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    Thread Always on display clock freezing on android 11.

    Does anyone else have the problem where the clock on the always on display is not showing the correct time (it stays frozen until you turn on and off the display)? It happened after updating to Android 11.
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    Thread Problem with power button after android 11 upade.

    Does anyone else have a buggy power menu after the update to android 11? Mine is all black and does not show all of the buttons. The screenshot one is hidden in the dropdown menu with the dots.
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    Thread Anyone able to install the old album app from xperia 1?

    I tried to install the apk file but when I try to open it it crashes. I don't like the Google photos app I prefer the stock Sony one.
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    Thread Official Sony Xperia 1 II cases where to find?

    Does anyone know where i can buy (in the UK) the official Sony cases? I was looking for the one with the windows but no luck :/
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    Thread Are you going to buy the new The Xperia 1 II ?

    I have the Xperia 1 since day one and I love the phone. I was thinking about upgrading to the The Xperia 1 II but the only noticeable changes are the cameras, wireless charging and the headphones jack. The display is the same as far as I know. So do you think I should wait for the 2021 xperia...
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    Thread How to backup apps and update to android 10 since xperia transfer is not working?

    Is there any way to backup apps (i have some that store data on the device and if I wipe the device that data will be lost) and since there is no Xperia transfer mobile like on my xz2 i don't see how I can backup apps and restore them after I update to android 10 manually?
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    Thread Sony fixed the black camera bug with build 52.0.A.8.131

    Stupid me unlocked my bootloader on a lower firmware and was experiencing the black camera bug. I tried to fix it with xperi fix but no luck. So i was on android 8 trying to fix it when randomly decided to flash the newest sofware via EMMA (Sony's own tool for flashing latest firmware) and when...
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    Thread Any way to get the old xperia theme engine back?

    Any way to get the old theme engine back? Where you can skin the buttons, backgrounds etc (just like xz2 and previous devices)
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    Thread Style Cover where to buy?

    Does anyone know where to buy the original style cover (like the one for xz2 and xz3 which when you open the screen turns on and when you close it it turns off). On Sony UK site I can only find the version with the touch panel and I don't like it. Thanks in advance for your help.
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    Thread Get the old homescreen back?

    Anyway to get the old xz2 launcher back? I can't install it as a apk because the package names are the same.
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    Thread I am on latest firmware any guides how to root?

    Hi everyone. I have an XZ2 single sim variant and I am on the latest firmware. I want to root the phone but i can't find a guide on how to do it. I have read that i need to downgrade to a previous firmware and unlock the bootloader so I wont loose the camera but can't find any detailed info on...
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    Thread Remove bloatware applications?

    My phone came pre-installed with Amazon Kindle, Amazon store and other applications I will never use but I saw that I can't uninstall them. I can only disable them and they still take some space.
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    Thread SD card is always corrupted after 6.0 update.

    My SD card is always corrupted. I tried using different SD cards even i bought a brand new SD card and it is still giving me issues . I did a factory reset and still does the same. Anyone else with the same issue?
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    Thread [A510] I need stock system.img

    I need stock system.img in order to flash it via fastboot. I have deleted my recovery and now i have no rom installed so i need these files. Hope someone can uploaded them fast because i am running out of time.
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    Thread Stuck at boot logo no recovery and pc cant revodnise the device

    I have an acer icoina a510 I unlocked the bootloader , installed team win recovery i booted in it then i turned the device of and after that i am stuck on the boot logo . When i try to enter the recovery nothing happens it only vibrates. When i connect it to a pc it says that the device is...
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    Thread Am i the only one who can't download custom roms?

    Every rom for my phone i try to downlaod redirects me to
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    Thread [Porting]2.3 SE x10 apps for x8

    I am porting applications from x10 to our x8 devices and later make a rom for it. For now I have ported 85% of the dialer. Here are some screenshots and apk Here are instructions how to install it: 1.Download Contacts.apk from the attachments 2.Transfer it to your SD Card 3.Using RootExplorer...
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    Thread [Q] how to make Sense x8 call/sms work ?

    how to make Sense x8 call/sms work ? I know racht has allready done it but i don't know how and i have starting porting my own sense... so far i have wifi / camera / pinch to zoom working ( camera is 3 mp but video for some reason is 320x240 i have to see what other devs have done to fix it :)...
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    Thread How can i change CM6 lockscreen?

    How can i change CM6 lockscreen? I mean for example use a CM7 lockscreen ( like the one that slides down and shows time etc )
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    Thread [Q] question about using tv out cable

    Hi does anybody know how to use the tv out cable with screen turned off? Because when i watch videos i don't need the screen on my device only the screen on my tv but when i press the power button so the screen will shut off the connection with the tv goes down. Any ideas ?
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    Thread HTC coolest pic ever... (and others :D )

    What do you think is the coolest phone picture? For me it is this one
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    Thread Maybe skype will be avaliable for WM...

    Maybe skype will be avaliable for Windows Mobile because i found this image on skype's website showing windows mobile and skype... The link is directly from so you don't think I am making this up
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    Thread Change default file explorer folder icon

    Does anyone know how to change the default file explorer folder icon? I know it is in shellres.dll but i can't copy it because it is protected
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    Thread problem with hardspl on my TP2

    Hi i tried opening a ticket in HTC unlocks support but no answer so I will post here: I have the problem most users have: I am using sim unlocked htc. My IMEI is pm me sd card out, sim card out, phone on. attempting to flash. downloaded ,installed windows mobile device center connects. attempt...
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    Thread Change the language on my touch pro 2

    Change the language on my touch pro 2... Today i both my touch pro 2 but it is in Italian language can i change it by installing a new rom? ( i tried installing custom roms but the unlock failed )
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    Thread remote desktop via activesync

    How can i view my windows screen on my pocket pc via activesync ( because i can't get remote desktop via wifi to work ) thanks in advance
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    Thread [QVGA] Locksliders by tonev

    MY SKINS MUST NOT BE POSTED IN WMSKINS GALLERY UNLESS THE DOWNLOAD LINKS POINTS TO THE DEVIANTART PAGE!! Download Download Download Download Download Download Download Download Download Download Download Download Download Download
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    Thread How to port HTC startup animation?

    How can I port the HTC startup animation to other non htc phones?
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    Thread how can i convert flash.dio to FLASH.NBF?

    how can i convert flash.dio to FLASH.NBF? Because i wan't to update my HP Ipaq 614v without SD card or if someone knows how to update it with sdhc card please reply
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    Thread I want to create a cab file...

    HI i want but i don't know how to create a cab file becase i have created some icon themes for windows mobile 6.5 and i whant to put the images in a cab file so it will be easy to install the icons. Anyone know how to do this?
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    Thread Looking for some images... (wm 6.5 )

    First of all for some strange reason all my widgets ( msn weather , msn -money , ets) don't have any graphics at all i don't know how to fix this oh and i am looking for the png file that is used in this version of windows mobile for the start menu wich is used to indicate wich icon you are on now
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    Thread What happened to Smart tool kit?

    What happened to Smart tool kit? Is the project dead? I mean their site is dead. There are no new stuff submited and old stuff is deleted. SMT developers if you need help we at XDA-dev will be happy to help you
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    Thread Mp3 Visuallization?

    Is there a way to have Visuallization when i play mp3 files?
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    Thread Black theme?

    Can someone find me the *.tsk file for this theme in the picture?
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    Thread How to map the start key and button to a program?

    How can i map the start menu key and button on the screen to an application because i want when start is pressed to open my hp shortcuts instead of the start menu. Is it possible?
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    Thread How can i translate windows mobile?

    How can i translate windows mobile? I found that some apps can be translated by editing the *.exe file via restorator and reshacker but other things like settings ets? I found that the getting started stores the strings for the menu in registry and the content in *.html format in the windows...