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    Thread MAXX Upgrade

    Has anyone found the upgrade kits to convert to the MAXX HD? Pretty sure it should just be a MAXX HD back/battery like exists for the standard RAZR/MAXX but I have not found it.
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    Thread Aosp helper/juice defender

    Has anyone tried the juice defender add on that disables lte when the phone is sleeping? It only will work with aosp so just curious. Sent from my XT907 using Tapatalk 2
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    Thread Google now

    What is the right way to use Google now when traveling? Ie how do I set it up to keep me posted on flight info? I read that searching for a flight number will do it but how does it know what the date is? Flight numbers repeat daily and searching by flight number and date returns no results. Same...
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    Thread Conference call?

    I'm on the JB leak. How do you conference call? If I'm on a call and hit "Add Call", I can dial a number and call it. As soon as the other party answers, the original call is no longer available to me and "Add Call" is greyed out - no option to merge.
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    Thread Brightness control

    Any apps working on our phone to make the brightness scaling less aggressive? Ie stay darker longer Sent from my XT907 using Tapatalk 2
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    Thread CPU scaling

    Anyone using any apps like setcpu to get some better battery life during screen use? I get phenomenal standby and voice call time but not screen time Sent from my XT907 using Tapatalk 2
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    Thread Sphere

    Anyone have this working
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    Thread Bluetooth issues

    Anyone having bluetooth issues? For me, any BT headset gets all garbled on one end or the other 10-15 minutes into every call.
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    Thread Multiple call management

    Is it just me or is the management of multiple calls atrocious? How can I split calls when I have a conference call I've merged? How can I end one call but not another? None of this makes sense. Anyone else?
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    Thread Smart Actions Notification Volume

    How can you link notification volume to ringer volume? Smart Actions doesn't have the ability to set notification volume during meeting times, only ringtone volume.
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    Thread API question

    Is there an API call to change the preferred network mode that can be found under *#*#4636#*#*?
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    Thread LTE vs 3G

    Going to get the Razr M. Is there a way on the current Razr to turn off LTE systematically? I.e., have smart actions turn it off while screen off, etc.? Figuring it would be the same between Razr and M.
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    Thread smart actions gps

    how does smart actions use your location for certain conditions without killing your battery in the process?
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    Thread Razr M

    Ok.... Two questions about the new Razr M just announced: 1) Do you have to get the developer edition to use rooting, advanced features, etc.? Or will there be an XDA way? 2) Does VZW usually ship phones that are pre-ordered the day they are announced, or beforehand?
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    Thread Razr M

    Ok.... Two questions about the new Razr M just announced: 1) Do you have to get the developer edition to use rooting, advanced features, etc.? Or will there be an XDA way? 2) Does VZW usually ship phones that are pre-ordered the day they are announced, or beforehand?
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    Thread AsyncCollectorListener

    Anyone else having the issue with maps keeping your phone awake? I've got two hours of wake time in Partial Wakelocks (betterbatterystats) for AsyncCollectorListener I searched around and see many people complaining of this after Maps 6.0. Is there any way to...
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    Thread Extended batteries

    Out of all the extended batteries out there, which is the thinnest that has an extended door? I don't see measurements on any of them. Its a shame no on does like a 3000mah that doesn't add an obnoxious amount of bulk.
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    Thread 3250 Slim battery? Anyone tried one? I'm assuming it is a sticker like those "gold" batteries, but you never know.... Seller has good feedback
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    Thread TouchWiz Camera

    Any way to port the touchwiz camera app to CM10?
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    Thread T-mo Name ID

    Can T-Mobile Name ID be ported to CM10?
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    Thread Samsung Dive?

    Anyone gotten Samsung Dive to work? I'm on FreeGS3 R5 and I have all the Samsung Apps installed except for the backup app. I register my Sammy account and turn on Remote Controls but the Dive website just keeps directing me to set it up and Remote Controls isn't clickable.
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    Thread Mount storage

    Is there a solution to mount storage BOTH internal and external?
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    Thread Home button s-voice

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    Thread TouchWiz features

    Are any of the TW features extractable, for when we get Jelly Bean? I.e., smart stay?
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    Thread Two app questions

    1) With Titanium Backup Pro, how do you use DropBox? I've set it up in the settings, but what is the next step? How do I actually get the backups to start flowing? 2) With Touchdown, is there a way to view one calendar with both my Touchdown and Google accounts? Doesn't matter to me whether it...
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    Thread Amazing Spiderman

    Is anyone able to download/install amazing spiderman from gameloft?
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    Thread Camera

    How can you use the camera during a call? The restriction serves absolutely no purpose.
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    Thread Wireless Tether

    So I have the Wireless Tether root app. I have also removed the T-Mo Direct Share Manager app. Wireless Tether starts correctly with the only error being ad-hoc mode (this have always happened on all of my Android devices) but the SSID is never listed on any device when I go to connect. Any ideas?
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    Thread Camera

    Is there a mod to disable the absolutely pointless restriction that doesn't let you use the camera during a call? Sent from my SGH-T999 using Tapatalk 2
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    Thread Camera during call

    Is there a mod to disable the absolutely pointless restriction that prevents you from from using the camera during a call? Sent from my SGH-T999 using Tapatalk 2
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    Thread Face recognition

    When does the face recognition connect to social media? I want to make sure as I tag photos and identify them with people, it isn't sending somewhere behind the scenes without me knowing. Sent from my SGH-T999 using Tapatalk 2
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    Thread And let the battery woes begin

    So got my S3 yesterday, installed some apps, etc. Throughout the day, battery life seemed respectable. Last night, I charged to 100% and let it sit overnight with nothing running. I woke up 7 hours later agreed and my battery was unfortunately at 81%. 1) The first problem (and this may be...
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    Thread How do you use face recognition tagging?

    I see where pictures draw a box around faces but I have to manually tag each one. I tried pretty clear cut pictures/faces but nothing is like autotagging. Is it only for social media or could I in theory go to my contacts, find a contact and have it find all pictures it found with that person...
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    Thread Rooting US variant?

    Will rooting the T-Mo version be the same as international? Do you have to wipe to root?
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    Thread Power button delay?

    Just read a review that the S3 has a delay when you press the power button because it is looking for a second press? Is this true? Any way to fix?
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    Thread Smart Stay

    Does Smart Stay drain the batter?
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    Thread Case/bumper that doesn't add bulk

    Which cases/bumpers provide minor drop protection without adding bulk? Anything less bulky than TPU?
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    Thread Worth it to go to S3?

    Currently using an HTC One S but have had the S2. Question is if the upgrade is worth it to an S3 if we were to just put the S3 software on the S2 (if even possible). Thoughts?
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    Thread data switching

    for TMO US does anyone notice a difference in using US roms vs. EU roms for the data switching issue?
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    Thread Lock screen

    What do I need to do to have the pattern lock be the only lock screen I have? I removed the sense lock screen but that puts the ics lock screen first and then the pattern unlock which is a complete waste of time. Sent from my HTC VLE_U using Tapatalk 2
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    Thread Dropbox

    Ok - I'm trying to figure out the Dropbox problem where the Gallery FCs when trying to view Dropbox images. Here is what I know: I have three APKs related to Dropbox. One is the market Dropbox app, one is "Dropbox for HTC sense" and one is the "GLR Plugin". If I uninstall the market app, Sense...
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    Thread dropbox

    How do I get my camera uploads able to be viewed in the gallery or all my other images stored on dropbox?
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    Thread Lost phone storage???

    So this morning I made a Nandroid backup (everything was acting normal) and I flashed the LeeDroid ROM then his insecure boot image since my phone wouldn't boot without that. Since then, my phone just will not recognize the internal SD card from Android (although, it is fine in Recovery). I...
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    Thread Network switching

    Is there a fix yet for the HSPA/UMTS switching?
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    Thread Getting texts

    Ok - I'm trying to think of a creative way to get text messages if you didn't have access to cell service, but had access to internet. Something like having all SMS forwarded to Google Voice BUT that wouldn't require it to be done at an application level or using t-mobile WiFi calling to access...
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    Thread Juice defender

    Anyone tried to use the 2g/3g control that requires the aosp helper? What does it do? What is the helper? Sent from my HTC One S using Tapatalk 2
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    Thread Battery

    I find that the battery life is absolutely amazing in standby. I can go 3 hours and lose 1%. But then using the screen for 2 minutes drops it drastically, 2-3%. Anyone else?
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    Thread Sync photos

    On vanilla android, there is an option to "make an album available offline". My only assumption that this is for linking to some cloud-storage but what is it talking about? Google Photos? Can you use that with DropBox? Is there a way to use Google Photos without having it sharing with Google+...
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    Thread Anyone have the Sense Trace APK IME?

    I'm on a different ROM and restoring from Titanium crashes it.
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    Thread Camera uploads

    What is the difference in using the DropBox app to keep the camera pix/vids uploaded and using the Sense functionality? They both seem to send to DropBox.