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    Post Galaxy S2 Stuck on yellow triangle booting screen. HELP!

    The links from ctg60000 on the first page, helps me a lot last night. I flashed a kernel for the G (my fault, it was to dark) version and it stucks. No everything works perfectly again! :)
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    Post [OFFICIAL][ROM][FINAL][OPTIMISED][5.1.1_r29][Team-Razor RC2.5 [i9100]

    Sadly not prerooted. Also Layer App crashes on start. The rest is simply amazing! Any way to change the colors to orange or so? Or is the layer app for this? I also would prefer if the email apk and some more are out of the package. Better Aqua Mail or some free and small apps. I also can...
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    Post [ROM][I9100][LAYERS] MINIMAL OS [5.1.1]13-Feb-2016]

    DragonKernel That helps a lot, it works no perfectly and so damn smooth, thanks a lot!
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    Post [ROM][I9100][LAYERS] MINIMAL OS [5.1.1]13-Feb-2016]

    Tryd it with normal recovery, stops with Error. Status 7. I think I need TWRP for it. It looks too good! I am actually on stock with 4.1.2 Version. EDIT: Ok... twrp arent release a i9100 version. Which one can I use? Btw. The link above links to dead download links.