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    Thread Where to buy the 800 in Italy

    I plan to visit Italy in mid-November (Rome, and a few other places I haven't decided on), so I just thought I might use that trip to get myself an 800. So I would appreciate if our Italian fellow XDAers or people who know could answer a few questions about shopping for phones in Italy. First...
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    Thread Lumia 800 specs mention FLAC and AVI support

    Here. May be just an error though.
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    Thread WP7 availability this year: unfortunate story for many of us

    Now we have some official information about regional availability. In a nutshell, WP7 will support 5 languages (English, French, Italian, German and Spanish), and Marketplace will be available in 17 countries (Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland...
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    Thread Offline installer of April Refresh CTP tools anyone?

    I can't for the life of me figure out why, but the web installer fails here - after I launch the vm_web.exe, it launches the "Loading installation components" and stays there forever at 100%. There was a link for 64 bit version, but apart from the fact that I'm using 32-bit Vista the link was...
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    Thread Good/bad(?) news about video playback

    Here's the official list of supported audio/video formats. It has .avi DivX included out of the box, so we can finally expect hardware accelerated playback without conversion! Xvid, on the other hand, is not listed. Don't really know if it means no xvid (my DVD player doesn't officially...
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    Thread So, how many aspect ratios will WP7S have exactly?

    Windows Phone Thoughts have noticed something that slipped most people's attention: there was an announcement about two resolutions, WVGA and HVGA, supported by WP7S, which makes two aspect ratios. Hardware scaler or not, this is a problem in terms of UI development. So either this is a strange...
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    Thread Modding Notification Manager Window - possible?

    Is it possible to add stuff to the Notification Manager window (the black one that pops up when you tap on the top bar, with reminders etc.)? I'd love to add a ling to a task manager there - that way I could switch between applications without minimizing the active ones.
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    Thread [SOLVED] How to get rid of "Reply All" in Email.

    This HTC's "enhancement" replacing "Reply" with "Reply All" in Outlook Email is driving me nuts... I've already accidentally sent a private message to all addressees twice. In previous HTC devices you needed to disable the "Outlook Enhancement" service (believe it or not, they made a service...
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    Thread Anyone trying to reverse engineer pinch to zoom?

    Has anyone with Remote Spy or something similar, together with some understanding of how Windows programs communicate (and obviously with an HD2) tried to see what happens in the world of window notifications when you tap the screen in two places simultaneously? And whether stuff communicated to...
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    Thread HD2's display indeed covered with glass, and it's very scratch-resistant (video)

    Here you go - if you scroll down to the first video on the page you'll see how they scratch HD2's screen with keys, a knife and scissors - and none of these leave any traces on the screen. Warning: This is not for the faint of heart. Unless you are used to eating babies for breakfast you may be...
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    Thread [APP] InCall Lock - Lock Send/End buttons on incoming call

    InCall Lock will temporarily disable Send (aka Talk, Green) and End (aka Red) hardware buttons when you receive an incoming call in order to prevent accidental call pickups/rejects while you are pulling your device out of your pocket. All other hardware buttons are untouched. After you...
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    Thread Opera Form Fixer: automatic resizer of textareas in Opera Mobile

    Opera Mobile is a fine browser but has one significant drawback: when you type in textareas, they are not resized to fit the screen, which requires manual dragging left and right to type something. Notice how you don't see the "out" part of the word "without" on the screenshot: Here's an...
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    Thread [Q] Do I need specially crafted cabs to install services?

    I'm having problems installing services via cabs. Namely, Notification/Menu enhancements from Topaz, even HTC Task Manager services simply don't start automatically when I make cabs with WinCE Cab Manager. HTC Phonecanvas works, but the phcanOverbmp.dll doesn't load - I get standard WinMo icons...
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    Thread [REQ] Custom internet tab for new Manila 3D (AKA Manila v3)

    Here's the deal: new ROMs have this stupid Push Internet thingie I want to get rid of. The problem with it (beside not really working properly sometimes and being useless) is that it launches Opera on startup, which I find incredibly annoying. So I figured it would be nice to have a custom tab...
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    Thread What are these packages doing exactly?

    HTC App serviceHTCApplicationHTCMessageHTCUtilmHubVOPKG Does anybody know?
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    Thread [Q]Removing packages with Autoshortcut xml configuration files

    I noticed that there are no "normal" configuration tools in the OEM packages, all *.provxml files simply refer to HKLM\SOFTWARE\HTC\AutoShortcut So the question is - how do I remove packages? Deleting/moving them from the OEM folder shouldn't be enough in this case. Some googling pointed me...
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    Thread Onscreen keyboard - change automatically in portrait and landscape

    I love the stock ezinput keyboard on my HD, but only in portrait mode. In lanscape, it's rather awkward to use - buttons are too small, I don't see what I type etc. Spb Keyboard is much better. So would it be possible to make the Spb keyboard the one for landscape, and ezinput for portrait...
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    Thread Audio Booster for bluetooth A2DP

    I'm trying to stream audio via A2DP using the standard TF3D audio manager tab, which works fine except that Audio Booster doesn't work. When I try to enable it, a warning pops up saying that a headset isn't connected. This can be worked around by a registry tweak (or via HD Tweak) until a soft...
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    Thread Is a focus-free camera possible?

    My pet peeve on HD is the camera auto focus. It's nothing to write home about, but OK for a phone, to my taste. The major problem with it is the autofocus which takes forever to work. Since it's difficult (for me) to hold the device steadily for such a long time, my guess is that a "focus free"...
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    Thread Checking mail in standby doesn't work

    As the topic title suggests, I'm having problems checking mail with poutlook while in standby. The "Check every..." option doesn't work, and when I hit "Send/Receive" and then press Power to enter Standby mode it stays in the same state when I power on the device later. Does anyone else...