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    Thread Need help increasing call volume

    I really like this phone. One issue that I do have is that the call volume is lower than I would like. Doesn't matter whether I am using the phone or bluetooth - same issue, I would like to boost the call volume. I have used the Stock software, Resurrection Remix and Havoc - and the issue is...
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    Thread twrp openrecoveryscript not executing

    I am trying to run an openrecoveryscript automatically in twrp. I put the script into /cache/recovery/ TWRP reboots but never runs the script. The script is erased and not there after reboot. I have use the same process successfully in other ROMs. Edit: Did some further research. Turns...
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    Thread Which version of stock is for me?

    I have an G6 Plus Model XT1926-7 and I want to return to stock. I see lots of variants available on Which one do I pick - or does it matter. I purchased my device on ebay - should I just go with the RETAIL version? Thanks in advance...
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    Thread Device Experience & Recomendations

    I am thinking of purchasing this device - based upon the specs, it looks like a good choice. I don't see a whole lot of activity on the forums. I am wondering if those that are using this device are happy with it and would recommend it. I am considering using either Havoc or Resurrection...
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    Thread X4 versions - twrp and custom ROMs

    I am considering the purchase of an X4 and wanted to check on something before I purchase. I searched, but didn't find a definitive answer. Regarding the different versions, my understanding is that the Amazon version can't be bootloader unlocked nor can a custom rom be installed on it...
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    Thread Can't use hardware keys to reboot into recovery

    I have the t-mobile LG G$ (H811) and can't use the hardware keys to reboot into recovery. I have CM13 and TWRP installed (previously had CM12.1/TWRP with the same issue). I can use software to reboot into recovery, but not the hardware method. I have tried all the combinations I can find...
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    Thread CM 12 Official klte Nightlies - Any feelback?

    I see that the CM 12 Official Nightlies have begin. I am eager to hear from those who may have tried it. What works and what is still not working. I see threads for alpha and private builds, but none for the official CM 12 klte nightlies and am wondering how they are. Perhaps folks can share...
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    Thread Soft Reset - alternative to battery pull?

    I have had Samsung phones from the original Samsung Galaxy through the S4. Now I have an S5 and it is a great phone Except.... On the prior models if I go stuck, I could always long press the power button and restart the phone. The S5 does not appear to support that. Is there any other...
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    Thread [Q] Phone answer button

    I find the slide to answer the phone very inconvenient. I would like to be able to answer the phone either by pressing a soft (on screen) button or even a hard button. I have tried a number of market packages that offer an answer button, but they do not activate until a number of rings have...
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    Thread [Q] "Use External Storage" not available in Rom Manager Settings

    The setting for "use external storage" is greyed out in the ROM Manager Settings. I would like to enable this setting and use by 32GB micro sd card instead of the phones internal storage. I am currently on ICS Passion v13, but had previously been on CM7 and had the same behavior. I have...
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    Thread Looking for advice for my next phone

    It seems that Cyanogenmod will not be bringing their next generation (ICS) to the Vibrant. While I really like the Vibrant, perhaps it is time to think about moving on. Are there any recommendations for where I should be looking. Here would be my considerations: - I like the hardware...
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    Thread [Q] Warranty xchg (bad usb) - do I need to go back to stock?

    T-Mobile is shipping me a new phone to replace the one I have which has a bad USB. The question is, what if I can not get the phone back to stock (cause of the bad USB)? I am now running a CM7.1 nightly. If I do nothing (and keep CM7 on it), will I get backcharged for anything? I can...
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    Thread Setting "Starred" contact from Outlook

    Is there a way (in Outlook) to edit the "starred" contact attribute on a contact that is synchronized with outlook contacts. I have a large number of contacts that I would like to flag, and doing that with a real keyboard is so much easier that doing it on the phone. Thanks,