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    Thread Phone is starting, stuck on this screen

    Phone was sitting on my desk and I noticed it showed the Samsung boot logo and now its stuck with "Phone is starting.." animation with my wall paper but I am unable to use my phone however I am able to navigate to some setting options and toggle my navigation menu shortcuts. I've entered...
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    Thread P9 Plus unable to turn on wifi randomly

    My P9 Plus wont turn on WIFI and its pretty random but turning the phone off (by holding the power button) and turning it back on fixes the problem until it occurs again, is this a sign of a hardware failure or I just need to perform a factory reset? When I switch WIFI on its animation gets...
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    Thread Is the telephoto lens only for the live focus mode?

    I noticed when taking regular shots it seems like the 2x button only does a digital zoom not does not actually use the telephoto lens, is this how its supposed to work ?
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    Thread Is Aptx supported?

    Does the note 8 support Aptx?
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    Thread How is the screen uniformity so far?

    How is the screen uniformity on your Note 8 (outside of Adaptive display) I avoided the S8/S8Plus due to the red tints that affected portions of the screen, Ive seen a total of 20 display units for the Note 8 and only 7 had good screens the rest had 'dirty' screens when the display mode was...
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    Thread Ringke Invisible Defender

    Has anyone tried this screen protector yet, looks like it will be very case friendly as it wraps all the way to the back, If anyone here has tried it how is the screen clarity ?
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    Thread Looking for firmware prior to N930FXXU1BPH6

    Does anyone have a link to the firmware before the first update on the Exynos dual sim variant?
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    Thread Heat pipes?

    Does the note 7 still have the same heat pipes found on the S7/S7e ?
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    Thread Slow to wake P9 & P9 Plus

    I have the P9 Plus and my mom uses the P9. I've noticed a longer than usual wake up delay if there is an SDcard installed. When pressing the power button with out an SDcard installed the device wakes up with in 1 second but if I have an SDcard installed it will add another 1 to 1.5seconds of...
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    Thread Slow to wake

    Has anyone else noticed that the phone is slow to wake, lock the screen set it down for 10 seconds and press either the power button or the finger print scanner and it takes 2-2.5seconds for it to wake. I am not sure if this is how it was before but I recently noticed it.
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    Thread What is the recommended stock firmware if your original region firmware has no update

    My Galaxy Note 3 is an N9005 (LTE capable) phone and the firmware for my region (Philippines) has stopped its updates since 11/19/2015, I see that UAE has its firmware dated 06/30/2016 and thats pretty recent, will it be okay for my device to use a UAE firmware ? or is there a suggested firmware...
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    Thread How to get 720p60 / 1080p60 on the P9 Plus ?

    There seems to be no option for the P9 to play 720p60 / 1080p60 has anyone found a work around for this ?
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    Thread How is the screen uniformity on the P9 Plus?

    I often see color uniformity issues on amoled panels especially on whites or in greys. For those who have a keen eye and know how to check, how is your screen uniformity? Post some pics on what image you tested it with.
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    Thread Google account removed after a reboot

    This has happend to me thrice already, after rebooting my device I lost my google account and the playstore wont launch it also wont show and option to add a google account under the accounts tab in settings until I do another reboot. I am using a stock rom with systemless root, franco r9 kernel...
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    Thread Sms blocking issue

    Im using the stock sms app and I blocked a number but I still get notified when I get an sms from that number, it was my understanding that it will be archived but its not happening for me. Anyone know how to fix this?
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    Thread blocking calls and SMS

    I cant seem to find a way to block calls & SMS ( no sending to voicemail or archived messages) Im looking for a method similar to what CM roms offer where I can have both blocked and no notification or even a trace that a call/SMS came from the said numbers. Is this possible on the stock rom...
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    Thread Battery stats showing wifi is always on

    I have turned off wifi scanning but the battery status still shows it is on, Using stock firmware on my note 3.
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    Thread What Xposed module for N6P gives a network activity status like on CM12/13

    I've been using CM12 and CM 13 on my Note 3 and I really find the feature that shows the network speed that I am getting, is there an Xposed module for that on the N6P ?
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    Thread Please recommend 2 samsung based custom roms

    Im looking at trying 2 samsung based custom roms, my needs are pretty simpl;. It has to be fast, stable, zero bloatware & andriod 5.x ( or has an uninstaller function ) with USB 3.0 support ( this is a must ) and can work with the Xposed for Samsung by arter97 us a huge plus!
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    Thread Nexus 6 screen OEM?

    Does anyone know who manufactures the OLED screens on the Nexus 6 ?
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    Thread Would reflashing the stock firmware via odin wipe data?

    Im planning to reflash my phone back to stock as a few things are messed up, will be flashing via odin the base firmware is UEND6 and will reflash the same firmware so that I can still root w/o tripping knox, would reflashing via Odin clear user data?
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    Thread Task Manager has stopped

    When I manually run Task Manager, it says " Task Manager has stopped" Is there an easy fix for this ?
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    Thread WIFI direct

    Is wifi direct a universal standard amongst devices? I ask this because I am unable to send files to my Nexus 5 from my Note 3 and vice versa but I can easily send files from a Note 3 to a Note 3 or a Nexus 5 to a Nexus 5
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    Thread System status suddenly showing custom

    I have rooted my phone using towel root when it came out and the system status was still official, nothing has change on my phone since then not even a firmware update and just today I noticed that my system status is already custom, I saw this a few days back and it was still official. Is there...
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    Thread Chromecast

    Im planning on getting a chrome cast dongle for my N3 and I am wondering if there are any expected issues like intermittent connections and what not.
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    Thread huge battery loss even in deep sleep

    Wifi off, mobile data off, gps and location reporting is off, maps is signed out. This started to happen a few days ago which was like 40% after 8-10hrs of deep sleep now its dropped to 1-3% per hour. I used to have 1% drop every 8hrs of deep sleep. Stock rom, franco r32 kernel, no oc. Ive...
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    Thread Anyone using the LG WCP 405?

    Im getting the charger tomorrow and I am wondering if it has a good grip on the neohybrid and how fast is the charge.
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    Thread 40% Drained by andriod.gms

    Attached images from BBS and andriod battery stats, how to fix/prevent this ?
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    Thread Betterbattertstats, are all of these awakes expected?

    Battery droped 1% from a full charge over 8hrs but Im wondering of all of these awake stats are pretty normal ? I also used before taking the stock andriod battery stats but BBS was done when I got up.
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    Thread Need help in fixing the STK.APK

    Titanium backup indicates that stk.apkis uninstalled and I am thinking that the way to fix this is to remove it from the system apps, clear the cache and reinstall the entire thing via adb.. I dont know much about adb commands to do such but I can work my way around if anyone can provide the...
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    Thread stk.apk no longer working

    My stk.apk suddenly stopped working, when I run the app it says not installed and sometimes when I reboot the app goes missing, but I can still see it using ES file explorer on the system apps. Any fix for this ?
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    Thread Will the Nexus chargign orb be able to charge the phone with an SGP Neo Hybrid?

    Im planning to get the Nexus charging orb and I am wondering if it will work with the SGP Neohybrid.. able to charge and magnetize the phone at the same time? if not will the LG WCP-300 do just fine?
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    Thread How to properly setup the samsung calendar to show contact birthdays only

    I used to have this working properly before only to show my contact's birthday via its settings but now it refuses to work, the application I get to sync the dates with is Sync.ME (facebook sync app) anyone else know a better method for this, if I set to show all facebook contacts then its...
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    Thread [Q] Newbie friendly apps2sd for the Galaxy Note 2 ?

    Is there a newbie friendly applications to SD on the Galaxy Note 2? I dont want swap internal to external as its gonna mess things up when I perform firmware updates.
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    Thread Is there a player that can smoothly play 10bit + subtitle renering on the N2

    I've tried MX player and Dice and they are very laggy, was actually surprised about this considering the same video's play very smooth on an ipad2 using AVplayerHD.
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    Thread [Q] No signal glitch

    When I enter the elevator at the office, its a dead zone for signal reception and sometimes gives me a notification that my network cannot be found ( or something like that ) and even if Im back to an area with good reception the warning message stays and I cannot do calls or send SMS but the...
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    Thread Audio Sync Issues with movie playback

    I seem to be getting an audio sync issue with most of my movie playbacks on my N2 either with stock player or the MXplayer, these videos play fine on a Galaxy S2 though, I have the latest updates (stock), is there anything worth trying?
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    Thread GPS locking issue unless coming from a reboot

    I cant get a GPS lock with google maps unless I reboot my phone, I am on 4.1.2 official ROM ( non rooted ) GPS test shows an accuracy of 10-13feet with several sattelite locks, has anyone experienced the same problem?
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    Thread [Q] What app to use for facebook contact sync aside from the stock facebook app

    Is there a good 3rd party app that can allow selective contact syncing? I really dislike how the stock fb app murders my contact list.
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    Thread About to get a Sandisk 64Gb MicroSD tomorrow, how to spot a fake?

    Any note 2 user here know how to spot a fake? I'll be buying from a retail store but I just want to be sure that I am getting the real deal.
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    Thread Service center says cannot upgrade to ICS because of replaced mainboard

    A friend of mine had his Galaxy S2 serviced since he had issues with his WIFI module, samsung issued a replacement motherboard for him and now the technician says that the replacement motherboards cannot upgrade to ICS because of several issues and lost features, Is there any truth to this ?
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    Thread Whats currently the best 'stock' firmware?

    I've been out of the loop on the Galaxy S for so long and I would like to ask what is the best current stock firmware for the Galaxy S ?
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    Thread How to import bookmarks from default browser?

    Is there a way to import/save my bookmarks using the default browser? I dont want to combine it with chrome on my desktop.
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    Thread Backlight bleeding on PLS

    I just saw my friends Galaxy Tab 10.1 and it has a backlight bleeding even far worse than my TN monitor, how about from the other users does anyone have a Tab10.1 with out a trace of backlight bleeding or something that is not that visible or annoying when watching movies with a letterbox?
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    Thread PLS screen as compared to other IPS screens

    With the significant drop of SuperAMOLED quality control or just plain bad luck on my end I've decided to call it quits and look at other screen technologies and suffice to say the rumored Tab 11.6 is peaking my interest and probably that device will come with PLS. I've had a chance to compare...
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    Thread [Q]How to select "HD resolution" from Honeycomb youtube app

    Im using a Galaxy Tab7.7 and with the stock youtube application the HD plays at 720p which I cannot stream w/o hick ups and the non HD just drops down to 240p which looks like a horrible mess, aside from using the web browser and going to the youtube site is there a way to get 360 or 480 on the...
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    Thread Youtube on Honeycomb, noob question

    Selecting HD on the youtube player puts it up at 720P which my internet connection cannot keep up, unselecting HD drops it down to something like 240p which looks abysmal, is there a way to select 360p or 480p instead on the youtube app?
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    Thread Stock kernels

    Is there a site where we can get stock kernels? Im looking one for DXLA2.
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    Thread Is there a mount USB storage function on the Tab7.7?

    I would like to mount the internal and external storage via 'USB MOUNT' like what I normally use on Galaxy based phones, I tried checking the debugging mode and it still launches the MTP application, is there a way around this ?
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    Thread Where to find the hardware build/assemble date on the Tab7.7?

    As per thread title, does anyone know where to find it ?