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  1. danielad200

    Thread S20 ultra dim issue

    Hey I am with s20 ultra snapdragon version every time that i am going outside to direct sun screen become dimmed instead more bright Adaptive brightness is on Another thing..when battery is 5% battery drained faster then usual..please help
  2. danielad200

    Thread Convert g988u to g988b

    There is option to convert s20 ultra g988u into g988b?
  3. danielad200

    Thread Republic of gamers back cover

    Hey There is any way to get the back panel of "republic of gamers"? There is only "tencent game" back cover on aliexpress..there is any way to buy this?:confused:
  4. danielad200

    Thread Rog phone 2 - Losonocer 6500Mah battery

    Hey someone have tested this battery? :confused: Thinking of buying it
  5. danielad200

    Thread No GPS lock sometimes

    Hey I am allways have this situation..when i am using gps test app it shows gps signals but there is no lock.. (There is picture below) Only when i restarting the phone there is lock on satelites or waiting a long time..very strange.. I am on android 10 ww frimware..that was before update too...
  6. danielad200

    Thread Red tint issue on international version

    Hey i have rog phone 2 tencent version and facing the red tint issue..there is anyone here with international version that facing this problem too? Thanks I am thinking about to replace to international version if the problem not found in international version
  7. danielad200

    Thread Cannot flash system.img on global rom

    Hey I am bricked my device I am was on global rom and then wanted to convert to Chinese rom tried to flash it through system update.. And now stock on fastboot forever until now.. I am tried to flash system. Img of Chinese rom.. Got message that file too big in adb.. There is any program to...
  8. danielad200

    Thread How to install CN rom if i am on global rom?

    How can i install chinnes rom if i am on global rom? Twrp not working..thanks for helpers:good:
  9. danielad200

    Thread Any way to change 90hz in UI interface to 60Hz?

    There is any way to change the UI menu only to 60 instead of 90hz? Maybe change buildprop line?
  10. danielad200

    Thread Any update for global rom version?

    Hey there is any update for global version? Im on build nx629J_encommom_V2.07..someone have newer version of global rom?:rolleyes:
  11. danielad200

    Thread Somebody tested the DTS-X?

    Hey i am having RM3 with global rom..seems there is no DTS-X app..somebody tried out to install it? There is a link Somebody that have root premission can test it out...
  12. danielad200

    Thread Red magic 3 has Very bad GPS!

    I am was compare gps signals between the oneplus 5t(my old device) and red magic 3..gps soo s#cks!! Signals very low..someone have tried it too? Have it on global rom..there is any fix? Or app fix?:crying: Added photos..the more signals is oneplus 5T..the less is RM3 both in same area..please...
  13. danielad200

    Thread Cannot connect Gear s3 to axon 7

    hey i was bought gear s3 and i have axon 7 after i peer between the devices with password the gear app in the axon 7 stayed in connecting status with no influnce i cannot connect between the gear s3 and axon 7 somebody have that issue? please help me :crying: i was tried to connect to lg g4...
  14. danielad200

    Thread Cannot connect gear s3 to Axon 7

    Hey i was bought gear s3 and tried to peer between the devices in first its connect and show the same code on gear s3 and my axon 7 after that its show me connecting status in app very long time..someone have been in this issue? What can i do? Please help:(
  15. danielad200

    Thread How to install files frimware from zte?

    Hey i was downloaded the b13 version for my zte A2017..i cannot update from OTA because i am rooted:( how i make it flashable zip file? There is option to back to OTA updates? Sorry for the noob question but how i do it? How can i update on root?:confused: Thanks for all helpers
  16. danielad200

    Thread Cannot update to B13

    Hey i had zte a2017 chinnese version..after i root my device i cannot OTA can i return to OTA updates? There is way to do it? When i update phone get into TWRP and the i reboot and there is message that update not succsesful because system not supported..:confused::( Thanks to helprs
  17. danielad200

    Thread stuck on checking info

    Hey i was formmated my zte a2017 chinnese version and install b10 version all is working right but when i am entering my email i stuck on checking info how i can fix that?:confused:
  18. danielad200

    Thread Got error code 8 in twrp when trying to flash rom

    Hey i was formmated system accidintly in twrp recovery (i am was not backup my data before..soo idiot:( ) now when i trying to flash rom i get error 8 or something else like courrupted zip file..see image below.. how i can install stock rom in that way?:( (I renamed the zip to cme its the...
  19. danielad200

    Thread stuck on zte logo

    Hey I am was rooting my zte a2017 and after that was install supersu 2.65 in twrp now when i turning on the device its go to zte logo and then turning off i am was trying to factory reset and format data but nothing change i got always the message on twrp about the modifactions please someone...
  20. danielad200

    Thread After update no sound from bottom speaker please help!

    Hey I got my zte axon 7 today and I was updated my phone to version b10 now button speaker not working what can I do now? :crying: I bought it from aliexpress
  21. danielad200

    Thread CANNOT UNLOCK BOOTLOADER please help

    hey i cannot unlockbootloader in service info bootloader not allowed which frimeware i can unlock bootloader?
  22. danielad200

    Thread LED gonna crazy

    sometime when someone call me the notification led is not stoping from blinking after the other side is end the call:confused::confused::confused:
  23. danielad200

    Thread Need some info about unlocking boot loader

    Hey i need to unlock bootloader in 5.0.2.. Sony said that unlocking the bootloader will cause to decrease camera performance in low light.. So its worth it? Thanks
  24. danielad200

    Thread Please help please

    i am was flashed unlocked bootloader rom on locked bootloader z3 now there is red led flashing device not wake up please help me this is my last phone :crying::crying::crying:
  25. danielad200

    Thread Please help me :(

    i am was bought lg g2 with broken lcd and bought new screen+digitizer from ebay i am was connect all the connectors proply as need lcd working but touch does not respond only in the middle of the top of the screen and middle down i am very desperate there is something that can i do? i am been...
  26. danielad200

    Thread device fell to water

    My e970 fell to water i am was put the device in repair and now the gps not working currectly and very not accurcy before it was felt sorry on bad english there is some way to repair it? Like replace antenna or something like that?
  27. danielad200

    Thread PLEASE HELP cannot mount sd card

    i am on pac rom 4.4.4 with neat kernel and cannot mount sd card from settings only recovery shows the sd card as emmc please any solution help thanks in advance :(
  28. danielad200

    Thread Cannot install any rom please help :(

    hi i am had lg e970 of AT&T with rom paranoid android 4.4.2 latest update with teamwin recovery i am allways trying to install some rom and its faild saying "error flashing zip (any rom zip) updating partition details..." i am also trying to install rom via cwm and getting error status...
  29. danielad200

    Thread [Q] walkman sound enhancement

    i have been tried to install walkman few times from recovery and sound enhancement allways force close in any rom never what it crashing and not working have any idea? :confused:
  30. danielad200

    Thread emulated storage?! please help

    Hi how i am removing this emulated storage? Or switch it up to originally internal memory? I am cannot swap to sd card i think because of that
  31. danielad200

    Thread Please help!

    i am got an htc sensation xl after install 4ext recovery (not support htc sensation xl) phone is not turning on there is any way to bring them back?:crying::confused:
  32. danielad200

    Thread Please help!

    i am got an htc sensation xl after install 4ext recovery (not support htc sensation xl) phone is not turning on there is any way to bring them back?:crying::confused:
  33. danielad200

    Thread i need your help please!

    i am was upgraded my nexus 4 to android 4.3 when i am select hebrew langauge all the ui menu become reversed there is any fix?:confused::confused::confused:
  34. danielad200

    Thread please help!

    Please help! I have updated to android 4.3 i set hebrew language and this set all the icons reverse All was set in reverse there is any fix for that?:confused:
  35. danielad200

    Thread Help please!! :'(

    i am bought yesterday samsung galaxy s3 (i9300) when i am connect the phone to the computer his pop up message unknow usb device i was try to replace a cable and computer but nothing work i was install kies and remove drive and reinstall driver but there is no change my rom is ics 4.0.4 and i...
  36. danielad200

    Thread Htc sensation vs lww

    I am want to upgrade my phone to htc sensation Its worth to my to chang? There is diffrence between?:confused:
  37. danielad200

    Thread update partition error PLEASE HELP!!!

    I have partition. Problem when I am trying to install through twrp recovery mod please help I cant install anything!!! :confused::confused::confused:
  38. danielad200

    Thread how can i install hebrew?

    how can i flash hebrew to rom? the rom dosent support hebrew only with morelocale2 i cant choose hebrew from the languages in the phone :rolleyes:
  39. danielad200

    Thread Where i can find wt19 rom?

    where can i find the rom of wt19? not the tff file i mean the one that you can build on them own rom :confused::confused::confused: thanks
  40. danielad200

    Thread Xloud reduce problem

    hey i am using custom rom and always when i am playing music in walkman player sound reduces after 5 seconds there is any suggestion? thanks.:confused:
  41. danielad200

    Thread Battery overheating PLEASE HELP!

    hey i am using rooted sony ericsson wt19i last mouth i bought battery from ebay the brand of the battery is KINPS and capacitive is 2200mAh with using this battery phone is repeatedly reboots i saw in the hidden menu that battery temperature is between 60C-55C i dont belive that that battery...