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    Post [Q] [Problem]My Z3 doesn't recognize the earphones after taking photos underwater

    Use a dryer or just dry up the phone. As per Sony's website about water usage it says it may take up to 3 hours of drying for the earphones/speakers to start being useful.
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    Post [ROM][STOCK] P7500RUXKK2 Stock Rom [Android 3.2]

    ROM of Thread CSC: RWC Date: 11.2011 Android: 3.2 Firmware: P7500RUXKK2 -------------- Latest ROM P7500XXKL4 12.2011 ITV 3.2 P7500XWKL1 12.2011 SER 3.2
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    Post [ROM][STOCK] P7500JJKJ6 Stock Rom (Android 3.2)

    Can we use stock recovery? Just bought my too! Im on 3.1 Stock - India.
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    Post Samsung Galaxy Note Launched in India & Availability

    Getting mine today evening (first official sale in town) but under wraps since the dealers get them tomorrow ;-).
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    Post I9000XWJM2 is out!

    Indian ROM already is JF3 since a few weeks by the way ...
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    Post [HTC UNIVERSAL - 30/07/09] WM6.5 WWE v2.0.5 (new build 23016) [vanilla-regular])

    Hey everyone. I'm back and Ive lost my mind. I dont even remember (after I stopped cooking my Rdosti roms) how to upgrade from a factory (Sim unlocked) O2 Executive WM5 ROM to WM6.5 . I couldnt find the tutorial or steps on the Wiki. Would someone be so kind enough to point out the way to this...
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    Post Airtel HTC HERO 2.73.720.5

    I paid 33,600 actually :( Couldnt get a better deal and didn't want to wait a few more days since I'm off to USA tomorrow (rdosti = shivam)
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    Post manilla M2D All-In-One .cab file

    In one thread you say 6.1 isnt supported, in another 6.5 and 6.1 are? Can you let us know whether it supports all 6.1 and continues to be slow as a hog for 6.1 or much faster now?
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    Post [September 14|2008] INDIA ROM & Shivam 310 ROM (32MB Free)

    This is an update to a lost of questions that I have been unable to get to (and thanks to some motivation from a few messenger buddies from xda).... All our rom's are version 6.0 and not 6.1. I have never really been fascinated by the 6.1 rom , so if you are looking towards using the WM 6.1, the...
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    Post Correct Gps Settings On X7500

    Use Destinator (get a trial edition if you can) just to get the "RIGHT GPS Port" Seems It uses the port which WM6 doesnt automatically detect (atleast for me) Regards
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    Post X7510 ROM

    Wont you lose your dual camera in the 7510 rom?
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    Post Do we need an other variant of WM6

    Blue looks best. Black is Even Better. Green...hurts the eye
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    Thread Increasing Universal speaker volume

    I dont mind the crack sounds,etc. Is there a way to increase the speaker volume (for music). TCMP media player does a great job with a feature to increase the volume, but dont see a similar method for all other sound or WMP (since I have DRM music from napster that doesnt play using TCMP) Regards
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    Post ** Official HTC WM6 Rom all links in here **

    - The reason for this is IMate no longer is connected to HTC (They went their seperate ways) so no IMATE device will be HTC related or affiliated. Imate basically just made a mess...
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    Post SMTP and change port.

    port 2525 sounds like a socketmail email service :)
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    Post Schap's WM6 Pro 3.54c ROMs

    Thankyou. Will flash today from the Dopod Lite edition :) Hope to see some magic :)
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    Post New XDA Atom Exeс ROM WM5 AKU3.3.2b (For Evaluation Only)

    Does this include the O2 Media Plus , O2 Phone Plus, O2 SMS Plus, etc cabs?
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    Post Darkforce ROM Rocks!

    Yes resetting hald way will blow it up (most of the times)
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    Post just buy a xda o2 stealth and confused

    what about - 3. how to use sms function with the keypad ??
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    Post ☼☼PDAViet Touch - Release☼☼

    Thanks ..lovely stuff :)
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    Post WM6 For DOPOD U1000 on July 11??? (AVAILABLE NOW--->July 27)

    DOPOD SUCKS with a BIG S... If they think I'm ever going to refer them users..forget about it...the reason im pissed is ...with the fact that I cant use WM5 to its full extent knowing that WM6 is around the corner so doesnt feel right having to keep data which I will soon lose or have to wipe...
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    Post Comments for i-mate PDAL

    None lol..a PDA ? :)
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    Post Wizard Omap Overclocking

    Im running 312 using the latest OMAP for doesnt works great...I wonder if its actuaally 312 or just say sake..
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    Post Voq Professional Mobile SmartPhone - WM5?

    Would be extremely thankful if you could find it for me. Thanks,
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    Thread Voq Professional Mobile SmartPhone - WM5?

    Doe anyone have any idea where I can get WM5 for Voq Professional GSM Tri-Band Mobile SmartPhone ( Its an old model but seems to have the requirements to handle WM5. Any idea if another company made...
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    Post Official ROM from T-Mobile

    rom at the end of the year ---- Around the corner or around next year :(
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    Post WM6 Vanilla ROM release - so plain you'll be begging for chocolate sauce!

    What has me confused. You took all that out (PPT,etc) yet - they added tons of stuff they quote they offer Storage 40Mb, RAM 30Mb. Same as you. Whats odder is someone else posted a Vanilla With PPT and some other PDF reader and it gave the...
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    Post Report Issue for DarkForce's ROM

    Suggestions: Offer Two editions of each (with different sd size formatting -- size blocks) Remove extra image files, music files and other files that dont need to be there. Fix GPRS system. For India GPRS Networks (like Idea, Hutch, etc) when u set a profile for GPRS and APN and click the...
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    Post Another Jasjar Battery Drain Problem!

    Update to Radio 115 or 114 :)
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    Post Jwrightmcps Crossbow ROM Update 2.02.00 WWE

    On restart if WIFI is enabled on device. it hangs or stops and wont startup. Shuts down on restart. Anyone else with this issue?
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    Post Stuck at bootloader after upgrade to 3.2

    im screwed if thats the case since i used a o2 exec with a jas jar (imate) upgrade, which breaks my warranty unless i can revert somehow back to o2 EDIT UPDATE: God loves me! old o2 version from the O2 website saved me ! :) It worked ! :) Learning now - dont use 3.2 AKU till its...
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    Thread Stuck at bootloader after upgrade to 3.2

    I started with i-mate JASJAR AKU 3.2 Rom Update 1.90.94 (96) then tried Ivans.,.after the upgrade I restarted the cell but got stuck at "the upgrade screen" . I tried again. Wont start the system - stops at the upgrade screen. Ran 1.90.94(96) again to get myself back to the thing...restarted...
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    Thread Support via Email

    If you guys need any support on Prophet, email me anytime. I may be kinda slow due to mass work load (starting my on software and hosting company) so too much time there. Email me at shivam (at) shivam (dot) info and ill get back to you guys with your support requests for Prophet. Im not too...
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    Post How to achieve 40mb program memory?

    Dont worry. Ill get you 2 applicatoins to add and youll have more storage... around 50MB not even 40! :) And youll get around 40% speed increase on ur phone compared to its original speed without any confusion. Email me at shivam (at) shivam (dot) info and ill get back to you. Dont have too...
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    Post Average amount of RAM free?

    40mb for me after perfect reset and AFTER install of the extended rom
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    Post Upgrade PDAMobiz Customized Rom for all IPL/SPL version are the guys who made it ...PDAMOBIZ...but i used it and was shocked to see it just so d*** good. Ive used Prophet and seen it suck up as bad as an O2mini (no offence HTC Mag guys)...i used to have a o2mini ..moved to this and...
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    Post Upgrade PDAMobiz Customized Rom for all IPL/SPL version

    ps - forgot to same . the exntended rom is also unlocked by default, a nice set of media players that play almost everything in video n music - mp4, divx ,etc. It has a great file manager. Bluetooth headset can grab any programs music or video whether it be media player or real media or some...
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    Post Upgrade PDAMobiz Customized Rom for all IPL/SPL version

    1. Anybody tried that on JAMin? - YES!! ME!!! 2. Any succes stories on DOWNGRADING back to JAMin Rom after this? - You can never downgrade with Prophet after you hit the version 2.x systme without using 3rd party software roms. 3. Is it FASTER(the overall working process) than latest...
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    Post First impressions with my new s200

    I can overclock to 264 or so ..anything over that blows up (slow down)...Id suggest 264 rather than 240..since I beileve 264 is stable anyhow...however, i use a pretty cool custom rom that may have been configured just for that :) Sadly I dont agree with screen size being good..its small and as...
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    Thread Upgrade PDAMobiz Customized Rom for all IPL/SPL version

    Note: This is a custom firmware but it is DEFINITELY the best and should have been a company of its own! Damned it isn't. It even lets your mono bluetooth headset listen to music!!!!! ROM OF THE YEAR!!! Since HTC issued new IPL/SPL version 2.xx.0001, all tools that we use to cook the...
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    Post Your experience with overclocking?

    264MHz works for me too. What programs do we use for benchmarking to see what outperforms what
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    Post traveling to india

    actually prepaid simcard costs around 2$-3$ at max :) And then you recharge ...your incoming calls from your GF would be free..of course shed have to pay the International calling cost but someone has to pay. If you take your card from Holland to india, then if she calls you - she has to pay...
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    Post which Prophet ROM is better so far?

    Use anything except Imate ROMs uptill today (anything after today released is fine). Im at Imate Forums as a member and Im the only one who can answer questions out there (even their support team is dumb...or maybe just busy). Thanks for XDA-Devs, I can answer pretty much everyones issues. Go...
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    Thread Tips and Tricks - Newbies guide ESPECIALLY for Imate Users

    As posted by me on Club Imate SUPPORT Forums , These may or may not be advised by the support staff here, but after using the Prophet device and Magician I can advise this if you face major isssues like slow downs or errors in your device (software) Option 1: Hard reset, and softreset...
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    Post Active Sync 4.2 (All Phones)

    I have been told using a few extra steps it is possible to Sync overwifi, but it means using usb cable, then removing it , etc and having wifi on. If you guys want I can test it out and post if it works.
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    Thread Active Sync 4.2 PROPHET Compatible

    Active Sync 4.2 PROPHET Compatible (duh!) Note this is BETA and not 100% stable yet..yet it had some added features