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    Thread Help: PDC not recognizing phone with android 11 beta 1 (OP8 PRO)

    did anyone manage to connect their phone to pdc ? help please
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    Thread Does anyone know when the 5g update is rolling out ?

    greetings , hope all is well and safe in these times . my chinese version pro has all the bands in my country yet 5g doesnt work , ive read around that theres an ota thats gonna be rolling out to activate 5g does anyone know when ? Edit : Am from Dubai - UAE , also VoLTE doesnt work which bums...
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    Thread SlickWraps Fail !

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    Thread [Q] Battery overnight

    hi , i just want some feedback from you guys if this is normal ?. i charged my phone up to 100% then used it till it was 95% . went to sleep woke up its 81% so thats 14 percent overnight. keep in mind ive been having alota battery drain so i kinda modified my s3 with the siyahi kernel and used...
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    Thread Suddenly screen is eating up my battery !!

    SG3 int Rom:stock Kernel:stock am not sure if this is relevant but my theme is the pie ui with minimilistic widgets on screen. ive never had a problem with the battery , but lately my screen shoots up to 60% in only 20 mins on twitter or instagram and i lost about 18 to 22 % battery , i loose...
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    Thread please help me connect my S3 to Blackberry BIS

    please help me connect my S3 to Blackberry BIS , there is an app called ibluever for ios that worked perfectly. what am trying to do is use my blackberry internet connection on my s3 via bluetooth. thank you