I'm dual booting Android 4.2.2 and Windows 8.1 on my Sony Vaio Duo 11, and all is relatively well. However, I've noticed that some apps that are usually available on the Play Store aren't showing up on the Duo 11's Play Store. Once I do find it, it says "Your device isn't compatible with this...
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    Thread [Guide?] Re-applying worn out fingerprint resistant coating on the cheap!

    As you may know, most smartphones these days use Gorilla Glass for the digitizer panel. And being digitizers - devices that accept input via a user's finger - fingerprints can be a problem. This is why Gorilla Glass has a neat nanotech oleophobic coating that makes interacting with the screen...
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    Thread [Q] I need help regarding ROMs for UBIFS MT6572 based knockoff iPhone 5S

    I bought a knockoff iPhone 5S from AliExpress, and it has an iOS 7 interface but it's very slow and laggy. So I decided to look for a custom ROM that is more like AOSP. Some info about this knockoff: Model: MF353ZP/A Build: ALPS.JB3.MP.V1 MT6572 @ 1 GHz 512 MB RAM 2 GB ROM Internal MicroSD...
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    Thread Guess the tablet from the Antutu score!

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    Thread [Q] Prototype Samsung Galaxy S4 Developer Edition??

    I was searching on eBay for a Samsung Galaxy Black Edition (the one with a black screen and a Note 3 style leather textured back): Then I came across this quite sleek looking Prototype Samsung Galaxy S4 Developer Edition: And I thought to myself: "I must get one." It has a black...
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    Thread [With pics] How to replace only the glass (not the whole "LCD") on a Galaxy S3!

    [With pics] How to replace only the glass (not the whole "LCD") on a Galaxy S3! You don't. Although it is entirely possible, the chance of failure if done by people with absolutely no experience with mobile phone repairs is very high. If you've broken the screen on your Samsung Galaxy S3 and...
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    Thread Samsung Galaxy Trend = Samsung Galaxy S Duos!

    As some of you may know, the Samsung Galaxy Trend GT-S7560 and the Samsung Galaxy S Duos GT-S7562 are very similar phones. They share the same phone cases, screen protectors and even the same digitizer panel. The only difference is that the Trend has only one SIM slot, whereas the S Duos has...
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    Thread [ 1 ][ 2 ][ 3 ] Multiple display video with multiple Galaxy Note 2/3s!

    I just discovered this when one of my friends who has a Note 3 showed off the Group Play feature found on Samsung's flagships. Apparently in the Android 4.3 update of the Samsung ROMs, Group Play now supports sharing videos across multiple devices. The Note 2 also has this feature in the...
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    Thread Gooapple i5S (p)review with pictures!

    I don't know where to post this thread... This will be my first ever kinda proper review. It's still incomplete, and I will amend it later. The text corresponds to the image below it. It may be a bit hard to follow, but you can pair them up judging from the context. The Gooapple i5S, as can...
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    Thread Inside a Genuine Galaxy S4 S View Cover!

    My dad decided it was a good idea to cut off the S View cover of his S4 with a Stanley knife, because it was "annoying and always in the way, waving around in the air". I will begin the dissection when I have time. Stay tuned!
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    Thread DIY Bluetooth Headphones

    Taken directly from my Imgur account dscf0000. All (or close to all) my XDA pics are hosted there. I used to use my own web server, but FTP was such a pain and one of the servers were shut down so some of my older posts have broken image links that I'm too lazy to track down. Speaking of lazy...
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    Thread The Importance of a Real (Tempered Glass) Screen Protector!

    I use a tempered oleophobic glass screen protector on my Galaxy Note 2. Just yesterday, it saved my phone from a 1 m drop onto a tile floor. There is now a hairline crack in the protector, but that's much better than having a hairline crack in the Note 2's screen itself. It would've been the...
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    Thread [DIY] How to make your own headphone/earphone with Android comaptible volume controls

    I will refine this later
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    Thread DIY Bluetooth Gamepad with Mounting Frame

    Sup guys, this is a repost of my own post in the Galaxy S2 forum.
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    Thread Stock Samsung Galaxy S3/Note 2/S4 Micro USB Cable Modification

    Since the plastic housing in the micro USB end of my USB cable was falling apart, I decided to open it up to see what's inside. The following will be half a recount of what I did and half instructional directions. The cable actually uses a very surprising design. The wires aren't soldered onto...
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    Thread Why are there glass digitizer versions v0.3 and v1.0?

    I replaced a broken Asus Transformer Prime digitizer, without knowing that there are two versions - v0.3 and v1.0. They have inverted x-axis readings from one another. Mine originally had a v0.3 panel, but I accidentally bought the v1.0 panel. I can't unlock the bootloader, due to the Unlock...
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    Thread [Q] 64 GB SanDisk Mobile Ultra vs. Extreme vs. Extreme Pro Micro SDXC cards

    I am currently using a Mobile Ultra UHS-I Class 10, and the r/w speed of it is as follows (tested on my Galaxy SII, will test on Note 2 later): I have seen some cards called Extreme and Extreme Pro - supposedly operating at speeds of 600x-633x, or 90-95MB/s. Does anyone have or are using...
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    Thread [Q]How do I return to stock ROM on the Asus Slider SL101?

    I know this isn't the SL101 forum, because there is no forum for the SL101. The TF101 is the closest device to it. Recently, the LCD panel on my Asus Slider became faulty and I either have to refund it or send it back to Asus for warranty repairs, but I am having difficulties restoring it to a...
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    Thread [Q] How do I set WiFi proxy settings for use in Android Applications?

    I have an Android phone and tablet (see my signature for models), both of which I use at home on my home WiFi network and at college, which uses a proxy server on their network to censor websites and whatnot. I can connect fine to the college's network through a web browser, but the applications...
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    Thread I need help with syncing the calendar!!

    I have a Galaxy S II running the stock TouchWiz GB 2.3.3 ROM, and it has lots and lots of calendar entries that I want to sync to a Gmail account so I can sync them back after upgrading the firmware with a clean, fresh install. It has been experiencing weird problems with not receiving SMSes...
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    Thread [PICTURES!] What you need to know before getting a metal bumper case!

    Thinking of getting a cool metal bumper case for your smartphone? This post may be useful for those who plan to get a Sweet-Armor, Element Case, Deff Cleave(or similar metal bumper cases) for their Galaxy S3, Note 2, iPhone 5 or any device that has a metal bumper case made for it. If you also...
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    Thread DIY Mounting Bluetooth Gamepad!!

    I have a silly video of it in action: 4U9TpgI1EG8 Notice the "trademark" blue coat hanger that I use. I will release pictures of the second generation soon (I actually made it more than 6 months ago, but never got around to sharing it). Should I make a tutorial? I kinda came up with this...
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    Thread [Q] Which ROM/kernel definitely supports 64GB MicroSD cards?

    I am not asking which ROM/kernel is the best, I know that depends on the user. But right now I'm not having much luck finding one that supports 64GB MicroSD cards, even if I format them to FAT32 just like everyone supposedly says. People are claiming that they got 64GB MicroSDs working in...
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    Thread [Q] HELP! Bricked One X - Bootloader refuses to be unlocked!

    My HTC One X's bootloader refuses to be unlocked. No matter how many times I get the Unlock_code.bin, the result is the same. I see the screen prompting you to unlock, the phone restarts, but the bootloader is still locked! It always says "FAILED (status read failed (Too many links))", as shown...
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    Thread [Q] 64 GB MicroSD problems?

    Hello, TL;DR: I know how to format memory cards. The problem is; how do I get the Galaxy S2 to properly mount and access a 64 GB FAT32 MicroSD? Long story: I recently bought two brand new SanDisk 64 GB Mobile Ultra SDXC UHS-I Class 10 MicroSD cards (not on the internet, but from a reputable...
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    Thread [Q] Samsung Galaxy S2 DXLP7 Camera app bug?

    As you may know, DXLP7 is one of the full ICS releases of Ice Cream Sandwich. One of the updates brings stereo audio recording to the Samsung Galaxy S2's video recordings. However, the audio channels do not correspond to their actual relative location in the video. In fact, they are inverted...
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    Thread [Q] Help with Galaxy S2 ICS 4.0.3 bootloader???

    I want to reset my custom binary counter using a USB jig, but it turns out that the newer bootloaders used in 2.3.4 or something onwards renders the jig useless. I can flash an old bootloader that still works with the jig, but I'm afraid that after this my phone will no longer boot as I am using...
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    Thread Optical lamination of LCD displays. What do you think?

    I've noticed that the viewing angles and visibility in sunlight of Samsung's Super AMOLED+ displays are below average, contrary to the company's claims. I know for a fact that reflections in any touchscreen display can be eliminated by bonding the glass to the LCD panel using a transparent...
  35. vantt1

    Thread [Q] What files in Samsung's XXLP6 ICS ROM are responsible for making MHL TV-out work?

    I asked a similar question before, but it wasn't much help. Does anyone know which files in the XXLP6 ROM makes TV-out via MHL HDMI work? I'm asking because I'm using XXLPB right now and it doesn't seem to work. I don't want to flash XXLP6 because it took me a long time to save my WiFi...
  36. vantt1

    Thread [Q] No HDMI out on XXLPB??? Is there a fix??

    I know XXLPB isn't a full release, but it would be great if there were a fix for the no HDMI issue. I love ICS on the Galaxy S2, so I won't ever go back to Gingerbread.
  37. vantt1

    Thread Is there such thing as a portable battery powered HDMI display?

    I like to read ebooks and watch videos on my Galaxy S2, but in the end it is to small to provide a comfortable experience. I don't have the money for an AMOLED tablet, so that got me thinking. Wouldn't a generic portable HDMI-input display (sort of like a tablet without any internal hardware) be...