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    Thread Waterproof Case Suggestions

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a waterproof case? Thanks.
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    Thread [APP - unsolved] - youtube preloading settings

    Does anyone know if it is possible to change the preload settings in the new youtube app? I would like the ability to preload a lot more than it currently is. The youtube.xml had some interesting properties that I think if tweaked would allow for more storage of offline videos. It also had some...
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    Thread [solved] htclinkifydispatcher.apk

    Thanks to steal25. Just change your build.prop to the following: Must be rooted/temp rooted. You do not need to be unlocked. I used the program below to change the value only, didn't have to add a line, and it works for me. I also removed htclinkifydispatcher.apk and then rebooted (not just...