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  1. XDA_chron

    Thread Question How to Install OTA update on rooted device with magisk installed.

    I have rooted and installed magisk in my note 10 pro and even though I see the update in the settings and can download it. The update doesn't get installed and opens the TWRP recovery which then just fails and restarts without installing the update. Is there any way that I can install the OTA...
  2. XDA_chron

    Thread Question Netflix note available on redmi note 10 pro

    I have rooted my Redmi note 10 pro and have magisk installed. When I go on play store I see that it is not available for the device. It says that the current version doesn't support my device do you have any idea how to go around this?
  3. XDA_chron

    Thread Question Youtube vanced not working on redmi note 10 pro

    Is there any way to install youtube vanced on this device. I have already rooted it and still doesn't let me install the app. Using advanced is a bit addictive to say the least
  4. XDA_chron

    Thread Question Google pay not working with unlocked bootloader

    Google pay not working with the unlocked bootloader on my redmi note 10pro is there anything that can be done about this?