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    Thread [APP][4.1+]Simple Explorer 2.3.1 [Open Source][Discontinued]

    Hi all, I want to share an App i worked on at the last weeks. Its Open Source and you can grab the source on Github! It is a simple, fast and small file explorer with all the functions you need! Since Android 4.4 (Kitkat) there are external SDCard issues! Help to translate! Full Changelog...
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    Thread Android Webview load website html part

    Hi i have created an App with an WebView to show a Website for example Sammobile. When you go on The website you can see at the bottom of the page a black content. My Question is: Is it possible to load the page without the black content of the webside or what should...
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    Thread [APP][4.0+] Holo | Mini | Note

    Hi this is my first App and want to share it. :) Its a small Note App in Holo Style. You can write, edit and delete notes. If someone have ideas or want to translate this App to his language can PM me! Screenshots: Changelog: v1.5: - new icons - now you can set a password Gesendet...
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    Thread Cant download from playstore or browser

    Hi I cant download apps from playstore or from browser. I use cm10 nightly and i have already tried this Gesendet von meinem GT-I9100
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    Thread Cyanogenmod

    Hi today i wanted to download a cm10 nightly for my i9100 but on official download side i found and Is there a difference?
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    Thread [Q] Phone doesnt start no recovery only download mode cant connect to computer!!

    hi after flashing a rom on my sgs2 i got a bootloop (I get stuck at samsung bootlogo). it doesnt boot and i cant go into recovery mode. I can enable download mode but my computer dont detect my phone. what should i do now?