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  1. tsalta

    Thread Anyone Willing to Help a Newbie Pixel User.

    Hello guys is there anyone willing to help me out? Im long term HTC user in the past 15 Plus years i was flshing whatever i want and im familiar with this but i switched to Pixel 2 and i want to clear for myself few things prior before to brick it. I also read this guide...
  2. tsalta

    Thread Pixel 2 need help new user here.

    Hello guys a new Pixel 2 User here and i have few question im coming from an HTC. So here is litle different for example i have Pixel 2 Stock Network Unlocked 64gb version. Do i have to Unlock the Bootloader? Flash a TWRP and Magis? what i need is well i need Magisk because for the root and...
  3. tsalta

    Thread Honest Question HTC 11 worth it?

    Hello folks just want your honest opinion assuming some of you had in the past HTC 10 As a big HTC fan i still run my 10 and i love it. but if i upgrade a litle will probably have Android PIE with Sense officialy and well better working Gcam port. I have an offer to get a HTC U11 128 6ram...
  4. tsalta

    Thread Its HTC dead? OR

    As a Big Fan of HTC since the begining of SmartPhones i just was planing to Upgrade my M10 and get a brand new U12+ and what to see the U11/+ and the 12+ Subforums are like empty No development its like no one has that device?! My question is whats going on with that Device?
  5. tsalta

    Thread Guys anyone still running HTC 10? Daily

    Hello guys im litle nostalgic and i do not wana change my HTC 10 im HTC user from the very begining with HD diamond HD HD2 and so on now im with HTC 10 from long time i dont upgrade to any new HTC device because of the Unibody change i hate this glass stuffs and right now my HTC 10 is still good...
  6. tsalta

    Thread Gcam for HTC 10 Development (Optimization)

    UPDATE 2019 Decide to update the thread with 2019 latest INFO and builds so far for HTC 10 Nougat and Oreo, however all builds that are for Nougat work properly on OREO as well. There are plenty more builds from different developers that i know the purpose of this threat is to post MOST...
  7. tsalta

    Thread Magisk Module HELP - Please

    Hello guys im trying from long time to understand why Gcam no matter from the version the slow motion never worked on HTC 10 and i think is related to the media_profiles.xml because we miss some important lines in order the Slow Motion to work properly. Anyway sometimes when the things go wrong...
  8. tsalta

    Thread HydroGel Protectors

    I have a question since i cant find a Hydrogel protectors for HTC 10 i saw on a friend on his Samsung S8 a Hydrogel protector for the screen that covers the full screen and its amazing on touch and super slick, no need glass or any other kind of case. But there is not hydrogel for HTC 10 so my...
  9. tsalta

    Thread Info about new HTC 10 Please

    Hello guys im a big fan of HTC using them from the last 15 years. I moved yesterday from my belowed M8 to HTC 10 because i get a"Brand New"" Mint condition never used HTC 10 for exactly 200 USD and i saw its a super Offer for this Carbon Black device no single scratch still sealed I cheked...
  10. tsalta

    Thread Dead HTC 10 ?!

    Hello Guys, im new to 10 forum but in the past 12 years i used only HTC devices so im planing to leave my m8 and jump to 10 My question is this: I have a offer for a HTC 10 in brilliant cosmetic condition no sratches no even single sratch on the panel perfect as brand new condition never been...
  11. tsalta

    Thread [REQUEST] M8 Sick Camera - Bring Back the M8 Beast

    Hello guys befor years there was a MOD actually a MODED Sense Camera for M8 made by this guy I don`t know the reason why and what exactly heppand why he get banned from here but his MOD was SICK. The m8 Camera have alot more potential...
  12. tsalta

    Thread HTC M8 The Legend and how to Upgrade!

    Hello guys i decide to open this new thread to ask a few question to clear this out for myself since it last before long time i almost forgot everything. I bought my m8 imideately after the release and till now NO other device grab my attention in design hardware Sound and etc. So after years...
  13. tsalta

    Thread (S-OFF) M8

    Hello Guys i have a stupid and simple question i use my HTC m8 from the very beggining when was realeased and of course the 1st think i ever do was to S OFF unlock the Bootloader and ROOT it. Now i want to buy another M8 and i read the only way to S off it is Sunshine Payd services... but as...
  14. tsalta

    Thread (FIX) Battery Die Suddenly.

    Hello Guys like me many of you have same problem with battery life, since i updete to MM my Battery start to droping very fast and suddenly die sometimes at 20% sometimes at 30% sometimes at lower %. Something doing this we have lost all settings and after we boot the device again have to set...
  15. tsalta

    Thread LATEST - Transparent Clock Widget

    Looks Fantastic Download :
  16. tsalta

    Thread [Collection] Ringtones + Wallpapers by ME

    Hello guys i decide again to share my own collection of Awesome Ringtones and Wallpapers. Im sure that everyone will find the best Ring or Wall in that collection i have this Ringtones from years and collected them one by one also the same for the wallpapers they are really Hight Defitinition...
  17. tsalta

    Thread Creating APKs

    Hello Guys its seems big mess to setting up the things. Im Install this or that and etc and the things just don`t work sometimes like we expect they to work. For example im Theme Designer and i never did APK files before. NOW i want to create a Zooper Clock Widget just for start i already...
  18. tsalta

    Thread Strange Touch Problem

    Hello Guys i have a question if someone expirience the same problem with M7 I did flash the latest Firmware to my brother M7 and ARHD 83.1 all CLEAN flash with Wipes etc. The problem is that the Area exactly on the TOP Statusbar is not responding on touches and doesn`t work at all. 1st i was...
  19. tsalta

    Thread SuperB Cases for HTC M8

    Hello guys im looking for case like this see the picture below. I had many different colours of them and use them on my M7 and have to tell you even they are Chine replica they are sooooo great and protect the whole device body also have perfect grip. Now the original cases and mostly all...
  20. tsalta

    Thread What i found a CLASSIC

    This is a CLASSIC XDA phone made from HTC for O2 I think is from 2006 and is still working.
  21. tsalta

    Thread [IDEA] HTC Temperature Sensor

    Hello guys i was wondering do our HTC ONE have a temperature Sensor built in, what i mean by that is a sensor that is able to detect the temperature outside like if u are at home in your room etc. The reason to ask you is because before few days when i was outside i was trying to make a picture...
  22. tsalta

    Thread Sense Keyboard Modification/Advice

    Hello guys since i do like the Sense UI and im using Sense Keyboard all the time, i want to ask you for advice from where to start...its seems like nobody will.create such mod because you dont need it but the only one thing that drive me crazy everyday using my ONE is the SENSE KEYBOARD. In the...
  23. tsalta

    Thread [REQUEST] BlinkFeed Editing.

    Hello guys, i have a question since i love BlinkFeed and im using it everyday for me this is really cool future, the downside for me is only that my Country its missing from the BlinkFeed and thats mean i cannot read local news and etc, my wish was HTC to make the BF more costumizable and to add...
  24. tsalta

    Thread HTC One in Gold or Platinium

    HTC have made two new versions of the One with Gold or Platinium plated Its on the market for 2,900 USD Sent from my HTC One using xda premium
  25. tsalta

    Thread (Q) Watch Live TV on your Android

    So many years of Android and no a single TV player that works I have a question how to watch live streams RTMP or other sources directly on my Android Im with 4.2 Android using HTC ONE what player i need to load live streams Thanks in advance
  26. tsalta

    Thread Wildfire S with 64GB Micro SD Class 10

    Hello guys im planing to buy new Micro SD card for my Wildfire S So im planing to get a SanDisk Ultra Micro SD SDXC 64GB Class 10 And my question is do there will have problem? i mean do the Wildfire can work perfect with this card. For some can sound funny this litle phone with the latest...
  27. tsalta

    Thread How to Remap Sense Launcher App Drawer Button ?! Help

    Hello Guys i have one questions and searching and searching didint find anything so im using GB with sense 2.1 in my Wildfire S so i do not use any diferent louncher because i like the way it is now the Sense But i only do not like the drawer i already found drawers that i like and are more fast...
  28. tsalta

    Thread (Request) Awesome Smart Keyboard Skin - Please help

    Hello guys, im opening this thread because i already write to the developers of the skin befor long time like few months and its seems that nobody have interest to mode them for MDPI devices etc Im using Wildfire S and the skins that i wana use with Smart Keyboard do not work for me and for many...
  29. tsalta

    Thread Looking for Android Developer for Simple Workout App.

    Hello guys im Master Teacher of Fitness & Nutrition and Biomechanical analys of the human body. What im looking for is for someone who can develope Android APPs for the Market. The Application will be very simple will work offline just will have all writen the tricks how to get killer body not...
  30. tsalta

    Thread Rom request !!! Sense 4 ics

    Hello guys, im thinking why there still do not have a fully working ICS ROM for Wildfire S or any Fully working SENSE 4 ROM ... befor long time was sayed out that our processor and device cant handle it for this reason there is not Update for us officialy not SENSE 4 or Not ICS but Now i see a...
  31. tsalta

    Thread Bootanimation ODEX?

    I FIX IT
  32. tsalta

    Thread HTC ONE X vs. Galaxy S III

    Well i know Galaxy S III is still not released but what i want is for opinion i want to change my device and of course to get the best one avalible on the market What i mean is the best of the best At the begining i say its easy i will buy HTC one X and is already on the market but im...
  33. tsalta

    Thread RECOMEND a Micro SD Class 10

    I want some of you who already have Micro SD class 10 or at least have some expirience to recomend me what is the best i can get I saw some Samsung Class 10 Micro SD card 8 and 16 GB im wondering betwen 8 and 16 i dont need 32 lol But what im asking is .... for opinion what brand you will...
  34. tsalta

    Thread Backup/Restore Flashing Question!!! Thanks

    Hello guys, i have a litle noob question but because it is not clear for me i wana ask you to know what to do. So im with stock ROM now and i want to try some of the Custom one but what bodering me is i don`t want to install all the apps again setup the whole device and etc Now is already set...
  35. tsalta

    Thread Someone with the Latest Stock ROM? LockRing Screen

    Hello i need some help. Im with the latest Stock ROM Europe and im S OFF and Rotet whats heppand is i install under recovery mode this : One Ring and this totaly messed up my Lock screen the bad thing is that i dont have backup so now...
  36. tsalta

    Thread Recovery Mode ?!?

    Hello guys im very new to Android and i want to ask something. Maybe its a noob question but what i did it. I S Off my Wildfire S and i Permanently ROOT it this is all i done till now. I never put some recovery things etc. So today i saw something that i want to install on my device but i...
  37. tsalta

    Thread Serious help needed please!!!

    Hello i have need from someone who want to make me a favor and help me. Im ex Blackstone user and i move to Android. I did some updates etc and i lost all my contacts from the SIM card and everything. THe good news is that i still have on my PC a PIMbackup.pib file but its made like binary...
  38. tsalta

    Thread Windows Mobile Device Emulator !!! PLEASE HELP

    Hello guys, im looking for someone who can help me really. I need someone who have already installed Windows Mobile Device Emulator and know how to work with it.. Because i try several hours and i cannot set up and understand it. Here is the problem. I change my device with Android one.. and...
  39. tsalta

    Thread HTC Officialy S OFF Wildfire S

    Hello maybe you already know this. So befor few minutes i S Off my phone via the HTC dev website now when i go to Hbot is writen UNLOCKED And under this is writen Ship as S-on So now im trying to ROT the device but when i put the zip file in the SD card and fallow the procedure giving me CID...
  40. tsalta

    Thread OMG I get my WFS.. and...problems start. Answering call trought SPEAKER

    Yesterday i got one Wildfire S brand new and what i saw today is.. that everytme i recive incoming call and i answer the 1st second the phone use the SPEAKERS and after some time like 1-2 seconds switch automaticly to the earspeaker or i do it by myself.. but this is redicilous problem and i...
  41. tsalta

    Thread Wildfire S worth the Money ?!

    Hello Wildfire S users i have simple question!!! Ive Own Blackstone and now i decide to move to Android platform but im tired of spending alot of money for a device and im thinking to spend this time smart my money so befor years i buy the Blackstone for around 650 Euro i will not do this...
  42. tsalta

    Thread Unlock Nokia 7230?

    Hello guys, i have a question i already search about that in google but its seems that all the sites who provide codes its payd service and some of them ask for 30 35 Euro i think is redicilous. The situation is like this, one Girl friend of mine have a Nokia 7230 Locket by the Provider to work...
  43. tsalta

    Thread Desire Wallpaper for your Desktop PC

    Desire Wallpaper for your Desktop PC, its look cool and will match your Android or WM device :P Just Try it out its 1680 x 932 HQ
  44. tsalta

    Thread Blackstone Battery Problem %%%

    Hello guys i havae some problem with my Blackstone i use it from 2.5 years and i never had problem like this so.. Now when i recharging my device always stay on same % for example even for 1 hour its show always 20% or 50% or anything depends when i put it on the charger.. After restart can...
  45. tsalta

    Thread Skype for Windows Mobile IDEA

    Hello guys, so all you know that Skype just stoped the WinMo version with is very very bad But i wonder few things.. so for example i have few versions of Skype and none of them work on my Touch HD they just don`t want to conect anymore. But on the same time using 3rd party software like IM + or...
  46. tsalta

    Thread Start Menu Folders - Icons :)

    Hello guys i was not able to find with the Search some good Start Menu Folders icons i mean custom made Game Folder, GPS folder, Tools and etc etc please let me know where i can find them Thank you
  47. tsalta

    Thread USB Drivers - Please Help

    Hello i need some help Im using Windows 7 64 bit.. and befor all was fine now from some time i see there have some problem and i cant understand why... I have Blackstone and when i do Disc Drive mode for "Faster" Transfer is very very slow LOL.. at 1st i was thinking that my SD card is the...
  48. tsalta

    Thread Warranty from HTC Real Or Fake?!

    Hello guys.. i decide to open this Thread we to discusse something very important for us.. and not only for the Blackstone Users for all Users of HTC and why not the other Brands too. So here is what i wana share what heppand and what im planing to do. I bought my Blackstone befor 23 Mounths...
  49. tsalta

    Thread Urgent Help PLEASE!!! Blackstone Digitizer DIE

    Hello i decide to post here because i dont know right now do is a ROM related problem or no and on the same time here will see it more peoples and hope someon to know what is this. Yesterday something strange heppand with my Blackstone, without to do anything i just decide to see the time and...
  50. tsalta

    Thread [WVGA] Inesoft Phone Dialer Skins - NEW!!!

    Inesoft Phone 7 Carbon Dialer Skin for WVGA devices. 3 Versions with the Default CALL and SMS icons and with CUSTOM Icons and some Titanium Carbo look. To use this Skin simple copy and replace the atached DialerResVga.dll file into ProgramFiles/Inesoft Phone. And SOFT RESET your device...