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    Post Question Oneplus 9 pro telus 5G

    Hola Sad situation this is. Stranger still is that I had a Xiaomi Mi 10 last year and I was able to get 5G in certain locations. And at one point Telus was the least restrictive when it came to VoLTE and WiFi Calling enablement on non-Telus branded phones.
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    Post Question ANT+ support missing?!

    Hola You are not alone. Sammy removed Ant+ support on the S21 series. I am into home cycling as well and I am now forced to change a few of my monitors to Bluetooth. Luckily my Tacx smart trainer supports Bluetooth and Ant+, if that wasn't the case I too would have been mad. It took me a...
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    Post [Rom] [10] Resurrection Remix

    Hola jamescable A quick follow up, so the current RR will only work for Android 10.. so for us who have updated to OOS 11, we will have to downgrade to the latest available OOS 10? I just want to confirm this. Thanks for all your help facilitating our questions.
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    Post 8 Pro out of stock?

    Hola It seems like you Europeans have access to buy the device at either local retailers (carriers) and even online directly from OnePlus (even though it is currently out of stock). In Canada we can only buy it online from OnePlus, it they have been out of stock for more than 1 week. Not sure...
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    Post Call recording on Mi Note 10

    Hola I use the call recorder function on all my phones, I should say I make sure that call recording works. Even though third party call recording app, like Skvalex call recorder, works on Xiaomi phones, as others have mentioned it is limited to only speaker phone... usage of any Bluetooth ear...
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    Post Quick Settings Toggle

    Hola 1. This is a known bug but seemingly only affecting certain people. 2. The easiest way to fix this without the tedious resetting of your phone approach is to download System UI Tuner and reset the Quick Settings to the default configuration. You'll find the Edit button thereafter. 3. I had...
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    Post [Magisk] MIUI GApps Plus | MOVED TO NEW THREAD | [A11]

    Hola I still get the Device Personalization Services app crash. crash log attached.
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    Post [Magisk] MIUI GApps Plus | MOVED TO NEW THREAD | [A11]

    Hola I tested your v3.5.5 and it seems to work ok except for one major crash - AlwaysOnDisplay app keeps crashing and doesn't work. I have attached the screen capture for your review. Please let me know if this is sufficient logs for you to fix this issue please. Thanks for creating this package.
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    Post Roms/root availability for mi 10?

    Hola I can't speak about Google Pay, but others have confirmed that with the last Xiaomi.EU v11 ROM, widevine is set as Level 1. See attached.
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    Post Mi10 Pro Global Version no dual sim version?

    Hola No they are different IMEI numbers. Some more info: 1. I can use the phone app *#06#* and it shows up 2 different IMEIs numbers. 2. When I go to Settings -> My device -> All specs -> Status it also shows information related to both SIM slots. See attached.
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    Post Mi10 Pro Global Version no dual sim version?

    Hola I want to add to this conversation. I bought my Mi 10 8GB RAM / 128GB Storage - GLOBAL version from giztop. I waited a week before I was able to unlock the bootloader to install Xiaomi.EU weekly MiUI 11 ROM. I now see that if I dial *#06#* it actually shows up with 2 IMEI numbers! The...
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    Post [Magisk] MIUI GApps Plus | MOVED TO NEW THREAD | [A11]

    Hola jigs4wkiller a few questions if you don't mind: 1. Is there anyway to remove a few apps that you have listed. For example you enable Lawnchair and Adaway, but I don't use / want these apps to be installed as system apps. Is there a text file that I can edit from your full package to...
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    Thread Slow wireless charging?

    Hola Just got my Mi 10 Global version today. I went through the usual base setup and all. I then wanted to see how long the device will take to charge on my 15w wireless charger... Only to see that the Mi 10 is charging around 200mA. It is so slow that the device is actually loosing power if I...
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    Post where to buy mi10 global version

    Hola I am confused and I hope someone can provide some answers. While I understand that the Mi 10 GLOBAL version is released, my question is when exactly will it be ready for purchase outside of China - Some as on or sites? I see a few Chinese based online retailers...
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    Post Does the Xiaomi Mi 10/Mi 10 Pro support USB 3.1?

    I will jump in and say that you are correct about in display fingerprint readers - the current technology available simply sucks compared to the old fashioned fingerprinter readers of yesteryear. I change phones every few months, and I truly missed the old fp readers - they were always...
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    Post [ROM][10]Android Open Source Illusion Project[Coral][Flame][Official]

    Hola Settings -> Sound -> Now Playing -> Show songs on lock screen. Is this not what you're looking for? Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
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    Post [ROM][QQ1A.200205.002][02/08] Benzo Rom 10.0.0_r26

    Hola And a heads up that AFH seems to be working back ok now. Even the last AOSIP build can be downloaded...
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    Post [ROM][QQ1A.200205.002][02/08] Benzo Rom 10.0.0_r26

    Hola 1. I am seeing the exact same random reboots. No real consistency as to when it occurs. 2. I did see at least a few times when I came home and roughly the time my phone switches over to my home Wi-Fi that I get the reboot. 3. Interesting that you can reboot by just holding the power button...
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    Post [Repair experience] Pixel 4 XL - Display cracked

    Hola A few questions and comments if you don't mind: 1. Whereabouts in Canada are you? 2. Why did you have to go through an advanced replacement order? Broken phone? 3. It is typical for these OEMs, to not have too many devices for advanced replacements after the first few months simply due to...
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    Post Enable RCS on any carrier!

    Hola Yes, I had this issue as well. I simply removed my participation to the Google Messages Beta program and used the stable general release of Messages, and then I was able to change the RCS flags in Activity Launcher.
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    Post Minor Issues with Nova + Gestures

    Hola While I understand the ease of using native gesture settings, have you folks tried FNG as an alternative. Those issues that you listed drove me bonkers, that I switched over to FNG, a lot more controls, and so far a smoother experience.
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    Post Any Canadians buy from the Google Store and receive it yet?

    Hola Ordered on the 15th. Delivered on the 22nd. Sadly I'm in the US for work so I will not be able use it until this weekend. Sent from my MI 9 using Tapatalk
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    Post [SHARED ROM] BOOTLEGGERS v4.3 [17/10/2019] [9.0]

    Hola 1. Try and see if you can search for Status Bar in Settings to see if anything shows up. 2. Same as above, search for Blink. I have see on occasions that certain menus and screens not being found in Settings but accessible via a search in both custom and stock ROMs. Please let us know if...
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    Post MI9_MiUI_9.9.6_10.0_MS

    Hola Thanks for pointing this out. Sad to see this version of MiUI stopped. I found it to be the cleanest version of MiUI from the other variants out there like XiaomiEU and RevOS. I will probably test out Mi-Room as suggested by the MiUI MS ROM developer.
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    Post [Fundraiser] Official LOS / AOSP development for Cozzmy13

    Hola Just donated. Good to see some experienced devs willing to help the community. Thanks to all for getting this started. Sent from my MI 9 using Tapatalk
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    Post GSI roms

    Hola doggydog2 A few questions if you don't mind: 1. With the new weekly update from AndroPlus do we still have to install the Magisk v5 patch? 2. Do we have to reinstall the GApps package? 3. Are you using any custom kernel with this ROM? If so which one have you settled on using? Thanks for...
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    Post GSI roms

    Hola I use mindthegapps package and it works well. I believe others have said that there are issues with opengapps though I don't understand the core problem. Sent from my MI 9 using Tapatalk
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    Post GSI roms

    Hola Same issue on my FlokoROM install. I switched over to Substratum Theme Engine and now overlays work without any issue... but I really prefer Swift Installer. I did forward my SM Bus error to their support but I have not heard back anything. ---------- Post added at 03:13 PM ----------...
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    Post GSI roms

    Hola I use my phone for work. I need call recording functionality as I need to take meeting notes. I tried the usual apps such as Skvalex Call Recorder and Cube ACR but both of them do not provide any viable output. Any suggestions? I am rooted with Magisk and using AndroPlus version of...
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    Post GSI roms

    Hola Damn bro, you're surely into the customization game - VERY IMPRESSIVE. I also want to say thank you for keeping the rest of us informed of the many bugs found, but also saying when a number of these issues have been rectified with newer builds. Keep up the good work! :highfive: Because of...
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    Post RomAur-v1.4- [07/04] - [9.0_B228]-[M20_PRO]-FAST-STABLE

    Hola Yes I have the same issue then. I can't even see it listed on the Play Store. Sent from my LYA-L0C using Tapatalk
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    Post RomAur-v1.4- [07/04] - [9.0_B228]-[M20_PRO]-FAST-STABLE

    Hola I just tried to install RBC Wallet from the Play Store and it installed without any issues. But I had to use Magisk Hide on the app for it to properly launch. Is it the same app that you are attempting to use? Sent from my LYA-L0C using Tapatalk
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    Post RomAur-v1.4- [07/04] - [9.0_B228]-[M20_PRO]-FAST-STABLE

    Hola I fixed this issue by installing the SafetyPatch v3 module via Magisk. I am also using a Canadian variant of this device. Sent from my LYA-L0C using Tapatalk
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    Post [MAGISK]Dual speaker audio mod for MI9

    Hola Many thanks for sharing this with us. Question: If we update our ROM every week or so, will we have to flash the mod again? Sent from my MI 9 using Tapatalk
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    Post mi9 STEREO MOD?

    Hola Can you tell me what specific app you're referring to. I found a few apps but they seem to be app specific and not a system wide modification. I consume a lot of media on my devices and having even a low output earpiece audio really helps. I don't really care about stereo as long as...
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    Post call recording with huawei dialer (magisk)

    Hola Yes Cube ACR works well without root, but I found that it did not work properly if using Bluetooth headset. I am not sure if this is the case with the latest firmware releases. Just a heads up that ROMAur custom ROM has working built-in call recording. I am sure that it is based on the...
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    Thread Anyway to load TWRP from within the ROM?

    Hola Anyway to load TWRP from within the ROM? Because of the inability to hold both TWRP and Magisk, in the recovery RAM disk partition, at the same time, I am asking if there is a way to get TWRP loaded easily when you are in the ROM. Obviously it would mean that you have a working root...
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    Post Not receiving sound from the phone when the headset is plugged in

    Hola The issue you are describing happens to me as well. Not sure if this issue is recent with newer firmware updates. There is no resolution that I know of. Sent from my LYA-L0C using Tapatalk
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    Post RomAur-v1.4- [07/04] - [9.0_B228]-[M20_PRO]-FAST-STABLE

    Hola auras76 So I downloaded your latest ROM release (v1.3) and while most things work I find that the camera app isn't working properly. It simply flashes and goes back to the home screen. After a few more attempts, it shows a message saying that it cannot connect to the camera. I did wipe...
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    Post RomAur-v1.4- [07/04] - [9.0_B228]-[M20_PRO]-FAST-STABLE

    Hola I have a Mate 20 Pro that I bought from Fido.. LYA-L0C model. As soon as I got my bootloader unlocked yesterday, I immediately installed this ROM. It is working fine. However I can't get Magisk to fully pass SafetyNet, but I do get root access. Lots of reading to understand the nuances of...
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    Post Can the Mi 9 use regular Qi wireless chargers?

    Hola It seems like I wasn't the only one confused. A tech YouTuber has posted a video showcasing that the Mi 9 does support regular Qi wireless chargers! Link to YouTube video, it does answer a number of other questions:
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    Thread Can the Mi 9 use regular Qi wireless chargers?

    Hola I know that the Mi 9 comes with wireless charging but I have read and seen on some YouTube reviews that claim that Xiaomi is using a proprietary induction charging system. So the question is can our Mi 9 use a regular Qi wireless charger? My whole family use wireless chargers, so it is an...
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    Post HSTool for upgrading firmware of BL locked Huawei Mate 20 Pro

    Hola mikeos Now you make me look like a total Noob. This is so embarrassing mate. :silly::silly::silly: Thanks for the prompt response, again much appreciated. :highfive:
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    Post HSTool for upgrading firmware of BL locked Huawei Mate 20 Pro

    Hola mikeos Many thanks for your work and sharing it with all of us. I tried to use your tool but I get the message that Assistant aborted by user (code=1). 1. Windows 10 x64. 2. Antivirus software disabled. 3. Ran tool with elevated administrator privileges. 4. All 2 prerequisites are...
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    Post Firmware Update .187 brings 'OEM unlock' option back

    Hola 1. Just to be very clear, you're saying that you have the Canadian variant of the Mate 20 Pro (LYA-L0C), and you were able to successfully upgrade using the special Memory Card (placing the dload folder on the card) update process??? 2. Can you also share which explicit firmware you used...
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    Post Huawei Mate 20 pro Canadian discussion thread

    Hola Has anyone received the update as yet? If so can you please post some screen captures and report on what improvements you noticed. Thanks... I am on Fido and still waiting.
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    Post Best non-stock email app

    Hola Nine client is the absolute standard for professionals.
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    Post Canadian S9+ thread (Waiting room)

    Hola It has been my experience that you have to wait a day or two for official updates to be made available for everyone when dealing with Rogers / Fido network. This is related to Samsung updates, can't speak for other OEMs. Because call recording is blocked, by Google themselves on Pie, I...
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    Post Huawei Mate 20 pro Canadian discussion thread

    Hola Just wanted to chime in and say that Fido / Rogers will be updating our M20P some time in the next few weeks based on experience. Fido is among the best when it comes to providing info on Android device OS upgrades. As per their OS update list the firmware will include January security...