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    Thread [GUIDE] [ROOT] Switch off individual SIMs with Tasker.

    X-Posted from the Mi6 forum and Stack Overflow. I wanted to do this the whole time I had my Mi5 (RIP) but couldn't figure out how. Could anybody test on their Mi5 and let me know if it works?
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    Thread [GUIDE] [ROOT] Switch off individual SIMs with Tasker.

    I know that looking for this answer has bugged me for the past few years, so figured I'd x-post from Stack Overflow. I have found the solution to switching either SIM off in the Mi6 automatically. Will likely work with other phones. The whole question and answer you can find on Stack Overflow...
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    Thread [JAX SLX7786] Android 4.4 Head Unit - RK3188, 1GB RAM, 1024x600

    This thread is dedicated to discussion, research and mods for the JAX SLX7786 Head Unit range. What is it? The JAX SLX7786 is a series of touchscreen Android 4.4 head unit. The most common size reported is 10.1", although 9" models have been seen in the wild. wRTkHpSZs3M The common...
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    Thread Nillkin PE+ Blue Light Resistant Tempered Glass Screen Protector

    I know the thread title reads like click bait, but I received the aforementioned screen protector today. When I bought it I could only find one review of it anywhere (I believe it was a Sony Xperia thread on XDA) so I thought I'd post my thoughts. Nillkin screen protectors are pretty well...
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    Thread Help Identifying Android Head Unit - RK3188, 1GB RAM, 16GB ROM, 1024x600 10.2"

    Hey guys, Sorry in advance if this has been posted in the wrong area, but it seemed the most appropriate. Been looking around to see what head units are available for my car ('07 Mazda 6) at the moment and unfortunately there isn't much choice; a rare and expensive 2DIN dash kit and a Newsmy...
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    Thread Updating baseband/modem WITHOUT flashing ROM - i.e. people running on CM12 - how to?

    Hey guys, Had a quick question that I hope somebody here can answer. Want to update the baseband to the newest version contained in the .90 update but I'm running CM12. Obviously I don't want to go through the hassle of reflashing CM12, so want to flash the baseband through...