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    Thread Genesys 26s for LePro3 X722 Elite

    admin note: leader image removed. plz refrain from reposting Hi all. We have a fully functional ROM 26s with no fear of bricks, and no bootloader locks!! First of all, my ROMs are totally open to anyone who has some knowledge of development, and can use my source are no problem at all. I'm...
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    Thread MIUI 9 Global Beta released

    Hi all. Today is August 25th, and Xiaomi has kept his promise. MIUI 9 Global Beta ROM released ¡¡¡ Information and download link: If you are not logged, use this download link: Enjoy :o ¡¡¡
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    Thread T.A.R.S. 21S EUI 5.8 USA version for LePro3 X720

    Hi all. Today has release new update for USA version of LePro3, X727. Its 21s version but EUI 5.8 based. I am presenting you TARS 21s EUI 5.8 USA version for X720. The official changelog: Launcher / App Drawer - Added standard App Drawer feature to access all installed applications. - Please...
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    Thread Revolution 23s BETA DEV

    Hi, There is a closed BETA DEV called 23s version, published on a chinese forum. And after a many work hours here is Revolution 23s BETA DEV. I clean of chinese stuff (a lot of chinese stuff :silly:), preinstalled Google Play Store, Google Keyboard, Calendar and Contacts syncronization, Google...
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    Thread Revolution 22s Stable version

    Hi my friends. Yesterday our friend Valmar of HTCMania forum told me that a new updated has been for LeMax2 X820. But its a, and its only for a one special version, so I developed a new Custom Rom, Revolution 22s. I havent a changelog, so you can install and comments here. - All...
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    Thread T.A.R.S. EUI 5.9 20s China for X720

    Hi, my friends. Here is the first EUI 5.9 ROM 20s, for our X720 Chinese version. Until now, all stock ROMS are EUI 5.8 based. Official changelog: Stable version 5.9.020S Published: 2017-01-06 Version Size: 641M to save traffic: 1306M Feature Highlights [Steward] Added application acceleration...
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    Thread T.A.R.S. EUI 5.9 20s China BETA DEV stable for X720

    Hi, my friends. Here is the first EUI 5.9 ROM for our X720, stable 20s BETA DEV version. Until now, all stock ROMS are EUI 5.8 based, and this beta for developers are very stable. Changelog: - All chinese apps erased. - Installed Play Store. - Installed Google Now and Google Voice Search. -...
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    Thread T.A.R.S. 20s USA version EUI 5.8 for X720

    Hi, folks. Im proud to introduce you my new Custom ROM, T.A.R.S. 20s USA version, adapted for our X720 model. Official changelog: GMS Apps Updated GMS package to 6.0_r10 for increased stability & security Launcher Added badge display support for app icons on desktop Messaging Eliminated ‘No...
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    Thread Revolution 20s Chinese version

    Hi all. First stable version of EUI 5.9, 20sm has present yesterday by LeEco. Im prooud to present you Revolution 20s Chinese version, with next changelog: - All chinese apps erased. - Play store installed. - Contact and calendar syncronization with Google account. - Google APP y Voice Search...
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    Thread Revolution 5.9 466 Developers

    Hi all. Thanks to my friend Agostino, user of my blog, I´m proud to present you... Revolution 5.9 466 Developers. I think that is most seem that next EUI 6.0. There is a lot of new features, some hide. I developed my Revolution 5.9 466 with this changelog: - All chinese apps erased. - Play...
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    Thread T.A.R.S. 19s USA version para for LePro3 X720

    Hi all. Thanks to Abdiel1224, we can solve dualsim problem to develop 19s USA version on X720 version. So, Im proud to present you T.A.R.S. 19s USA version for LePro3 X720. I dont want erase all extra application of 19s stock ROM, but all apps I convert them so you can uninstall without any...
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    Thread Revolution 21s EUI 5.9 Beta Developers

    Hi, guys. I developed Revolution 21s, first EUI 5.9 beta stable for developers. Changelog: - All chinese application eliminated. - Rooted. - Busybox installed. - Gapps with contacts and calendar sincronization. - Google Play Store. - Google Now and Google Voice Search. - Lights optimizations...
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    Thread Revolution 19s India (without TWRP encryption)

    Hi all. Atfer a time out of forum, I back with a new Revolution ROM, 19s Indian version,but without TWRP encryption. Changelog it´s easy: - Reinstall TWRP into script for eliminated encryption. - Erase boot.from.recovery, now not install stock recovery over TWRP. - Root and Busybox. - Lights...
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    Thread [RR] ResuRRectioN RemiX LeMax2 x820 TeaMSpain

    Hi. Good news, we are proud to present you RR ResuRRectioN RemiX for LeMax2 x820, by TeaMSpaiN. All funtional, except IR port (there isn´t drivers for it). VERY IMPORTANT. We use EUI 5.6 kernel, so into ROM script installation we install TWRP 3.0.2 for EUI 5.6. If you wants install after...
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    Thread Indian stock ROM LeMax2 EUI 5.8 15s

    Hi, my friends. Great news . The new official update Leeco that has come in Indian web finally brings everything to their phones sold worldwide: - Multilanguage. But, really. All are translated (I only tried Spanish, I assume that the other languages also). In Europe only translate to Spanish...
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    Thread Revolution 15s Pure Edition by TeaMSpaiN

    Hi all. We present Revolution 15s Pure Edition, developed by TeaMSpaiN Custom ROM based on version 5.8 EUI 15s. What is different about this version ?. Well, that is designed for those who want to experience the Ecosystem EUI, with all its features. Only they have been eliminated all...
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    Thread Revolution 15s EUI 5.8 by TeaMSpaiN para LeMaX2 820

    Hi, all. We present new Revolution 15s EUI 5.8 with this features: - ROM oficial stock S15 5.8 05/07/2016 Based off. - Erased all chinese app´s. - Multilanguage. - Root 100% - Gapps 100%. - SYNC 100% (contacts, calendar, gmail.....) - APEX launcher (low battery consumption). - Add into...
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    Thread Official Stock Rom EUI 5.8 15s version

    Hi, LeEco recent present new ROM, EUI 5.8 15s version. This is changelog: 【system】 Fixes interference problems for some scenarios Bluetooth WiFi throughput When the micro-letter voice answering repair, cell phone to his ear sporadic loud voice problems Repair upgrade fever serious problem...
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    Thread CM13 LeMaX 2 TeaMSpaiN RevolutioN

    Hi all. I´m proud to present our CM13 LeMaX 2 TeaMSpaiN RevolutioN, first Custom ROM with CM13 based, thanks to Parasite_Remix, Gaseoso and myself. This is chinese based off, with gapps integrated, multilanguage, rooted and modified script to install sucessfully. You must be TWRP 3.0.2, if you...
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    Thread Custom ROM - Revolution 14s TeaMSpaiN

    Hi. I´m proud to present our first Custom ROM, Revolution 14s TeaMSpaiN. This project has been developed between three persons, Parasite_Remix, Gaseoso and myself, Steve Mars. Very good people. Features (sorry, my english is awful to translate technnical words): Based off last stock ROM...
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    Thread New TWRP 3.0.2 source based off personalized by mobileuncle

    Hi. People of have developed a new TWRP version with 3.0.2 sources, and personalized very pretty. And into my blog are ready to download without password: Install by fastboot ;) Regards.
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    Thread TWRP 3.0.0 for LeMax2 X820 Chinese version

    Hi, In this web recently published TWRP 3.0 for LeMax2 X820, but in Chinese. This is the link: and this is direct linl download: TWRP 3.0.0 for LeMax2 X920 Chinese version This weekend I try make an English patch, or an English theme, but I haven´t phone...
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    Thread ¿It´possible install WM 6.5 in HTC Hero?

    Good morning everyone. ¿There is drivers for Windows Mobile 6.5 for HTC Hero, or for Windows Mobile 6.1? Thanks a lot