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    Thread General Firmware thread

    Check the latest news about FW here:
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    Thread Accessories Thin cases

    Any thin cases out yet?
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    Thread Best non OOs for oneplus 7T?

    What non OOS rom gives best performance and battery life for 7T?
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    Thread Thin cases for 8T

    Still early but any thin cases out?, Pitaka an Latercase will most likely be the best
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    Thread S20 G9810 Firmwares

    Anyone have older FW for G9810 to share? Latest one has sim card issues for me
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    Thread GSI users?

    Any GSI users?, i have Phh's aosp on my s20 G9810, runs very nicely. Missing an overlay tho to fix brightness. Anyone else tested an GSI?
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    Thread Thin cases for Nord

    Seems there very few thin hard cases for Nord, one i found: Still in pre-order, any more out there?
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    Thread How to: Run an GSI on NORD

    To run an GSI on your Nord: Unlock bootloader Toogle oem unlock in Developer options Reboot to fastboot (turn of phone, press volume down and start) Run -fastboot oem unlock Install GSI (check Select ARM 64 A/B...
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    Thread Thin hard cases for Mate 20+

    Any hint where to find?, seems very few cases around for the mate 20X
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    Thread Nord has plastic frame

    Painted to look as metallic, will this be an fragile construction?
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    Thread MicroG users thread

    I got microG to run on my G9810 snapdragon Prereq: Rooted s20/+/ultra. Use smali patcher to patch services jar, i used Use adb or root explorer to add the patched servcies.jar to system/framework. System will reboot few times in booting process
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    Thread Oneplus 8, edge or flat screen?

    I just hate edge screens, will any of the oneplus 8's have a flat screen?
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    Thread Note 8 pro and GSI

    I been trying out some GSI on note 8. Aosp v204 running pretty well, some issues with nonfuctional brightness . RR-P-v7.0.3-20191112-ARM64-AB seem best so far of the ones i tried.
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    Thread Anyone with exynos S10E can install TWRP?

    I tried but can not get it to boot to recovery, anyone had better success?
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    Thread S10 and project treble/GSI

    Now that we have root and twrp: anyone tried to boot an GSI? What functional and what not?
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    Thread G9700 thread

    Seems root close to finished for S10 exynos. Any activity ongoing for the unlocked snapdragon ? Maybe time to start an bounty for root and an functional TWRP? I am in for 50 USD
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    Thread News: Snapdragon kernel sources out
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    Thread Any G9700 users?

    As i understand the G9700 has unlockable bootloader, anyone tried to unlock?
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    Thread S10e G9700 bootloader unlock

    Can the snapdragon G9700 bootloader be unlocked? The S9 G9600 had this possibility but hows S10E?
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    Thread KERNEL sources is out!
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    Thread No devs for the mighty Mi6?

    Seems ta be very low interest in the Mi6 from developers. Will it change or will the Mi6 be forgotten soon?
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    Thread Mi 6 Reviews

    Found an very detailed review of the Mi6.
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    Thread Change the lockscreen clock?

    I am looking for an way to change the lock-screen clock, the current is really ugly. I don't use aod tho. Anyone managed to change the clock?
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    Thread Updating rom error

    I just got my Mi5, nice device but the sw is not that good, getting some fc's in settings etc. Anyway, i want to install the dev rom to be able to unlock my device. Was shipped with Miui version When i use the updater application i getting an error "Unfortunately, updater has stopped"...
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    Thread (Mod) Extreme Debloater for S7/S7 edge, Root Req

    As i like to rom my S7 ala nexus, with minium of Samsung's bloat i use an debloater script (attached, install from recovery. MAKE BACKUP FIRST) Changelog: 2016-03-19: Fixed gapps fcs, updated Nova To edit the list use Notepad++ or similar editor. Location...
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    Thread Disabled apps with Package Disabler

    Here is my list of Samsung "junk" i disabled: <disabledPackages class="java.util.ArrayList"> <string></string> <string></string> <string></string>...
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    Thread Dual sim versions?

    Any news on dual sim versions of the G5?
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    Thread Dual sim Nexus 5X Fake or not?
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    Thread CM13 in the works

    Some activity at least
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    Thread (app) AOSP/CM Browser

    Install from recovery Features full screen mode and user agent Cred to an unknown dev on XDA (not sure where i found it) Tested on most roms, stock and aosp.
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    Thread Root status

    I know Paul at Modaco have made some progress in rooting the desire. But is there any other dev or team that are working on cracking the desire? Without root this section of xda feel a bit empty...
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    Thread req: remove "Phone" text in rosie?

    Can it be done, and how? Like to make theme but want to get rid of the text. Any pro,s here that can assist?
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    Thread How to edit Launcher.apk?

    I try to change the android default app tab handle and background. But after i modded the colours and signed the Launcher.apk i get a error in boot: After entering pin i get only a small gray square in centre of screen. Any ideas what i do wrong?