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  1. xsteven77x

    Post [discontinued][ROM][unlocked][ford,austin] Lineage-12.1 [05 MAY 2020]

    Dude, I thank you from the bottom of my heart... sincerely, for still supporting his piece of **** device that some of us are stuck with LOL. You make using this piece of garbage tolerable and if I wasn't an unemployed loser right now, I would tip you some money from here to the moon. Instead...
  2. xsteven77x

    Post Recommend a not laggy ROM for HTC One M8 Harman/Kardon edition

    That's interesting. I have also test drove all the latest current Ron's we have and it ended up being the best with my setup. As we all know, performance is going to vary widely depending on what apps you have installed etc etc, so I'm telling you this for no other reason than to say that it's...
  3. xsteven77x

    Post Recommend a not laggy ROM for HTC One M8 Harman/Kardon edition

    LineageOS seems to be the best IMHO.
  4. xsteven77x

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL] LineageOS 14.1 for the HTC One M8

    That's where they are going to end up anyways. Once any of those apps get an update, the update always goes on the data partition so before long they're all going to end up there anyways. Just pointing that out.
  5. xsteven77x

    Post [CLOSED][BETA][2018.7.19] Magisk v16.7 (1671)

    Working great htc one M83 latest lineageos nighties. Does NOT and has not worked for awhile when put into core only mode. No biggie just putting it out there :)
  6. xsteven77x

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL] LineageOS 14.1 for the HTC One M8

    Ive been having gyro issues too. I usually just turn on auto rotate until i reboot for the display issues. Thankfully it hasn't impacted any games or software i need to run so i don't know how much further than that it goes.
  7. xsteven77x

    Post AT&T Stock Backups, Recoveries, OTAs and Radio IMGs

    Oh ok thanks for the tip!
  8. xsteven77x

    Post AT&T Stock Backups, Recoveries, OTAs and Radio IMGs

    This thread (maybe whole device?) has been tossed in the trash by the dev community unfortunately. Just Google and their are still new bread crumbs here and there.
  9. xsteven77x

    Post LGk7 LGMS330 Service menu/Hidden menu

    That really didn't' answer the question though of how to change or enable the bands. Or at least I didn't see it in there when i dug around.
  10. xsteven77x

    Post [DISCONTINUED][UNOFFICIAL] CM-12.1 [22 Nov 2016]

    Am i the only one who noticed we went from a build dated the 9th back to the 3rd? Anyone care to shed some light?
  11. xsteven77x

    Post [DISCONTINUED][UNOFFICIAL] CM-12.1 [22 Nov 2016]

    For anyone who has been awake to reality, with chuckle at the irony of that statement. It looks so ridiculous on the surface but anyone "in the know" already will know that statement is fairly true.
  12. xsteven77x

    Post [discontinued][ROM][unlocked][ford,austin] Fire Nexus ROM [26 MAY 2019]

    This looks awesome. Going to give it a shot now. Thanks a lot!
  13. xsteven77x

    Post EXE/ZIP RUU M8_VZW 5.0.1 (s-off only)(StageFrightPatched)(newest)

    Thanks my man. We all appreciate you still taking care of us even though many have moved on from this phone. :)
  14. xsteven77x

    Post [TOOL]Minimal ADB and Fastboot [2-9-18]

    Even though i consider myself a far above average user when it comes to technical know-how, this app you have put together for us is awesome. Just makes thing super easy when you are doing routine adb tasks. Thanks alot!
  15. xsteven77x

    Post [ROM] CM12 UNOFFICIAL BUILDS by TeamBliss

    I'm gonna guess no. No one has posted in this thread in months, and CM overall has been declining in popularity for quite some time. What the reason is, I'm not sure but it's probably a combination of a lot of things. Ever since OEM's have started making their stock roms somewhat decent...
  16. xsteven77x

    Post Keyboard disappearing randomly

    Same thing happens to me.
  17. xsteven77x

    Post Stock GPE ROM for VZW M8

    Ya same here. I would be interested in that too.
  18. xsteven77x

    Post Remaining With Verizon M8, For Now

    I remember when android was new and every new phone had this instant gigantic dev community ahh those were the days... In the beginning cutting edge new android phones weren't coming out once a month like now :( It was all but guaranteed your phone would get SOME kind of development and...
  19. xsteven77x

    Post Speed test results on xlte

    Agreed. Seeing fast cell data speeds doesn't really impress or excite me anymore. You can't utilize ANY advantage you get from the increased speed without: 1.Paying an absurd price per GB to have enough data that streaming and downloading gigantic files that were too "slow" before is...
  20. xsteven77x

    Post [THEME][TWRP] TWRP Materialised - Black / Dark / Light / Play [Discontinued]

    Still the best twrp theme. Great job!
  21. xsteven77x

    Post Lollipop 5.0.1 and WIFI

    When making such a major change as in going up a whole OS revision, you would be LUCKY to have no issues. Only way to go about this and have the best experience is to flash an RUU and start fresh. At the very least you should do a factory reset. It's akin to Windows. No one who knows what they...
  22. xsteven77x

    Post [Q] GPS issues on CM12 based roms

    This is kind of reflection as CM as a whole. It's great they support 38475728 devices now but in turn the overall quality has seemed to go south for a year or two. They almost always move on to the new version before making the current one stable.
  23. xsteven77x

    Post Any news/rumors on an update?

    Hmm. Ya I think we will see at least one more major update for our phones before they abandon us for the m9. M7 users best days are probably behind them at this point.
  24. xsteven77x

    Post (Mod) Enable voLTE

    Have you read the rest of this thread?
  25. xsteven77x

    Thread Any news/rumors on an update?

    Just curious if anyone has seen any news related to a new Verizon OTA being in the works to fix some of the bugs introduced with 5.01. Haven't personally seen anything about it but one can make a pretty easy assumption that at some point we will get another OTA.
  26. xsteven77x

    Post Why can't I shut off the lock screen security?

    Just an update. Not sure what fixed it but I clicked on "clear credentials" under Security and instantly worked. Figured I would update in case someone else has the same problem!
  27. xsteven77x

    Post Why can't I shut off the lock screen security?

    Hmm ok. So I went through and deactivated all administraters but still "no lock screen" is greyed out. No I do not nor have ever had an exchange account or anything other than just gmail. As far as VPN I do not have one configured. I DO use super free VPN from the play store occassionally...
  28. xsteven77x

    Thread Why can't I shut off the lock screen security?

    On stock 5.01. I have it on pin unlock right now but the options to shut it off are greyed out. The only other time I have ever seen that is whenever encryption is enabled which I do not have enabled, why can't I remove it?
  29. xsteven77x

    Post [ROM] S.ROM-S3 8.5.2 v3.2 Android MMB29M 6.0.1 Sense7G A9 1.56.617.1 HK&JBL&BS.

    Thanks for posting. Bit too many "major" issues for me to give it a shot just yet though. Gonna keep my eye on this!
  30. xsteven77x

    Post Lollipop Rolls Out to M8

    I feel like when updating the OS a full version number, full wipes should be required. Not to mention most people haven't wiped their phone since the day they got it so it's probably running like junk even before the update.
  31. xsteven77x

    Post Root & lollipop

    Did you even attempt to look up the answer yourself? As a community we all like to help each other, but only those who also help themselves. A simple Google search will give you your answer quickly.
  32. xsteven77x

    Post Verizon VoLTE

    Hmm well, that's still progress none the less. At least now we know that we can't just hack it into working even if the feature is provisioned on our line/account. Without our device being officially added to their list of supported hardware on the network backend, we may be screwed. Does anyone...
  33. xsteven77x

    Post [Q] Does TWRP wipe ART cache on Lolipop?

    Can we get an answer to this?
  34. xsteven77x

    Post Lollipop enables band 4 XLTE

    Its dated for about a week ago so I'm gonna say its the update we just got. I don't know what app we could use to see what bands are active or enabled. I'm sure there is something out there though.
  35. xsteven77x

    Thread Lollipop enables band 4 XLTE

    Not sure if this information has been posted... Verizon has begun rolling out the long awaited HTC One M8 Android Lollipop update to owners of the smartphone this week and in the process...
  36. xsteven77x

    Post (Mod) Enable voLTE

    You guys are wasting your time unless you've had a phone that actually did have volte and had it activated on your account. Till its activated on your account on Verizon's end, it is not going to work. I'm not aware of a way to have it activated unless you have a legitimately enabled phone...
  37. xsteven77x

    Post Verizon VoLTE

    Dying to here what happened. All these people trying to enable it through the phone are wasting their time. It is not going to work until it's enabled on your account. We have Verizon phones in our house that do have volte and when they got their update to enable it, they all had a notification...
  38. xsteven77x

    Post HD calling

    I remember reading the m8 is not even capable of it hardware wise. Not sure though.
  39. xsteven77x

    Post Countdown to official 5.0

    Another tweet from HTC.... armyman035 The Lollipop update for the Verizon HTC One M8 has passed TA and will be rolling out to users this week.
  40. xsteven77x

    Post Countdown to official 5.0

    This is from the official HTC twitter account which confirms what I have been saying all day... JJHughes13 (1/2) While #HTCOneM8's on T-Mobile and Sprint have seen the update rollout, Verizon only just passed TA. We'll share news once
  41. xsteven77x

    Post Countdown to official 5.0

    I haven't personally but I've seen other people who have but no dice.
  42. xsteven77x

    Post Lollipop Rolls Out to M8

    At this point your odds are 4.4.4. There is practically zero chance of it having lolligagger on it.
  43. xsteven77x

    Post Countdown to official 5.0

    Soon in cell phone update language is anywhere from now till next month...
  44. xsteven77x

    Post Lollipop Rolls Out to M8

    Pretty sure one site saw that the lollipop documentation was up and just assumed the ota was released and then all the other sites just copy and pasted it and now its a runaway train. And it being approved is not the same as the update being pushed out. Pretty sure we got played as far as...
  45. xsteven77x

    Post Countdown to official 5.0

    Wow that's outrageous...
  46. xsteven77x

    Post Countdown to official 5.0

    Pretty sure it is expected to be "certified" this week. Them actually pushing it out is another story I think.