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    Thread Any one made Anxcamera work on custom rom?

    I'm on arrow os and I really love it, it's my daily driver and I'm very happy! Only thing is the camera ... I miss the miui camera so much.... The slow Mo the settings etc. Anxcamera seems to be the key but I can't make it work... Any success?
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    Thread Perfect fit screen protector

    Hey guys, I've order alot of screen protector non fit perfectly. Any links to a good one? Thanks for your help
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    Thread WiFi link only 433 on 5ghz

    I was wondering if I was the only one who notice the link speed is only 433 on 5ghz. I have 866 with a s8 on the same router. Any ideas
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    Thread Change the default gallery app in the samsung camera

    I'm looking for a way to change the camera default gallery app with the samsung camera. In my quest I found that xposed had a module for that samsung any gallery . But now that I've migrated to nougat I wish...
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    Thread Carbon rom dpi problem

    I've install Carbon from scratch and I found myself stuck with big menus... I think its some kind of dpi setting that I cant find. Anyone got the same problem with the latest carbon?