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    Thread Cannot Install Custom Rom Xperia Z for T-Mobile (C606)

    Hello, I have been trying all day to install a custom rom on my Xperia Z for T-Mobile. I have succeeded in rooting it and installing the recovery, but it looks like the bootloader needs to be unlocked. I have followed this guide and have rooted and installed the recovery but when I install a...
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    Thread Phone Randomly Shuts Off on 4.3

    Hey, I recently did a factory flash of 4.3 and the nexus seems to be turning off randomly, especially in the night. I missed work today because the alarm didn't ring and got there 2 hours late. Is anyone else experiencing this issue, this seems to happen often and is there a fix for it?
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    Thread [Q] Eye Scrolling Nexus 4?

    Hello, I was wondering if eye scrolling and some other S4 features can be ported to the nexus. If possible, it would be amazing to use!
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    Thread Who has gotten Google Play Games yet?

    Hello, I'm running the stock rooted ROM and have yet to get Google Play Games on my phone. Have any of you received the update that has enabled it yet?
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    Thread [Q] Bricked HTC ONE S, Please Help

    Hello, My friend tried to root the ONE S, but he bricked it and I need help. I am able to boot into recovery but thats about it, Is there any way I can fix the phone? I tried installing the Viper ROM and other roms, but it just boots and stays on the bootscreen. Is there any way to fix this? He...
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    Thread Wireless Tethering for Nexus 4

    Hello, I have tried to use the built in wireless tethering on the Nexus 4 for T-Mobile, but it seems that they have blocked it. Is there any other way I can tether the Nexus 4 on T-Mobile? Thanks
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    Thread Removing Power Off Option on Lockscreen

    Hello, I was wondering if it was possible to remove the power off option on the lock screen. I believe that it is a good way to ensure that the phone does not get turned off when stolen, which could make recovering/tracking it much easier. Imagine if someone stole your phone and you have an...
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    Thread USB Mount via. Clockworkmod

    Hello, I managed to soft-brick my nexus 4 and want to reinstall a ROM, but I wiped the internal memory and there are no files on the Nexus 4. I cannot go anywhere but recovery and I have clockworkmod installed. Where do I go so I can copy and paste the ROM file on my Nexus 4? Thanks
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    Thread How many Nexus 4's Sold

    Any Estimate on how many Nexus 4's have been sold? I'm imagining a crazy number as I know at least 5 people who ordered it, and 2 were crazy about it, excluding me.. haha But is there any official estimate?
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    Thread ROM With Best Battery Life

    Hello, I recently got the Nexus 4 and I love it except for the battery life. I was wondering if there were any roms that would retain the stock feel (no other features added) and have great battery life? I have also not rooted my phone and installed recovery so if someone could guide me, then...
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    Thread Which case to get for Nexus 4?

    Hello, I recently got the Nexus 4 and am pondering which case to get? I am extremely worried about the glass back and am wondering if the bumper case will do any good in protecting the Nexus. I drop my phone sometimes, usually the phone slides and scratches a great deal. An example is when I...
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    Thread ROM with Best Battery Life (Post Your Experiences)

    Hello, I'm looking for the most stable ROM with the Best Battery Life. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it. Tell me what you use that gives you the best battery life! . Thanks
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    Thread Handsfree App for Car

    Hello, I recently bought an FM Transmitter for the car, and I am looking for an app that does that following things: 1. Automatic Pickup and routing to the FM Transmitter (so the sound plays on my car speakers) 2. Automatic Text and Email Readout to the FM Transmitter 3. HandsFree voice so...
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    Thread Camera Tilt Slow?

    I just got the Galaxy Nexus yesterday and I was playing around with the camera on 4.2, and every time I rotate the screen, there is some lag on the camera. Now I don't think this issue was there on 4.0, is there any way to fix this?
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    Thread [Q] Where can I download the Radios for the EVO LTE?

    Hello, My EVO LTE used to get somewhat consistent LTE connection. Now I have flashed many roms and recently done an S-Off and noticed that the Radio is a lot worse now. Where can I flash the latest radios, modem, etc.? Thanks
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    Thread [Q] Installing Recovery after Dirty Rancun S-Off

    Hello, I just got S-Off using Dirty Rancun. I finished all the steps here: I was wondering how to install recovery. Any help is appreaciated. Thanks
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    Thread Flashing CM10 Kernel with S-ON

    Hey Everyone, I forgot how the lines you use to flash the kernel for S-ON and TeamWinRecovery. I have installed ADB and stuck the CM10 boot.img file in android sdk platform tools. I CDed there using cmd but forgot the commands to flash the CM10 Kernel. Can someone help? Thanks
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    Thread Cannot Flash a Kernel on the EVO LTE

    Hello, I rooted and used this method to root and install recovery: Then I installed Mean ROM and everything went smoothly. I tried installing a kernel: First, I tried this: and...
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    Thread Urgent. Need Help! I think I may have bricked the LTE!

    Hello, I recently rooted my EVO LTE and was looking to install a Custom ROM. I used this method and this Video: I put the Latest Mean ROM on an External SD Card and then opened the...
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    Thread Just switched to the EVO LTE. Why 2 Development Forums?

    Hello, I just switched to the EVO LTE and was wondering why there were two development forums? One says EVO LTE Android Development, and the other says Original EVO LTE Android Development. Whats the difference?
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    Thread Galaxy S III Gestures and Other Features on EVO 3D?

    I recently saw the Galaxy S III and was amazed by the new software that was implemented on it, some examples being the gestures and S-Voice. I was wondering if we were going to get these features for the EVO 3D anytime soon. Here is a video showing off some of these features...
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    Thread ##Data# Settings not saving! Especially WiMax Entry RX

    Hello, I have an EVO 3D Rooted with the Olympus ROM, I cannot save the WiMAX_Entry_RX(RSSI)(dBm) settings from -89 to -110 (To Increase 4G Scan Range, which translates to better signal and faster 4g speeds) When I change it, it changes temporarily and then reverts back after a short time. Can...
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    Thread Some Issues with EVO 3D, 4G and texts

    Hey, I recently got a 3D and have been having a few problems, the main problem is that my texts have not been sending to the person and this happens about 50% of the time. The other issue I have is with 4G Connectivity, It takes much longer then my epic used to, like about 10 seconds more. 4G is...
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    Thread Rooting HBOOT 1.50

    Hello, I just got an EVO 3D today and was wondering if there was a possible way to root with HBOOT 1.50?? My Software Version is 2.08.651.2 I tried using this method, but it said HBOOT 1.50 is not supported. Does anyone know how I can root? Thanks
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    Thread When will the gingerbread update be released for the Epic?

    Its taking forever...... I thought it should have come by now, the epic is nearing its EOL, I wonder if it will be out before then.... When do you think it will come out?
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    Thread MicroSD is write protected, how do I fix?

    Hello, I recently tried to flash the Epic Sense ROM and it screwed up my SD Card, it wouldn't install system files and I was waiting over an hour. I pulled the battery out and ever since then, I wasn't able to paste any files to it because there was no paste option. I decided to format, but I...
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    Thread Want to make your EVO 3D have faster 4G speeds? Here

    I tried this for my Evo 3D and it worked awesome. I can stay connected with more signal strength and my download speeds are faster: I know its for the epic, but works on the EVO 3D as well. The Directions are very similar
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    Thread Take that APPLE!

    I thought apple was supposed to have "Perfect" products, but I found out that they were flawed beyond belief. After looking at this page, I have lost all my trust to apple:
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    Thread Easy way to get android on HD2!! SIMPLE
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    Thread Is EXT4 really that great? I think that RFS is better

    Hello, I was just wondering why people think that EXT4 is faster than RFS? Both of them are similar in speed at first boot and installation of a ROM, but I tend to notice that EXT4 goes much slower over time, as opposed to RFS. To test this out, I borrowed my friends epic, and tried flashing the...
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    Thread HTC Sense Pre-Alpha ROM Review/Bugs Discussion Thread

    Hello, I just installed the HTC Sense Pre-Alpha ROM and to do this I had to odin back to EC05 with CWM 2.5. Ok, so when I first installed the ROM, sense kept crashing and restarting and is still doing so, I will update on any progress...... I understand that this is a dev-only build but just...
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    Thread Call not ending when pressing end button

    Hello, I can barely ever end the call on my epic by pressing the red button. I have to press it multiple times and even then the call doesn't end. Is there a fix for this problem. Its very annoying and should be addressed. and is anyone else experiencing this problem??? It doesn't matter if I...
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    Thread Is this site legit? Brand New EVO 3d for $231 without contract?

    Hey, I just saw a site where these people sell consumer electronics for outrageously low prices: They're selling brand new EVO 3D's for a super low price and only accept transfer by moneygram or western union, but they have proof of shipping at...
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    Thread Blocking Non-Android Market apps?

    Hello, I just wanted to know if there was any way to block non-android apps? I know you can do it from settings, then applications, but you can enable installation of apps by just checking that option. Is there any way I can block them? Thanks, and I want to do this because my brother keeps...
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    Thread Songify Like App for Android?

    Hello, I just saw this app on my friends iphone and it turns words into songs, and it does it pretty well. I was just wondering if there was an android like app similar to this. Here is the link:
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    Thread EF02 GPS and Rotation Fix here!

    I finally got rotation and GPS to work on EF02!!! Here's how I did it: 1. I odined back to the EC05 modem to fix all GPS issues. To Odin to EC05 Modem: Download this: Then Download Odin...
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    Thread Looks like front facing camera bugs still arent fixed

    I just found another bug on EB02 that needs to be addressed, video calls from tango and qik don't work, all you can see are lines going across the screen when someone tries to view your video. Anyone having the same issue?
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    Thread Voicemail notification on Kingdon Virus ROM

    Hello, I have the latest Virus Kingdom ROM (June 10th) and I am having a huge problem with the voicemail notification. Everytime I turn on my phone, I keep getting this notification that I have voicemail, even though I don't. I tried to clear voicemail notification, then clear voicemail data...
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    Thread First GPS Problem on my Epic!! Are you having the same problem?

    Hello, I am running EF02, I odined it, and I just found a huge issue, GPS Stops working after like 30 minutes of use. It basically turns off if you have it on too long. Heres a way to replicate it: Open Telenav, Enter an address, let it guide you for 30 minutes, and before that, you phone...
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    Thread Epic Running EF02 Benchmarked!! Crazy Scores!

    Hello, I just benchmarked the Epic running EF02 (RFS), and it looks like Samsung did a good job with this rom. Quadrant: 1st Run 1357/2nd Run: 1603 (Close the the Epic running EXT4 on froyo) Smartbench: 1190 Productivity/2914 Gaming (about the same as epic running EXT4 on froyo) Linpack: 14-15...
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    Thread Slow Rotation on EF02? FIX HERE!!

    I recently odined EF02, and it works awesome except for one thing. The screen rotation is very slow. I want it to be like EE03, Is that possible? And is there any way I can root it? Thanks EDIT: I finally got rotation to work on EF02!!! Here's how I did it: 1. I odined back to the EC05 modem...
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    Thread Looks like we will get HTC Sense Faster then expected!

    Hello, It looks as if HTC is releasing the SDK soon, making it easier to develop sense for non-sense devices like the epic. Here is the link:
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    Thread How to rig quadrant score?

    Hello, I am running the Great Kanto v5 ROM and was wondering how to rig quadrant to give me a score of about 3,000. Is that possible? Thanks
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    Thread Anyone Noticing Buggy Video Chat on EE03?

    Hello, I was just wondering if anyone was experiencing buggy video chat on the Epic running EE03. The FFC works awesome on the camera app, but when I try to tango someone, it does not work. Google Video Talk does not show your video to the other person, and yahoo messenger does not show camera...
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    Thread Market Problem with EE03

    Hello, I am getting this prompt soon after I open the market. "Sorry! - Use *9900# to take log- ---------------------------------- The application Market ( has stopped unexpectedly. Please Try again. Is anyone else getting this error? Does anyone know a fix? Thanks
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    Thread Sense 3.0 Already ported to EVO, why not epic?

    Hello, just recently sense 3.0 was ported to the evo with everything, including 4g, working, there are a few minor bugs that will get ironed out very soon.. isnt is possible to port to the epic? If you are here to flame this thread or say that sense sucks, this is not the thread for you...
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    Thread Does anyone have the Weather Plugin for the LiveView?

    Hello, I just got a Sony Ericson LiveView Watch and was wondering why there was no Weather Plugin, I found out that it was an addon and tried to find the plugin, but I cannot find the .apk anywhere. Here is the Description of the apk...
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    Thread Keyboard fix for Stock EC05?

    Hello, when I try appliying this keyboard tweak: su echo 5 > /sys/devices/platform/s3c-keypad/timer_delay it says that that it is a nonexistent directory, I tried to check for any typing errors, but found none. Does someone know a fix for this? Thanks I'm running a stock rooted Ec05 Froyo. Thanks
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    Thread Best theme for launcher 7

    Hello, I saw this video of Launcher 7 and was wondering how he got the lockscreen, icons, and the game hub, does anyone know how? Here is the video: Thanks Here it is on the Nexus One...
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    Thread Making Front Facing Camera Display Larger?

    Hello, The Front Facing Camera uses up barely half the Screen, on the Vibrant 4G and other galaxy S devices, it takes up most of the screen, is it possible if we could mod this to look larger like on the Vibrant? Thanks