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  1. acejavelin

    Thread Android Auto issues

    So my son and I recently moved to Pixel 4a's... Him from a Nokia 6.1 and me from a Pixel 3A XL (screen cracked, otherwise would have stayed with it for a while)... And we both have used Android Auto for years with no major issues, so we are pretty familiar with it. He has a launch model and mine...
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    Thread Android 11 Upgrade available OTA

    Android 11 full release upgrade is available OTA now... downloading as I type this, just check for updates in Settings - System.
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    Thread Why are there not more ROM's?

    Serious question, and not one to knock any developer or anyone else, and I am not complaining... But why don't we have more custom ROM's for this device? I have owned lots of Nexus/Pixel devices in the past, and within a few months of release there were dozens of ROM's available for the device...
  4. acejavelin

    Thread Android 10 Share to Clipboard

    So for the most part I like Android 10. I've gotten used to some things, and found work arounds to others. But one really annoying thing is they removed the "Share to Clipboard" option which I used all the time, and the work around is to share to Gmail or some other text editor type app, then...
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    Thread Twisting of the device

    Anybody else getting their device twisted? I have noticed several times now my phone isn't sitting flat on the table, I pick it up and look at it and its obviously twisted just a tiny bit so that two opposite corners are touching the table and I can rock it back it forth slightly... I can easily...
  6. acejavelin

    Thread Where the heck do Google Search downloads go?

    If do a search and find a picture I want, then long-press it, and click "Download image", it downloads successfully but I can't find it anywhere with Solid Explorer or Google Photo. That said, if I go to the "Files" application it is right there when I open the application and the info bar at...
  7. acejavelin

    Thread Login to Guest Network keeps failing

    Trying to log into a small business Guest WiFi on a Linksys router, keep getting a message that CaptivePortalLogin keeps stopping... Anything I can do? Bone stock on latest June firmware.
  8. acejavelin

    Thread Dragontail glass?!?! Do I need a tempered glass screen protector?

    So Google chose to go with Dragontail Glass rather than Gorilla Glass... How is it standing up? Is it worth it to get a tempered glass screen protector with it? And which Dragontail Glass is it, regular, X or Pro? I haven't used a screen protector in years, mostly carry it in my shirt pocket...
  9. acejavelin

    Thread Ringke Fusion released for Pixel 3a XL

    Just ordered a Pixel 3a XL... so rejoining the Nexus/Pixel world for the first time in several years. :) Ringke Fusion has always been my "go to" case for phones for years, I see they just released one for the 3a XL so I ordered one... Both should be here next week...
  10. acejavelin

    Thread Frustrated with my P20

    I have had my P20 for about three month now... and it's OK but the Huawei "enhancements" and some other things are very frustrating. 1) Almost none of my "background" stuff works... Meaning things like Google Photo backup, SMS Backup & Restore scheduled backups, and other scheduled services...
  11. acejavelin

    Thread Stop apps from using "Gallery"

    So I have mostly moved away from EMUI, as much as I can anyway, got way to used to Moto/Nokia devices with pure Android... Using Nova Launcher Prime, Google Photo, Google Calendar, Google Calculator, etc. and even though I have set defaults to these apps, like the default Gallery App to Photo in...
  12. acejavelin

    Thread Aggressive memory management?

    Sorry if this has been discussed before, I am new to the P20. Does Huawei use some pretty aggressive memory management, or is it just me or setup? I typically have about 1.3 to 1.5GB free RAM, but when I switch tasks with the application switcher it seems like a lot of applications have to cold...
  13. acejavelin

    Thread How has your G5+ been holding up over time?

    I bought my G5+ in August of 2017, so ~19 months ago... And up until a couple weeks ago, it has been working flawlessly. Lately it will just stop letting me into the device, meaning I can't unblank the screen with the power button or fingerprint sensor. It isn't locked up, things still work and...
  14. acejavelin

    Thread Official OEM Battery replacement kit! Yup, authorized by Motorola!

    Well, few things in this world surprise me anymore, but the sudden announcement by well known self-repair supply house "iFixit" that they have partnered with Motorola to make officially licensed repair kits, with OEM Motorola parts, really took me by surprise. What took me by surprise even...
  15. acejavelin

    Thread Unlock bootloader with code from website

    I am going to preface this by saying I am NOT affiliated with this site, and I am not spamming for them... My son has a Nokia 6.1 (2018) US retail model, and in looking for ways to unlock the bootloader I ran across this:
  16. acejavelin

    Thread Why does my media volume keep going on mute?

    Several months ago I purchased a car with bluetooth and Android Auto, never had either before, which may or may not actual be related., but it seems like since them I have had my media volume muted all the time. Every time I go to play a Youtube video or play or stream a song in an app, my...
  17. acejavelin

    Thread Trouble with Google Goggles

    Anybody else have issues with the Google Goggles app on the G5+? I can install it fine, but it usually takes 2-5 times to launch it successfully, and when it does come up I can't actually "snap" a picture. Everything seems to work, but when I press the shutter/camera button it doesn't do...
  18. acejavelin

    Thread New Moto X Pure update - NHP25.201.1 - Anybody seeing it?

    Thanks to user NinjaBoyLao for the heads up... seems a new update is appearing on Moto X Pure, anybody else seeing it? Screenshot attached. EDIT: A see a few MXPE users in this thread have seen an update today as well.
  19. acejavelin

    Thread [XT1575][FIRMWARE][OFFICIAL] Moto X Pure Factory Firmware Nougat NPH25.200-22

    I take no credit for this, thank the Motorola-Firmware-Team on Android File Host, and you can follow any leaked firmware on their Twitter feed. I no longer have a Moto X Pure Edition, so I can't personally vouch for this firmware, but it seems like it is a totally legit full factory firmware...
  20. acejavelin

    Thread Class Action Lawsuit against Motorola reaches settlement

    If you have ever filed a warranty claim with Motorola, between November 1, 2012, until August 14, 2017, please review the information in the following link:
  21. acejavelin

    Thread [OFFICIAL] Moto X Pure/Style is NOT getting Android Oreo update from Moto

    Yeah, I know... we figured that already, but the official list is out... Interesting that the G4/G4+ are missing from the list as well, many people thought it would get it. Glad I dumped my MXPE, just sold it yesterday for $180.
  22. acejavelin

    Thread No Clear All in recents

    Just picked up a G5 Plus today... I thought Nougat was supposed to have a Clear All button in recent apps screen but I'm not seeing it. Didn't Moto implement that?
  23. acejavelin

    Thread Happy 2nd Birthday to the Moto G 2015... now what?

    Well, it seems we have passed the cellular industry's magical 2 year mark and moved into year 3 of it's life, seeing as it was first released into the market July 28, 2015, with rave reviews and high hopes of Marshmallow and the then unknown "Android 7"... And the device has held up well and...
  24. acejavelin

    Thread Chinese battery cases

    Anybody try any of the ~$15 battery cases on eBay from China? About 10 listings pop-up without trying, but all seem to be the same, from the description anyway... Just seems like for the money if it even extends battery life 50% it is a bargain...
  25. acejavelin

    Thread April Security Update

    Just switched on my Moto G 2015 (US Retail, XT1540 2GB) for the first time in a week or two and got an update notification... April 1 2017 security update, Build Number MPIS24.65-25.1-19 and System Version 24.221.19.osprey_retus_2gb.retus.en.US.retus Is this news to people, or am I just way...
  26. acejavelin

    Thread Retrieve data from unreadable adopted storage card

    I am not the author of this, it is from but it has some great info I thought I would share... My thanks to the author. About a month ago the Moto G (3rdGen) of my wife was not able to recognize the SD-card 32GB Trancend premium 400x (which was...
  27. acejavelin

    Thread Decent screen protector that is NOT tempered glass, or just go naked?

    I think we have beat the tempered glass subject to death here... I removed my half-peeled off Tantek tempered glass protector and tried to apply a new one, didn't go so well, this one kept lifting right below the bottom speaker and I tried a little heat from a hair dryer (from a YT video) and it...
  28. acejavelin

    Thread Looking for most basic, plain stable ROM available

    I have a special application for Nexus 5 devices, it will be a single use, single app device... it needs nothing but basic Android and WiFi access (not even mobile network, but that is not really important). It will have one app only that replaces the launcher as well, and no gapps or any thing...
  29. acejavelin

    Thread Realistic options for a replacement to the Moto X Pure

    So I am getting sick of the battery life of this device and charging twice a day just to get by... the QC helps but it isn't always a viable option for someone who is on the road/travels a lot. I am probably going to go back to my Moto G 2015 for the time being as I could get a full days use...
  30. acejavelin

    Thread LTE "band hopping" problem

    I've had this problem for a while... Where people can't call me, they get 2 rings then voicemail but my phone never rings, texts seem to work fine, and data is laggy. Investigating it with LTE Discovery came up with something weird... My phone "hops" LTE bands constantly between bands 4, 17...
  31. acejavelin

    Thread SIP Softphone not working

    I have to admit I am a bit out of element here (with Samsung devices), but I am kind of at a loss on where to go for help with this so I thought I would throw this out there... I have a customer that uses a proprietary app that includes an industry standard SIP softphone client, we have...
  32. acejavelin

    Thread update rolling out - version B21

    Release note highlights, update package varies based on current release (all devices moving to B21) B12-B21 Release: Support T-Mobile HD Voice call (VoLTE) Google security patches updated through December New APN added to match all major North American carriers Google Applications updated...
  33. acejavelin

    Thread Anybody actually seen the July or October 2016 security updates?!?!

    July 2016 security update - October 2016 security update - Has ANYONE...
  34. acejavelin

    Thread $199 Axon 7 Mini (Gold only) at Best Buy Pretty nice phone, my son has been using one for about a month now... loves it.
  35. acejavelin

    Thread Tempered Glass screen protectors

    Any recommendations for tempered glass screen protectors for the A7M? All the ones on Amazon have poor reviews, but even the reviews are questionable. lol
  36. acejavelin

    Thread New Axon 7 Mini (US)... 5Ghz WiFi?

    I thought the Axon 7 Mini supported 5Ghz WiFi, am I wrong??? It isn't seeing my 5Ghz network on my Asus RT-AC68 router, I know it works, my Moto X Pure connects fine. Just downloading updates now, maybe it just needs a little kick in the butt. So far I am really liking this little phone, and...
  37. acejavelin

    Thread [GUIDE] [clark] How to root Pure/Style on Marshmallow or correct a bad root attempt

    It seems no matter how much this topic gets discussed, people still use old methods and they either fail, or they break something like WiFi, Mobile Data, infinite bootloop, or getting stuck on the boot logo... THIS DOESN'T HAVE TO HAPPEN and it IS repairable, usually without reflashing the...
  38. acejavelin

    Thread [GUIDE] [XT1575] Return to stock and relock bootloader

    *** This process can relock your bootloader if you chose, but it does NOT restore your warranty in any way, so don't ask *** Be aware you do NOT have to lock the bootloader, have Status Code of 0, or have it show "Official" status to successfully accept and apply an OTA update, it will happily...
  39. acejavelin

    Thread Custom ROMs... Are they still worth it?

    I have been a flashaholic for some time, probably the Eclair days, but I really question if it's worth it now days. Most Lollipop and newer ROMs, except for Nexus devices, seem to have some kind of issues... If not immediately, then over time. While at the same time factory ROMs get better...
  40. acejavelin

    Thread [PETITION] Calling all Moto owners

    Please sign our petition requesting Moto to provide the Android N update to the Moto G 2015 and Moto G Turbo. You may be wondering why I am asking other Moto owners to support the G3 and Turbo by signing...
  41. acejavelin

    Thread [PETITION] Calling all Moto owners

    Please sign our petition requesting Moto to provide the Android N update to the Moto G 2015 and Moto G Turbo. You may be wondering why I am asking other Moto owners to support the G3 and Turbo by signing...
  42. acejavelin

    Thread [PETITION] Calling all Moto owners

    Please sign our petition requesting Moto to provide the Android N update to the Moto G 2015 and Moto G Turbo. You may be wondering why I am asking other Moto owners to support the G3 and Turbo by signing...
  43. acejavelin

    Thread [PETITION] Calling all Moto owners

    Please sign our petition requesting Moto to provide the Android N update to the Moto G 2015 and Moto G Turbo. You may be wondering why I am asking other Moto owners to support the G3 and Turbo by signing...
  44. acejavelin

    Thread [PETITION] Calling all Moto owners

    Please sign our petition requesting Moto to provide the Android N update to the Moto G 2015 and Moto G Turbo. You may be wondering why I am asking other Moto owners to support the G3 and Turbo by signing...
  45. acejavelin

    Thread [PETITION] Calling all Moto owners

    Please sign our petition requesting Moto to provide the Android N update to the Moto G 2015 and Moto G Turbo. You may be wondering why I am asking other Moto owners to support the G3 and Turbo by signing...
  46. acejavelin

    Thread [OFFICIAL] Moto G 2015 & Turbo not getting Nougat from Moto

    Some official news from Moto today, not good for us... from Moto's Official Blog Moto G 2015 and Moto G Turbo are noticeably missing from the list... as well as all E models. A real let down. Good thing we have great developers already working it for us.
  47. acejavelin

    Thread ROMs for Pure/Style that are not supported on XDA

    I have been starting to compile a list of ROMs that are not found on XDA for the clark (Pure/Style)... Note that due to some of the authors preference, there are no threads here, so out of respect this is just a pointer, not a discussion or support area for these ROMs, please use their official...
  48. acejavelin

    Thread Best Buy has 32GB Moto X Pure for $249.99 (NEW) again

    Pretty sweet deal! Not just for Best Buy Rewards Elite Members this time, $249.99... several stores I checked have it in stock (Minneapolis/St Paul area).
  49. acejavelin

    Thread Samsung EVO+ 64GB UHS1 Card for $14.99 free shipping Just thought I would pass it along... Good through Sept 20
  50. acejavelin

    Thread Help with newly aquired Thinkpad (I have no idea what I have)

    So at work we had this extra old tablet no one wanted, and I was told I could have it... I tried to look for a FAQ or All-in-1 guide but it appears to have been deleted by the OP. Problem is I don't even know what I have... Is it a K1 or Yoga or what? I am no slouch in the Android area, but...