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    Thread How to revoke superuser after user has enabled it?

    I have a switch where, when isChecked is called the app requests superuser the normal way. I however want to also add the ability to disable root when the switch is toggled back to off. How can I do this? My Switch's onCheckedChanged: if (isChecked) {...
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    Thread How can I let my user create a shortcut to an app, into my app (like a launcher)?

    I can't for the life of me find ANYTHING written about how to create a shortcut to an app. All over stackoverflow it's just about having ones app get created as a shortcut onto users own launcher. I want the user to be able to click my button which opens a dialog, in where the user can then...
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    Thread How can I list only folders with images in a gridview?

    I can't seem to do this. No tutorials or examples, and the library "Image Loader" (not universal image loader) is not well-enough documentet for someone that is new. I just want to see folders on /sdcard/ with .jpgs and such in them... but all examples of gridview only work with /res/ folder in...
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    Thread How to retrieve and use onItemClick position for shell commands?

    How can I use the onItemClick position? I am able to do so with switch/case, but I am not able to figure out how to do it straight into a shell command. If I use switch/case my class file is going to be huge. Class: public class CustomDialogClass extends Activity { override protected...
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    Thread [Q] No idea how to load onChildClick in my ExpandableListView.

    I have an expandable list view with 2 parents and 3 children. I want to open a dialog based on each click. I can't find any examples showing you how to call something based on positions. At least not with the ExpandableListView tutorial I followed. public class MainActivity extends Activity...
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    Thread How can I run a command from user-selected choice (array)

    A user can select an item from my view to get a dialog showing different strings. Below that is a button. I would like the button, when pressed, to run a shell command. I have no idea how I would go about doing this. Basically, how can I make the button have a command set to it, which when a...
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    Thread [APP][ROOT]Nexus 10 Display Scaler v2.0 (JUNE 1st)

    NEXUS 10 DISPLAY SCALER This app is meant for those of us who connects their device to their TV. Most TVs nowadays run a 16:9 1920x1080 resolution, yet our device exceeds that with its glorious 16:10 2560x1600 resolution display. This creates a problem when mirroring, effectively giving you...
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    Thread [MOD][BOOTANIMATION] Looping ball.

    Found this cool gif I wanted as a boot animation. So I made one! Here is the GIF in question (mind you I curved the blacks to be completely #000 so as to not look like an ugly square in the middle of our devices.) To download, just click the instructions! Be rooted Open a file manager with...
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    Thread Bluetooth interfering with screen.

    I have an Apple Trackpad and a Microsoft Sculpt Mobile Keyboard connected through bluetooth. Due to the issue Android has with two HID devices connected through bluetooth disconnecting, the screen keeps flickering whenever the keyboard gets kicked off. I would love to fix the erratic...
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    Thread Camera not working anymore. Error "Unknown error occurred" pops up.

    Hello. The camera on my i9300 seems to have stopped working. It's been functioning fine on Wanamlite BLG8, but suddenly it stopped working. The front-facing camera works just fine, but not the back. I tried going back to stock, unrooted rom but it's still giving me that error. What can I do?
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    Thread SGS3 rom port to SGN?

    Anyone here up for the challenge? It's been a while since I last ported a rom, and since the SGN is the first Samsung phone I've messed with, I have no idea where to start. :o Besides, I don't think I could do it alone to be honest. I'm sure more people want this to happen.
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    Thread [THEME][AROMA] Galaxy SIII for Rocket Rom v4 --- [07.06 Update v2]

    Update v2 Ported to v4! New installer as well called Aroma. This installer includes touchdrivers and I've calibrated it for our device as well as added our hardwarebuttons in case you like using Vol up/down to navigate, lol. Mind you, the Note has horrible recognition at the edges of the screen...
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    Thread [Q] Having issues with my rom - ICS tablet mode will not engage.

    So I'm at a point where this rom is perfect for my phone. It works just fine and has no crashes at all. The only problem is that when running a low enough DPI for tablet mode to work, SystemUI crashes out of nowhere. I ran a logcat but I unfortunately can't read this very well, so I'm hoping...
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    Thread Shouldn't ICS on the S2 work on the note as well?

    Their specifications are the same. CPU (.2 GHz faster, but shouldn't matter), GPU (MALI 400-MP), ram, blahblahblah. Not that I know if the SG2 ICS files have been made public yet, it shouldn't take long to get it working for you guys with your notes, right? Just like how Desire S got everything...
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    Thread Market keeps crashing no matter what rom, even when is used.

    No matter what rom I use, Market keeps on crashing. I've tried using FullWipe and it's still crashing. The rom's I've flashed: CM7 Nightly #219 & #220, Experimental 7.1, and the latest Helios. All I want is a stock android feel, but now it's not playing nice. I was coming from a Sense 3.5 rom...
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    Thread Honeycomb *MAY* be ported to any phone, usable at lower DPI.

    I've seen so many threads about honeycomb not being able to be put on phones, but that's actually quite wrong. If you select 130 as dpi instead of 160, it boots up just fine at 800x480 (try once or twice - even at 160 the emulator might load the wrong ui). :) I saw that the incredible and evo 4g...
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    Thread My DHDs screen gives in when pressing on it.

    I just received my dhd, and I'm noticing that the top glass is giving in just a tiny bit. It's not that I can see it as much as I can hear it. I'm reluctant to send it back as I need a working phone at all times. When I had the nexus one it had a.similar issue which was fixed by blowing hot air...
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    Thread Batterycover bent?

    Just noticed that one of the sides of the batterycover is bent. The phone is barely 3 days old. I bent it a little to fix it temporarily, but now I want a new batterycover (or two). Anyone know where to buy more of these?
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    Thread Cooking my own rom?

    Hello. I've been searching for the past 30 minutes on how to create my own rom ready for distribution, for the Rhodium, but I can't seem to find any tutorials (not even in the wiki). I don't really know, but I assume this is what I need: Files (rom?) Kitchen (software?)
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    Thread Translating Winmo6.5 to Norwegian?

    Heya. I was wondering how to translate WinMO 6.5 as well as TouchFLO 2.5? I'm running Miri 1.2 and want to expand the usage of 6.5 and TFLO 2.5 before its release (rather, I just want something to do while I'm at work now, haha). I'm betting there's a MUI I need to edit, oooor?
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    Thread Norwegian keyboard in WWE rom?

    Hey. I'm running a custom WWE rom on my newly acquired Rhodium. I love how fast this rom is, but one thing grinds my gears; the hardware-keyboard is now in English. ":" is where the "/" is on my keyboard, etc etc. Is there any way to return this back? Running Miri 1.2 with Manila 2.5 (or is it...
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    Thread Themeing Topaz/TF3D 2.1?

    How do I theme Manila? I'm decent enough with Photoshop to make whatever I want, but what software do I need? I would really appreciate any help I can get.
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    Thread Honeycomb background (6.5)?

    I just flashed to l3v5y Topaz WM6.5 [21819/21820] (26060901) WWE, and was wondering if there was a way to put the honeycomb background back to the start menu/program list? Also, how do I get 4 rows of programs instead of 3? EDIT ADD: Oh, and is it possible to add more links to the main menu...
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    Thread TouchFLO 2D clock not keeping up with internal clock?

    Hello. I have an Elf with KWBR's Touch of HD rom, which uses TouchFLO 2D with 6.1, if I'm not mistaken. I've noticed the homescreen's clock is entirely wrong. I have to reset the homescreen (taking it off, back to mainscreen, then turning it on again) to get the time to display correctly again...
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    Thread How do I end a process in WM6.1?

    Hello. I have an HTC Touch (ELF) and I've upgraded to WM 6.1. Now I'm trying to install a Norwegian keyboard-layout, but installing the EzInput suite, I need to terminate a process. The built in processmngr in WM6.1 doesn't allow me to terminate anything but software (as in, no processes) and...