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    Post [Tool] Frija - Samsung firmware downloader/checker

    Try changing the frija app in properties to run in Win98 compatibility mode as it has fixed it for others with the same problem.
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][dreamlte/dream2lte][[SM-G950F/SM-G955F][10] LineageOS 17.1

    1) Yes, if you want you can do that before and after doing a wipe data / system partition. dalvik / cache up to you you can do it too just to be safe.
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    Post [S8/S8+] [DSBA] Stock Official Pie Odin Files/

    No. The max binary bit on their firmware is U2 while DBT ones here are U4.
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    Post // SM-G950F \\ Galaxy S8 PIE (No WIPE) - Stock Firmware G950FXXU4DSBA_DBT -MULTI_CSC

    SC-02J? That's going to be hard to tell unless someone else has done it before but I wouldn't risk it on a variant like that.
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    Post [S8/S8+] [DSBA] Stock Official Pie Odin Files/

    You would need to flash the Stock Official Pie from here but with the non-Home CSC which will do a factory reset wiping all info on the phone. ---------- Post added at 08:46 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:45 PM ---------- Yes, but I recommend doing the OTA updating in the phone...
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    Post // SM-G950F \\ Galaxy S8 PIE (No WIPE) - Stock Firmware G950FXXU4DSBA_DBT -MULTI_CSC

    Just use SamFirm application which you can find from XDA to download the firmware at max speed. SM-G950F as the model and Sales region CSC code is DBT. Should be able to find it still unless they pulled out that firmware. Wait a week for OEM unlock to appear.
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    Post One UI DBT Update making phone hot

    Those temps are really low because any phone easily goes up to 50C if I'm using chrome for a long period of time. Looks normal to me.
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    Post [ROM] [8.0] [OFFICIAL] [CRGB] [ODIN FLASHABLE] For Galaxy S8 [G950F/FD] [08.09.2018]

    Well it usually happens because OEM unlock wasn't enabled in developer settings before flashing any custom files on the phone via ODIN. (the dev settings option is hidden until you press on build number 7 times under software version) If the phone was rooted you'll most likely have to do a...
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    Post [S8/S8+] [DSBA] Stock Official Pie Odin Files/

    This is only for Exynos variant of the S8 not the snapdragon. SM-G950F (S8 Exynos) / SM-G955F (S8 Plus Exynos)
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    Post // SM-G950F \\ Galaxy S8 PIE (No WIPE) - Stock Firmware G950FXXU4DSBA_DBT -MULTI_CSC

    Doesn't trip Knox, flashed it on my s8 like many others did via ODIN.
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    Post // SM-G950F \\ Galaxy S8 PIE (No WIPE) - Stock Firmware G950FXXU4DSBA_DBT -MULTI_CSC

    No, it will error out with wrong device model in ODIN. You have to always match the SM-Gxxx including the first letter as well after the numbers.
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    Post // SM-G950F \\ Galaxy S8 PIE (No WIPE) - Stock Firmware G950FXXU4DSBA_DBT -MULTI_CSC

    Hmm, not sure. You should be getting DBT/DBT/VAU (Or whatever Vodafone AU is). Unless the previous firmware that was on there was U.K firmware by any chance?
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    Post [S8/S8+] [DSBA] Stock Official Pie Odin Files/ is required for users that are running Pie firmware I think. Odin is the best and most reliable way. Flashing this firmware through odin means you would have to wait for new german firmware to release. Or you can wait for firmware in your region to release to flash over german firmware.
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    Post [S8/S8+] [DSBA] Stock Official Pie Odin Files/

    If it's not a beta build you can flash.
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    Post // SM-G950F \\ Galaxy S8 PIE (No WIPE) - Stock Firmware G950FXXU4DSBA_DBT -MULTI_CSC

    This isn't like the beta so you can upgrade to this version from any older version of official non-beta firmware.
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    Post // SM-G950F \\ Galaxy S8 PIE (No WIPE) - Stock Firmware G950FXXU4DSBA_DBT -MULTI_CSC

    Clean install you either use the non-home CSC or factory reset in recovery / settings after flashing. Will work fine on dual sim phone. F and FD model use pretty much same firmware (just don't use FD firmware on a F phone though because that's just silly).
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    Post [S8/S8+] [DSBA] Stock Official Pie Odin Files/

    Is it okay for me to flash it when I have a different CSC? I assume I can flash the Pie firmware later if it comes out for my CSC if I do anyway. With this firmware it's possible to downgrade back to 8.0 with latest 8.0 firmware (not sure if reset is needed though).
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    Post Moisture in charger port mod?

    Why not just get the charging port replaced? The moisture sensor on the charging port has gone bad.
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    Post S8 Pie OneUI (SM-G950F /G955F) General Discussion (Formally beta thread)

    If you need file transfer in a pinch on Mac for android pie beta use Duckto for mac: They have the android app so that'll work for you.
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    Post [FIX] For those who get stuck on sboot.bin.lz4 when try to flash firmware S8 G950F

    Take note of AP SW REV binary bit which is shown in the download mode screen with the text on the top left. That needs to match number in firmware. e.g G955FXXU3CRGH Bolded number is binary bit. Either match that number or have firmware higher than that number. Then it'll flash no problem.
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    Post S8 Pie OneUI (SM-G950F /G955F) General Discussion (Formally beta thread)

    FD is the dual sim variant of a flagship galaxy phone. F is the standard one you would expect.
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    Post Flashing TWRP on Samsung Galaxy S8

    Are you using the dm-verity thing?
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    Post SM-G950F, No download/recovery (black screen) loop. Help me

    Bootloader exception, try holding Power + Volume down + Bixty button for a long time 15-30 seconds until you get a light blue download screen.
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    Post S8 only booting into Download Mode

    Deciphered linked screenshot: Don't use the re-partition potion and avoid using PIT as those are not the cause of the phone being bricked. Which firmware are you using and what is the Sales (Region / CSC code) being displayed on download mode? Plus what is the AP SW REV...
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    Post [ROM][SM-T580][SM-T585][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 16.0 64bit 20191211

    How long does it take for first boot on this ROM? I did a factory reset to format the partitions so that they are readable and empty then flashed ROM and GAPPs then rebooted. Do I need to wipe / format the system partition manually? Just getting the lineage OS boot loading logo animated bar.
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    Post S7 Edge No Recovery and / or Rom

    For the 'temperature warning and wont charge' is this a battery temperature too low or too high message? Too low indicates a fault coming from the charging daughter board that plugs into the bottom left of the logic board. Too high may indicate the battery going faulty or damage on the...
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    Post S7 Edge No Recovery and / or Rom

    For flashing 7.0 Nougat you use Odin v3.10 or newer, for Oreo you use v3.13 or newer (Older wont work for oreo as the flashing tool does not flash or recognise oreo firmware properly). Another thing to note is that most of the time you will not be able to flash firmware that is older than what...
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    Post S7 Edge No Recovery and / or Rom

    Did you flash the stock ROM with non-home CSC instead of the home CSC? non-Home CSC may be required in some cases depending on how bricked the phone is.
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    Post Rebrand-Update-Tool-HWOTA7-P9-EVA

    Thanks for the heads up, I'm currently rebanded to C432 Nougat for both my P9's. Will keep that in mind. Edit: This may be a silly question but after doing the unofficial update thing, is the enable OEM unlock greyed out and permanently enabled when the bootloader is unlocked? The reason I ask...
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    Post Rebrand-Update-Tool-HWOTA7-P9-EVA

    Going to try this out later, I had the bootloader unlock codes saved from when I got them from the Huawei bootloader request website, hopefully I did not delete it. Luckily I have a DC-Unlocker dongle so it shouldn't cost me to get the bootloader codes. I'm guessing global OREO for these older...
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    Post Installing Windows 10 Mobile Tech Preview on Lumia 925 & Old Lumias after downgrading

    Yeah I wouldn't flash or modify the bootloader on these phones. To unbrick from 9008 it requires a full image dump of a NAND (memory) chip from a identical phone and would need to be reprogrammed using a JTAG box so your pretty much SOL (There would be easier methods if there was better support...
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    Post S7 edge Oreo Update Performance

    I ended up just setting animation / duration scales to off In developer options under the drawing section. It may take a while to get used to it as you won't see any animations with it off. It'll use less battery and feel more quicker. 0.5x is probably the sweet spot for fast animations.
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    Post Help!Odin flashing question

    Home_CSC does not tell the phone to do a factory reset while the non-Home CSC will do so. For AOD and USB Debugging they will stay on. Enable OEM unlock will be probably set to disable because the option is hidden when you update to OREO for a week, then after a week you'll see the option and...
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    Post [KERNEL][G93xx][TW6/7/8][2019-12-30] ** TGPKERNEL ** [v6.15.5][3.18.140][ESD2]

    I probably wrote that wrong I meant that if you are using a stock kernel and you just flashed custom recovery and are planning to flash a custom kernel the phone isn't going to boot without wiping the data partition due to it being encrypted / dm-verity. Correct me if I'm wrong as I would hope...
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    Post Legit aftermarket larger internal battery?

    You're posting in the wrong section, post in the S7 edge section next time. To answer your question, what I have been using is the TGP Kernel. Calibration? Eh, never seen any noticeable changes when calibrating batteries.
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    Post [APP][5.0+] Spectrum - A kernel manager for users [ROOT]

    No you can't if you could it would work out of the box with the stock kernel by installing the spectrum app, but it requires root and custom kernel that supports spectrum installed.
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    Post S7 Edge - Custom Binary block by FRP Lock

    Getting stuck on NAND write start is pretty bad. Usually that means the partitions can't be read on the phone or the nand chip has gone bad. Yeah better send it off for repair.
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    Post [KERNEL][G93xx][TW6/7/8][2019-12-30] ** TGPKERNEL ** [v6.15.5][3.18.140][ESD2]

    Did you do a factory reset or format the /data partition through TWRP recovery? That is required when installing a custom kernel. If you need to keep data on the phone you could try reflashing stock samsung rom back onto the phone and see if it boots.
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    Post S7 Edge - Custom Binary block by FRP Lock

    You need to download the latest Samsung Stock Rom firmware from sites such as sammobile or updato. You can use Samfirm alternatively instead. Make sure it has the same region as the phone you are using. CSC code which you can find in the recovery mode menu at the bottom of the screen. It...
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    Post [APP][5.0+] Spectrum - A kernel manager for users [ROOT]

    Use it with the TGPKernel 6.3.1 it works great with it.
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    Post Is there anyway to Root a Galaxy S7 (SM-G930P) that has 8.0 on it?

    Have you made sure FRP lock is disabled by ensuring enable OEM unlock is enabled in developer options in the phone settings? That will block flashing custom binaries (files) to the phone via ODIN download mode. Steps below require factory resetting your phone so backup your data if you need to...
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    Post any way to bypass FRP lock on S7 Edge SM-G935F/FD Oreo 8.0

    Did you try flashing the latest 7.0 firmware you can find? Too old ones will not work as the phone will reject it. Note that SM-G935F and FD firmware are pretty much the same, so if you are intending to flash always flash SM-G935F firmware and not FD for better firmware options. Otherwise you...
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    Post How do I update my S7E up from 6.0.0

    Yep software update via settings app is the easiest way to go.
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    Post [ROM][G93xx][TW8.0.0][2020-01-01]** THE GALAXY PROJECT ** [XXS7ESL5-v2.12.0]

    Turning it on is no problem but the feature is useless unless you know the password which can be only viewed there... Even with root AFAIK.
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    Post [ROM][G93xx][TW8.0.0][2020-01-01]** THE GALAXY PROJECT ** [XXS7ESL5-v2.12.0]

    Anyone else getting hotspot settings crashing when you try to open it?
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    Post [ROM][G93xx][TW8.0.0][2020-01-01]** THE GALAXY PROJECT ** [XXS7ESL5-v2.12.0]

    OEM unlock option is either greyed out or hidden when you flash a Samsung Oreo stock (somewhat like stock) 8.0 firmware or update the phone to 8.0 for about a week. Once it's past that the option will appear. Edit: Make sure you flash latest bootloader and modem specified by OP or else cellular...
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    Post [ROM][I9100][UNOFFICIAL][8.1.0] LineageOS 15.1 [WIP][BETA]

    Edit: Dorimanx kernel does not work on 15.1, well i'm an idiot for trying, nougat entirely different support to oreo