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    Thread oneplus 5 battery problem. Help!!

    The battery of my Oneplus 5 device is exhausted very quickly. Even if I never used it, it was running out in 4 5 hours. I installed a new battery, but still the same way. It exhausting very quickly . What is the reason for this, guys? please help.
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    Thread The Oneplus 5 is not charging while it is on.. Help

    Have a nice day. My Oneplus 5 does not charge when it is on. But it's charging when it's off. It appears when I plug it into the computer. It also appears when I wear a type c headset. But when your power is on, it's not charging. How can I solve this? Please help.
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    Thread Oneplus 5 battery error. I need help...

    Have a nice day. I have Oneplus 5 phones. While playing with the phone, the battery ran out and turned off. Then I tried to turn it on several times by pressing the power button but it didn't turn on. In my last press, a screen came and went 'battery low' and something Chinese came out. Then it...
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    Thread HELP! I have is sm-n9208 model. How do I repair imei?

    I need to change my phone's imei. how will I do? please help friends.
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    Thread Help! I need leeco le pro 3 motherboard..

    My phone was turned off while charging and it does not turn on at all. motherboard burned. Please help me if you know a place where I can find a motherboard selling board.
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    Thread Network signal error. Urgently!

    I flashed the 23s rom modem. then imei was deleted. I have imei again, but there is still no signal. Would you help me very urgently?