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  1. Neffy27

    Thread [NEWS]Android Pie kernel source now available for Moto X4

    Article Github: Moto X4
  2. Neffy27

    Thread Moto X4 F.A.Q.s Thread

    Decided to do this write up to hopefully create a one stop shop for all. Thank you MODs for sticky! DISCLAIMER - Modify your device is at your own risk. Check any command set you use to flash a rom to assure it does NOT have a command to relock the bootloader. DO NOT under any circumstances...
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    Thread Stock: Install official OTA and keep root

    Just learned of this method from a Reddit user - Sharing here.
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    Thread Android Go Support?

    I'm assuming a dev would have to dedicate towards this right? So chances are slim to none for any type of treble support on this device? This wouldn't work by chance would it, unofficial Lineage Go?
  5. Neffy27

    Thread AndroidOne: Who has April OTA?

    Can you please provide the url for others to download via Motoota tool? We can then adb sideload it via stock recovery. * moto x4 * Blur_Version.27.251.10.payton_fi.google_fi.en.US * retus * serial no needed of someone who has the OTA
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    Thread Official OTA Files - Android One XT1900-1 Only

    Using adb logcat I was able to grab the url and download each OTA. I have uploaded to my Android File Host account here. I own the Android One Moto X4 XT1900-1 purchased from Project Fi and these only work on stock via stock recovery adb sideload. This is the same as taking the official OTA...
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    Thread [Q] UNarchived backup of a ROM

    The other day I made a backup of my phone with CW recovery. I always pull the archived single file backup to my computer which appears like a zipped file to me. I blinded trusted a friend by telling him instructions, he pulled that file (the backup) from my phone but he pulled opened it with...