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  1. Aakash12

    Thread Porting Sailfish os on Zenfone 4, Intel X86 based device?

    I want to know , If I can port the sailfish os 2.0 to the Zenfone 4 , X86 intel based chipset...:confused: As I heard sailfish os 2.0 got x86 support? If yes, Can anybody give me some starting tips?:):):).. Also Cynogenmod 12.1 has been successfully ported to Zenfone 4,( I am using it).
  2. Aakash12

    Thread Xperia Neo L, Flashtool Showing Error

    04/028/2015 19:28:22 - INFO - Device connected in flash mode 04/028/2015 19:28:43 - INFO - Selected Bundle for Sony Xperia Neo L (MT25i). FW release : 4.1.A.0.562. Customization : ICS 04/028/2015 19:28:43 - INFO - Preparing files for flashing 04/028/2015 19:28:49 - INFO - Please connect your...
  3. Aakash12

    Thread Sailfish on Zenfone?

    Hi all , I want to know if i can install the new sailfish os on my zenfone 4? Sent from my ASUS_T00I using XDA Free mobile app