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    Thread Has anyone been able to clean flash a ROM on the may bootloader using recovery?

    as per the title... I've flashed roms on the may bootloader plenty of times, but I have yet to find a method where I am able to do it without plugging a computer at some point during the flashing process ... what I usually do is as follows: boot to recovery > wipe data/cache > flash rom > flash...
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    Thread Installing Modules on Magisk

    Has anyone been able to successfully install any Magisk modules ? the only module I was able to install was one that ran a simple bash script. all modules that I have tried either failed while attempting to install or would cause my device to not be able to boot. dolby atmos and iOS emoji were...
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    Thread Crackling Speakers -- Manufacturer Defect or Software Bug?

    The phone speakers make a crackling popping noise periodically... i cant figure out what exactly triggers it and i dont think its necesarily just at high volume. The one way i know how to reproduce this every time is to run antutu benchmark and try to turn the volume all the way down and all the...
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    Thread What is the giant bottom bezel for?

    What is the function of the bottom bezel if navigation buttons are on screen? obviously Google would have made the screen bigger or phone smaller if the bezel was just blank space... so what is its function then?
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    Thread Need SMP600 signed PIT please/How to Completely wipe device?

    okay so i got a little flash crazy and after years of messing with devices, i finally learned the hard way that i shoild be making nand backups. My smp600 thinks its half smp600 half smp601. I tried to correct this by doing a nand erase via odin and an old PIT file i found floating around this...
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    Thread Are moto max kernels and cyanigenmod compatible with droid turbo?

    as per the title... assuming unlocked bootloader
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    Thread Will only freezing apk's prevent processes from running?

    to elaborate.... say i have no use for an apk or any of its services, will merely freezing/deleting the apk prevent that service from being triggered, or would one must also find framework files to prevent processes from being triggered? The concern is that just because i freeze an apk, i am not...
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    Thread Lollipop External Storage Access Fix

    Here is a modifed platform.xml file that fixes permissions for external storage access. Just replace the original platform.xml file in /system/etc/permissions and set permissions to rw-r-r owner: root group: root
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    Thread external storage access

    Can someone on sm-p600 stock lollipop upload their /system/etc/permissions/platform.xml file here? Thank you
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    Thread Are All Samsung Devices "Bootloader Unlockable"

    as per he title "Are All Samsung Devices "Bootloader Unlockable""?... I know (i think) that samsung devices dont really have a bootloader in the sense that htc and motorola devices do, but this is my first samsung device so im trying to understand how it works based on terms im familiar with...
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    Thread Losing Root - Fixed by Reboot

    If anyone else is experoencing random lost root access... can you pm me/post on here. I would like to cross referance what apps and what xposed modules we both have installed to find the problem. Thanks
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    Thread A question from the users - moderators please read

    As far as development goes (which is the core of xda) , the droid turbo and moto maxx are going in completely different directions. Can you please justify keeping them in the same thread? This has been asked several dozen times and I have yet to see a response, personally, from any moderator.
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    Thread MMS not working properly

    I feel like this is probably an easy fix, but I cant seem to figure it out. My phone wont recieve MMS UNTIL I make/receive a phone call then i get all my MMS messages at once. Im on LTE/CDMA with data off and wifi on when this occurs (not sure if this occurs with wifi off yet) . Only once did i...
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    Thread Better 3g signal (for me at least)

    I just flashed the radio image from 21.12 firmware with RSDLite and saw an amazing increase in 1x signal! from about -120 dBm to about -95 dBm! ... thought I would share this info BUT I AM NOT SURE IF THIS HAS A NEGATIVE CONSEQUENCES ... AFAIK, worst comes to worse, you can just reflash the...
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    Thread HELPPP!

    So I feel like I am really screwed on this.... attempted flashing stock via RSDLite. It began flashing fine until about halfway through the system.img ...all of a sudden it loses fastboot and my computer freaks out saying that an unkown standard usb device is attached. I figured that I would...
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    Thread [Q] Can a non-firmware update patch root?

    I was wondering if an update from say, google play services or Moto voice could patch the current root, and if i should be cautious about updating these system apps. In additoin to this question, has anybody just suddenly lost root in the middle of using their device? This has happened to me...
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    Thread Remount

    I dont understand how everyone is remounting /system.... whenever i try to do it, it fails because /system is read only. The whole point of remounting is to make it rw so its not readonly, this is like a catch22 and idk how people are getting it to work
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    Thread [Q] Correct song not updating on Lock Screen

    I noticed this awhile ago, but its starting to get on my nerves now. Whenever I am playing music, either via the google music app or Pandora, the lock screen display will not update what song is currently playing. For example, if I was listening to "Sublime - KRS One" and that song ended ...