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  1. UltraRoboto

    Thread Is this phone dead?!?

    My current rom, sitting at 85k views, is unpolished as heck. I am concerned considering how much viewership it has gained in the past two years. I would love to fix it, but I am not sure what is left to improve on as the phone is ancient. Does anyone even sift through here anymore? Just a...
  2. UltraRoboto

    Thread Synatx Error in Updater-Script Aroma 3.00b

    So I am trying some new code, but status 6 is really becoming a pain in the neck...can someone tell me where the problem is? my code is-->ui_print("-----------------------------"); ui_print("- UltraRom 6b -"); ui_print("- L9 Version! -"); ui_print("- By...
  3. UltraRoboto

    Thread Android Marshmallow BootAnimation for 960x540! BETA

    I DID IT >>>>>>>>>>> GET THE BETA ANIMATION HERE!! Can someone test please?!?! :fingers-crossed::fingers-crossed::fingers-crossed: I hope this will actually work, because if it does, its coming straight to UltraROM 6!! Requirements: 1. A Phone with Root Enabled. 2. A Phone with Measurements...
  4. UltraRoboto

    Thread Help for the newbies

    This is for the people who have this phone but are freaking out about unlocking bootloaders, being on this website for the first time, and hurrying to learn the Dev-Lingo for all sorts of roms, hacks, mods,etc. Rewind Time. 2 years ago. I had learned about hacking through my cousin who works in...
  5. UltraRoboto

    Thread [ROM][P769/760/765/768] UltraROM [6B][Locked/Unlocked BL]

    UltraROM By: UltraRoboto Made by a young Android Developer of 17 years. Built from stock for a close experience to the Pure Android experience. One of the sole surviving Custom ROM's for the Lg Optimus L9. What's In this? Additions: XDA app...
  6. UltraRoboto

    Thread [ROM][P769] UltraRom [KumaBase] [7-19-14][2.0][LockedBL]

    UltraROM. Customized. Fast. Clean. 3 things that categorize this ROM to its fullest potential. Download Now! Beta 2.0 is on 16th page...
  7. UltraRoboto

    Thread How to make a LockedBootloader ROM?

    Since Lg is practically making us buy a new phone by locking bootloader, I wanted to give us a taste of freedom but how? LockedBL Roms are not common and I want to know how to make one...please reply Sent from my LGMS769 using xda app-developers app
  8. UltraRoboto

    Thread How to make a locked boot-loader ROM?

    For all of those whom are in a fit with the p769 boot loader madness, I want to make a ROM, BUT how? Please help! Sent from my LGMS769 using xda app-developers app
  9. UltraRoboto

    Thread How to root sophix tab 7**g and 8**g

    So there is a new root tool (its in another language but the main button is practically English,) and it has been confirmed(by me I tested it) to work on 740g. Its called Key Root Master. CLICK THE RIGHT BUTTON ON SUPER SU- LIKE NOTIFICATION SCREEN TO ACCEPT ROOT PERMS Download...
  10. UltraRoboto

    Thread Discussion on LgP760 variants.

    Do you think the p76* will get unlocked boot loader and/or new OS updates through OTA? Sent from my LGMS769 using xda app-developers app
  11. UltraRoboto

    Thread Lg P769 v20h REVEALED on tmobile website!!

    So as many of you have been wondering, WHAT does v20H OTA update DO?? Well, to answer your pleas and my own questions i have unearthed an ANSWER!!!:D:D Now dont get dissapointed with what you see here..its Tmobiles problem. Link to Source! :D...