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  1. hackintosh5

    Thread [APP] Check Treble support and type

    I wrote an app, better than the one suggested in most tutorials. It's called Treble Info and available in Labs and the Play Store. There's no analytics, ads or gsf and it's foss. In particular, it can tell you the architecture and the SaR status (not the same as a/b support). This is better than...
  2. hackintosh5

    Thread EMUI9 hi6250 kernel

    Unfortunately I broke my Honor 9 lite (erased the efuses while trying to change my HUK, now even vcom doesn't work) but here is my last work, a kernel for EMUI9. It's been around for a while but I forgot to publish it. If any other dev wants to take over cleaning the Huawei junk out, I'd be...
  3. hackintosh5

    Thread HwIms - VoLTE for hi6250

    HwIms is VoLTE support for hi6250, written from scratch in Java. Compatibility Tested on: Honor 9 Lite EMUI8/Descendant Honor 7x EMUI8/Descendant P20 Lite EMUI8/OpenKirin Will not work if you have any of the following Non-treble ROM System version below 28(9.0/Pie) Non-hisilicon device...
  4. hackintosh5

    Thread October security patches for LEO-DLXX

    I've captured the ota file for the october security patch on my LEO-DLXX. Instructions for install follow. 0. Unlock Bootloader 1. Download (not my file) and...
  5. hackintosh5

    Thread Unlock Bootloader, Even without code!

    --- Please don't quote this entire post --- I have, with the help of two people who's XDA I don't know, just unlocked an Honor 9 Lite without an unlock code!:angel: The method follows: Initial revision 0. Prepare adb and fastboot. On windows, change all fastboot commands to .\fastboot and...
  6. hackintosh5

    Thread [MODULE] SafetyPatcher

    This module hides bootloader unlock from the entire system, including GMS, meaning that stock ROMs can pass custom verification, as well as custom ROMs with magisk enabled. Module code is here. The actual code of this module (see can be used to pass safetynet on stock ROMs, even...
  7. hackintosh5

    Thread [GUIDE] Unlock FRP, Phone without system access or bootloader unlock code

    You can repair any broken H9L (probably other phones, any emui8+ supported by HCU) as long as you can enter fastboot. NEW: You can follow this tutorial excluding steps 6, 7, 13 and 24 to unlock the bootloader on a working device without getting a code off Huawei. Be sure to email Huawei before...
  8. hackintosh5

    Thread Treble from rajatgupta1998

    Rajat recently created and deleted a repo, and I caught it in time to fork. Rajat said I should continue development, as he had abandoned it. But I don't have too much time at the moment, so anyone with ideas should create a PR to penn5/device-trouble-for-athmeme on GitHub.
  9. hackintosh5

    Thread LineageOS 15.1 Nightlies (Thanks to Nikit)

    #include "std_disclaimer.h" /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM *...