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    Thread Bios Boot Animation For Acro S

    Bios Boot Animation for the Acro S Install: Download save to System/media rename to bootanimation reboot done Please hit thanks if you use this! :)
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    Thread Bios Boot Animation For Ion "UPDATED 11-2-12"

    Made a updated bios boot animation for the Ion Download save to system/media rename to Hit thanks if you use please use how or with anything you like no need to ask permission to use with roms or updates "for developers" Updated 11-2-2012 Link...
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    Thread [BOOT ANIMATION] Skyrocket Bios boot animation Updated 8/20/12 ICS and JB

    This is an updated version of the bios boot animation. Its updated to show the Skyrocket hardware. Their are now two versions. one for ICS and one for JB Download, Rename to and place in system/media folder. if custom boot animations ar not working for you. it may be because...
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    Thread Mouse and keyboard are different in ICS

    Hey was trying out leaked ICS and every thing was cool. Except not so much the keyboard. But the mouse doesn't work like it did with GB. The mouse no longer right clicks to back out. And wheel doesn't seem to work any more. Any one else having this problem? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I727 using...
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    Thread Bluetooth mini keyboard mouse combo!

    Hey just wanted to share that are skyrockets can use BLuetooth mice and keyboards. they pair and connect and works great, i run a streaming server from home and take my phone with me everywhere. i like to listen to my music, tv shows, and movies and its awesome streaming them through my...
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    Thread Help making Settings.apk, Phone.apk, and Contacts.apk to have transparent background

    Hi thanks for your time. i am currently building a theme for the skyrocket and am not able to get the Settings.apk to take on the transparent background. or i am modifing the wrong images :P not sure if i need to make some changes in .xml or anything else. any help would be appreciated thanks...
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    Thread [Theme] Alien Rom Transparent theme V1-2 OUT 3/14/12

    I didnt see any themes really for Alien rom.. Personaly like haveing transperent everything :) this is not a complete theme but is working... Still under development by me :) Pics are of V1-2 V1-1 modified drop down boxes and made colores uniformed also added more icnons and colors to more...
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    Thread Transparent theme for wolfbreaks V7beta3

    Just askin if someonef could do the same transparent theme as wolf's V6? Would be much appreciated. Thanks :-P EDITED: ok so i took the initiative to create a flash-able zip for transparency theme with power controls Not trancperant is semcgallory3d Home As these apps were changed in the new...