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  1. ManikandanGuru

    Thread Magisk Root without TWRP for OnePlus 6 Oxygen OS Android 10 Open Beta 5 | OOS 10.3.1

    Latest TWRP doesn't support Android Pie 9.0 for OnePlus 6, or at least for me it didn't. So, I've made a Magisk patched boot image for Android P that we can flash it in fastboot bootloader. Note: This is not Oxygen OS ROM, this is just a patched boot img for Oxygen OS to make root work. You...
  2. ManikandanGuru

    Thread Restore apps from a nandroid backup using Titanium Backup

    I am trying to restore all of my apps from my Nandroid backup. The thing is after analyzing TWRP backup it is showing all the apps that needs to extract. 1. There is no smiley on the right side of the app list, Smiley indicates the app is already installed. 2. Select missing apps does nothing...
  3. ManikandanGuru

    Thread Slight shock or buzzing effect on OnePlus 5 while charging

    Hi, I have this buzz effect like slight shock in the back side of the phone while it is charging. Devices like OP3 and OP3T is also metal and I was using the same socket and same charger, there is no shock in those devices. It seems like only OP5 has some problem inside. God, after that wibbly...
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    Thread Replacement earbud tip for OnePlus Bullets V2

    Hello, I lost the earbud tip of my OnePlus Bullets V2 headphone. It came with two replacement tips with size variant (small, medium, large) Only medium fits in my ear. I couldn't use it now. :( I couldn't find anywhere about this. So, I need help to get the replacement earbud tips. I am from...
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    Thread Post your color profiles for ElementalX OnePlus 3

    I have installed ElementalX CM for OnePlus 3. But I don't find any color profiles in the EX Kenel app. How to import the color profiles? If anyone have the perfect color profiles for OnePlus 3 please share the profile here. Thanks.
  6. ManikandanGuru

    Thread VPN not working on the latest April security update

    Hi fellow xda mates, I have updated the 6P with April updates. But any of the VPN services are not working Whenever I start the service it shows unfortunately, vpndialogs.apk has stopped working. I tried every possible way to fix this but nothing worked. Like wipe cache and dalvik, clean...
  7. ManikandanGuru

    Thread Nexus 6P April 2016 security update TWRP flashable zip

    Hello all, Does anyone know how to update the 6P to the latest April 2016 security patch with TWRP? Can I flash with the nexus factory image from google server? Thanks.
  8. ManikandanGuru

    Thread How to recover a hard bricked Nexus 6

    I flashed Android N Preview as a secondary ROM using MultiROM, everything worked perfectly, no issues what so ever. After a day when I was listening to music using Spotify the phone suddenly switched of abruptly with battery over 90% Since then I couldn't able to switch on the phone again. No...
  9. ManikandanGuru

    Thread [Q] How to root ZTE N790 (MTS Duet)?

    Hi xda mates I am new to this community. I am desperately wanted to know how to root my ZTE N790 Phone. because I am running out of space in internal memory It won't let me to install app even I selected SD card and 1 GB left in SD card. Please Someone help me with this. If I am posted in wrong...