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    Thread Us 20161107 rom!ysUGgKBL!2i6zO1PdP-wdG_cCY58HOat7tVIzMxr-NZ1Z1tlvT8U You lose Baseband, so I need help! EDIT: Format All + Download will get right Baseband. Now I learnt that the blue trash can icon is linked with the agold.x.x. in the systemui.apk, can someone more knowledgable then me...
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    Thread I need help with the Drivers for my US P9000

    Hi all, I need help trying to get the USB VCOM DRIVER to work, specifically the PRELOADER. Everything works well, except for the preloader. It gets recognised as a Mtk Usb device, the. Reconnects as a professional device, but it never gets past the Download DA Red bar. Can someone provide me...
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    Thread Is Jonny Dead?

    Hi guys, you may be starting to tire of me, but is Jonny Dead? Like he hasn't been active on anything at all. Didn't look good. Once day he is there, the next he is gone.
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    Thread Dev support for US P9000

    Hi, I have a US P9000 on Nougat and support for anything custom is missing. Anybody able to help me with getting Dark sense and Eragon?