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  1. Snowers96

    Thread Latests BL updates block the posibility to relock bootloader!

    As the title says, on olders version i flash Stock ROM and can easily relock the bootloader, but now, OEM Unlock option on Developers Settings cannot be disabled. I flashed some Stock ROMs from few countries and the result is the same, cannot disable the OEM Unlock option. If you know a fix for...
  2. Snowers96

    Thread [APP][ROOT]Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point Preview 16.0.3601.1010 on Moto G!

    Microsoft Word, Excel & PowerPoint Preview 16.0.3601.1010 Hi people! Searching for the newest app of Word, Excel and PowerPoint, I find that it needed a 7 inch screen, but following the instructions of this post: I can say that this app...
  3. Snowers96

    Thread Moto G GPE and HDR

    Hi people! Is there a method to enable the HDR function on GPE firmware? Because I haven't this option :(
  4. Snowers96

    Thread Poor multitouch CM10.1

    Someone experence the poor multitouch on CM10.1? It´s like the v10x ICS Stock ROMS!!! Is there an fix for that? Thanks in advance :D
  5. Snowers96

    Thread To all devs: Make P768 camera working in CM10.1

    People, the P768 users want CM10.1 runnings in theirs phones and me too. But it has a very big problem, the camera dont working because the P768 have 8 mpx cam and P760, 5 mpx. I'm offer to test any experiment of a Dev for this cause :) Edit: Camera working!!!!!! -->...
  6. Snowers96

    Thread BIG PROBLEM: P778g don´t boot

    Well people, i have and P778g and i try to root uncusefull v20A Personal Argentina, and the phone don´t pass the LG logo. I cant acces to the Bootloader (SW Update) whit the combination of butons but i can enter to the Recovery Mode of LG (Not the CWM) and i can enter to fastboot (I have a...
  7. Snowers96

    Thread Solved:BIG PROBLEM: P778g Imposible to unlock Bootloader?

    Hi people!! I have a BIG PROBLEM, because i live in Argentina, and my L9 it´s called P778g, and have the same specs than the P768, BUT the ROMs of the last don´t work on P778g for nobody in my country (I´m from an hispano parlant forum) and also don´t works the ROMs of P760/P765. Someone can...
  8. Snowers96

    Thread Unlock Bootloader on P778g

    People, please help, i have a problem when i trying to unlock my bootloader, because when i trying to doing this: "1) Flashed V10A_00 Europe Open with offline flashing method, then did a factory reset. 2) Flashed V20B_00 Europe Open with offline flashing method. 3) Left the phone connected in...
  9. Snowers96

    Thread L7- Problem with Facebook Messenger Call

    Hi people!! I´m Argentinan and i have a P705g with the last Nightly of CM10. Well, the problem is, when i call to someone with the app called Facebook Messenger, i can hear the people, with the other people cant hear me :/ Anyone know how to fix this? From already thank you! :)