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  1. mylove90

    Thread [STABLE] MSM Xtended XQ Release v7.0 [Q|Android 10.0 r_31] [March 18th, 2020]

    * Disclaimer * We're not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, * or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please do some research * if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these...
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    Thread [Kernel] [A10] Genom-Magic

    GENOM-Magic KERNEL /* * Your warranty is now void. * * We're not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before flashing it...
  3. mylove90

    Thread [TUT] Compile Genom Kernel from Source Code for ONC

    Hello everyone, This is a tutorial on how to compile kernel from source code for our device Redmi 7 Special thanks to rama982 for making Xiaomi source code usable, upstreaming kernel to latest CAF tag and integrating Wifi drivers So basically to compile kernel from source code we will have to...
  4. mylove90

    Thread Genom kernel for onc

    GENOM KERNEL /* * Your warranty is now void. * * We're not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before flashing it! YOU are...
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    Thread [Question]Easy mute feature in J700H

    Hi all I recently updated my friend's phone to MM 6.0.1 stock ROM i noticed a new advanced features menu in the settings app that has Easy mute (flip to mute phone ring/pause music) and Smart alert but these features never worked Is it J700H only that has these features broken or it is broken...
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    Thread [How-TO] Building badadroid CM10.1 from source code

    Hi all This is a TUT for building badadroid CM 10 kernel from source code Step 1 : Setup your build environment 1.Setup Ubuntu 64-bit (I am using 12.04 but i recommend using 11.10) - -It is recommended to install Ubuntu on a 40GB ext4 partition to have enough space...
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    Thread Samsung Developers day in Egypt

    Hi All I am so glad to announce this Samsung is finally make a developers day in Egypt :D Application for registration I'm planning to attend these if anyone want to meet me i'll be there :D :D Best Regards
  8. mylove90

    Thread Bada 2.0 for MENA Region | Team Elite V4.0 | S8500 & S8530

    Hi All This is our latest custom FW done for MENA region (Middle east & North Africa) Elite v4.0 This FW fully supporting these languages (OS languages & Keyboard) English ,French ,Arabic ,Persian ,Urdu ,Korean Also It contains the following CSC profiles codes KOR , ABS ,BTC , EGY , JED , KSA...
  9. mylove90

    Thread [Q] Facebook Chat app

    Hi All Do you guys remember this ?? This is a pic from the oldest bada 2.0 firmware made for Wave II Also you can see in MainMenu_Init.ini this This one is different from that one :D I am too lazy to download oldest FW :D.....Can anyone upload for me the app folder only ??? I just want...
  10. mylove90

    Thread [Q] Wave is dead after an error in RC1

    Hi All I am so sad about this Today one of my Arabian friends was trying to flash my custom rom He had an error in the middle of Rc1 file I wasn't online so he was on his own on this He took out the battery and then his Wave is dead !!! WTH would Rc1 file flashing kill the phone ...
  11. mylove90

    Thread [Q] Best Wifi driver on Which FW ??

    Hi All I found out that it is easy to replace the Wifi driver of any firmware Wifi drivers & Sound control are located at FFS file \SystemFS\Driver\ Wifi uses simple Wlan_bcm4329_***.bin files So a simple replacement of these files will lead to a change in the driver (Can be done with PFS...
  12. mylove90

    Thread S85X0XPKJ1 Custom ROM

    Hi All I am so glad to present to all of you my custom ROM So Let's strat V1.0.0 Based on XPKJ1 Changelog:- 1.Added Polaris office 2.Remove 10 receptionists limit in SMS messaging 3.Added voice call recording 4.Ripped off some useless files like Java games,Ringtones & Wallpapers Didn't Add...
  13. mylove90

    Thread [TUT][Hack]Change Product code without losing any data

    Hi All This is a tutorial for changing the phone product code and should work with Wave I/II/III This tutorial works under 32-bit copy of Windows only Steps:- 1.First of all download this file : 2.Extract the file with WinRAR & you will get 3 other...
  14. mylove90

    Thread Samsung Theme Designer 2.0

    Hi All So finally Samsung launched theme designer 2.0.0 From the Changelog Theme Designer download page : Here User Guide Come & Discover theme Designer Let me see Living Wallpapers :D Edit : Quick test of a flash file and yes i got that flash file working for both Lock & Wallpaper Screens...
  15. mylove90

    Thread Dates of bada 2.0 updates

    Finally Samsung decided to give us a date for the updates in its conference in Russia Translation :D -Samsung Wave (S8500) and Samsung Wave 2 (S8530) will receive the update with all the features of bada 2.0 in mid-November -Samsung Wave 723: will update with all the features of bada 2.0 at...
  16. mylove90

    Thread [Development] bada RTL server

    Hi All Yesterday i found a very cool & powerful feature in the SDK 2.0.1 & i don't know if it is present in older SDKs & i just wanted to share my knowledge with you guys :) That feature is called bada RTL (RTL= Remote test laboratory ) i followed the instructions in the SDK to activate that...
  17. mylove90

    Thread S8500XPKG6 (New Bada 2.01)

    Hi All Tomorrow Samfirmware will release the new bada 2.0.1 for both S8500 & S8530 Because im in Samfirmware's TEST team i get test roms but i can't release them So What is new in this Firmware??? 1. SMS opening issue is totally solved 2. Adding app icon in the Home Screen issue is solved 3...
  18. mylove90

    Thread BadaTube is open source now

    Hi All The developer of BadaTube app sold his Wave and made his app as open source now :( Anyone can get the source code from this page : i quote from that page an important thing So for now we need to find the fix for the app first and please we need co-operation...
  19. mylove90

    Thread Seia, Tripper, Apps For Me, Caster interesting apps for bada 2.0

    Hi All i was looking for Caster on google to find out how it work and i came across an interesting article on bada developers site:) Four kinds of service applications based on bada 2.0 - Seia, Tripper, Apps For Me, Caster - were exhibited at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. The...
  20. mylove90

    Thread Bada 2.0.1 bug reporting (FW & SDK)

    Hi All To assure that all Bada 2.0.1 bugs are corrected we will post them in the developers thread if you are a registered developer please just post there if not post here and...
  21. mylove90

    Thread Sfonge bada developer challenge across MENA

    Samsung and Sfonge have launched a challenge for mobile application developers residing in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) based on the bada platform, the "bada application challenge across MENA". The challenge is expected to foster growth opportunities for developers in the region, and...
  22. mylove90

    Thread [development]Filgoal app

    hi i found an easy way to make quick apps for websites it is in that link : i tried to make my first app right away My first app is for (Egyptian football news website)...
  23. mylove90

    Thread [Q] Making Beta Package

    hi good day my new friend is a developer :D he made an app and wants to publish a beta for tests so is there any idea on how to make a small package for testing like darijoa from did it?? P.S: i am not a developer so i'll just...
  24. mylove90

    Thread [Q] Adding app to a custom fw

    hi i am making a new custom fw for my Arabian friends so i want to add an app to it so is there any way to do it?? i thought at first that i just need to add the app file inside the Shpapp file but that wasn't right and didn't work Any ideas would be useful Thanks in advance
  25. mylove90

    Thread [Q] SmartCam app is opensource

    hi all today i saw that video so i searched for that app and found it opensource look at this page so the bada source files are available is there anyone interested in making it for Wave I & II???
  26. mylove90

    Thread [Q] Making a Full FW from a NON-Full FW

    A new day and a new headache made by me Today's question is : is it possible to make a full fw from upgrade fw??? two days ago i ripped a non-full firmware from kies now i want to make it full but i wanted to get confirmation from XDA-developers that this is possible can i just add the missing...
  27. mylove90

    Thread [Q] Camera update problem

    hi all a friend of mine tried to update his camera and it just bricked he tried the fix on but it didn't help any suggestions as fix using PSAS or what ever the fix i mentioned is done by using Stune or Tk_file_explorer you can find it on this link...
  28. mylove90

    Thread [Q] How to save fw files during update??

    hi all i want to modify a firmware but it is not released yet on i wrote on samfirmware twitter's page with no use...they didn't even say we are working on it so what i want is to save the firmware files from kies during the update how this could be done??? thanks in advance
  29. mylove90

    Thread [Q] Translating UCWeb app

    hi i know it sounds crazy but i want to translate ucweb app the app is on the chinse app store right here downloaded it and copied its files to the computer looked for any strings in Chinese language with no luck so all...