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  1. edzamber

    Thread [Magisk v19+]Magisk Modules Remover and Magisk Modules Disabler

    Hi everybody, here are my MAGISK MODULES REMOVER and MAGISK MODULES DISABLER WARNING !!! Flashing a phone carries risks,neither me nor XDA can not be held responsible in case of malfunction of your device In addition, patches "Magisk Modules Remover" and "Magisk Modules Disabler" were...
  2. edzamber

    Thread Double... Delete please

    Delete please... This is a double of this one Sorry
  3. edzamber

    Thread [Request] Module for disable Playstore Selfupdate

    Hi, I'm looking for disable Playstore Selfupdate. I tried old method by disable in Playstore Smali but it doesn't working anymore on Playstore 8.x and change name code version to a very high one in apktool.yml breaks Google Play services because of Playstore signature check... Does someone...
  4. edzamber

    Thread [REQUEST] Magisk Module to Disable Flags Secure

    Hi, I wonder if someone can do a module to enable Screenshot in protected apps as Disable Flags secure Xposed module can do... Many thanks [emoji4]
  5. edzamber

    Thread Note 4 910f various problems....

    Hi all, A friend of mine have various problems : Whenever he reflash a stock in full wipe he have scriptures in red in TWRP recovery, loose the intuitive prediction keyboard, wifi connects randomly after introducing the password, He havn't anymore csc or csc file even in phone info, country...
  6. edzamber

    Thread No more downgrade possible after Flash 4DPG2 official Rom

    Hi everybody, I have flash G925FXXS4DPG2 Rom by Odin. No problem but if i want downgrade in G925FXXS3DPF1 its fail at Sboot.bin flash. Here is an exemple with 3DPDP but with 3DPF1 its the same... So no more downgrade possible after Flash 4Dxxx Rom. Impossible to return in 3Dxxxx. If i...
  7. edzamber

    Thread How to extended Reboot power menu ?

    Hi all, Does someone know how to mod 6.0.1 Services.jar to have extended power Reboot menu with Reboot, Soft Reboot, Download and Recovery Reboot options ? Many Thanks [emoji4]
  8. edzamber

    Thread Xposed Modules Desactivator

    Hi everybody Here is my XPOSED MODULES DESACTIVATOR If like me you have installed an incompatible Xposed Module causing bootloop or FC from any system application making it unusable phone (eg CF SystemUI for example), this is my patch to recover a functional phone !!! Xposed Modules...
  9. edzamber

    Thread [ROM][TW][I9505][HOJ2]EdYoBlue Rom v8.0

    Hello everybody I introduce you EdYoblue Rom V8.0 Compiled by Edzamber and themed by Yoanf_26 DISCLAMER Flash involves risk !!! This Rom is only for i9505 Neither i nor XDA even be held responsible in case of malfunction or brick your device !!! Furthermore Mods and Themes included in...
  10. edzamber

    Thread [DEV] [How to] Disable Modded Playstore Self Update

    Hi Everybody, I have find a way to disable Playstore auto update. Its very usefull when you theme Playstore and want to prevent auto update by itself at each new Playstore version. Before recompile your themed version, go into smali/com/google/android/finsky/utils/ * Edit...
  11. edzamber

    Thread Change language MyMagazine ?

    Hi Everybody Is there a way to change language from English to french in mymagazine app ? My local system language is correctly set but no way to have french.... Maybe is there is a system file to edit that force language for mymagazine ? Thanks for yours replies :)
  12. edzamber

    Thread [Q] How to change battery animation when charging while power is off i9505

    Hi everybody, I would like to know how to change battery animation when battery is charging while power is off. I'm on Pyrana v40 based FND7. I'm looking for an animation with pourcent of charge as CM 11 roms. Thanks a lot :) Posté via Pyrana v39 by Alan-B...
  13. edzamber

    Thread [Q] Time sync

    Hi everybody, I just wonder why Time sync is stopping with Customs Roms in 4.1.2 to 4.2.2. I mean sometimes time is different btw lockscreen and Notification bar or freezing... I need to use Clocksync to resolve this issue... Why ? Rom issue ? Provider issue ? Thanks very mutch ;) Posté...
  14. edzamber

    Thread [Resolved]How to fix bluetooth with Blackhawk Kernel ?

    Hello, I have just flashed CM Blackhawk Kernel by Ketut on my Apocalypse Rom. Everything is works fine, but bluetooth doesn't works. How can I fix it ? Thanks for yours answers.
  15. edzamber

    Thread Delete it please

  16. edzamber

    Thread Delete it please

  17. edzamber

    Thread [Q] Help with usb debbug on galaxy ace with cm7 miracle v4

    Hello I have on my galaxy ace the rom cm7 miracle v4 (bug fix) Then, my usb debbug don't work. I can't transfert files betwen my device and my computer. I have all drivers samsung on my computer but its doen't reconize my device : no icon in "computer". I have tip debbugging mode on my device...