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  1. Deic

    Thread [MODULE][v1.1] Max Resolution for YouTube | Unlock 2K (and 4K in compatible devices)

    Unlock 2K resolution on all devices and 4K on supported ones. Based on this XDA article. Requeriments Device with 720p resolution as minimum* Hardware VP9 decoder support for 2160p (4K) *if not 720p as minimum, you can from terminal emulator run this (Thanks DodoGTA | post) su -c wm size...
  2. Deic

    Thread [Magisk v14.0] Universal SafetyNet Fix | Universal Hide [v2 Beta 5]

    Universal SafetyNet Fix This module tries to pass SafetyNet on devices that triggered it. It works by doing some magic with the system props, which are changed to match with the required by Google to pass it's security test (SafetyNet). However, that is not all... The real magic here is the...
  3. Deic

    Thread [SCRIPT][17.04.22][v1.2.0] MIUI Power Menu Patcher - add recovery & fastboot reboot

    [SCRIPT][17.04.22][v1.2.0] MIUI Power Menu Patcher - add recovery & fastboot reboot This patch your system to have got recovery & fastboot reboot from power menu. Download latest release Changelog -Added visual menu -Added function to restore backups -Added ability to supply environment...
  4. Deic

    Thread [HELP] Porting Ubuntu Touch to Redmi Note 2

    I'm learning how to port Ubuntu Touch to this device, but I'm not sure what files I need of Android to can do it. Porting guide: Kernel, device & vendor by Nofearnohappy:
  5. Deic

    Thread [TOOL][v2.0] SH-OTA, an Android script auto-updater utility

    *** Disclamer I'm lazy for this now xD... Introduction An Android script auto-updater utility. How to 1. Download SH-OTA (down) 2. Edit your script 2.1 Add the code of in your script 2.2 Write the latest version of your script, example: version="1.0_stable"...
  6. Deic

    Thread [Q] Battery problem | Doesn't charge | Overheats

    Hi, I have a problem with the battery, it doesn't charge and overheats to second of turn on the phone (50ºC). Any solution? Or buy a new battery (the most probably), thanks. Regards :).
  7. Deic

    Thread [ROM][GB][Sense 3.5] JaggyROM 5 | Next version changelog #2 [10/06/2013]

    JaggyROM 5 An optimized, european, stock-based custom ROM. Rooted Custom kernel Ext2, 3, 4 partition support Task killer tweak for speed Mount2SD Script BusyBox installed Booting HTC sound disabled Bash shell support /etc/init.d scripts support Deodexed Zipaligned to optimize RAM usage at...
  8. Deic

    Thread What screwdriver I need for disassemble Explorer?

    My HTC Explorer fell once and broke glass (Isn't hard lol...), what is the model/name of screwdriver for disassemble Explorer?? And where buy it?
  9. Deic

    Thread Galaxy mini doesn't boot

    Initially I had a rom installed since Long time and worked perfectly... Then... My phone doesn't pass of bootanimation... It stay Infinite hours in bootanimation, I installed many roms (CM10.1, CM10, emanoN...) But is same... Problem? :S... Can be did burn nand? Sent from my HTC Explorer...
  10. Deic

    Thread Official CM10 for Pico. Really?

    Hi, I did read about Official CM10 for pico in Sarthak's Unofficial CM10 thread. I looked for that and I didn't find in any site... Is true or mental masturbation? Thx. Sorry my english, I don't speak so well... xD. Sent from my HTC Explorer A310e using xda app-developers app
  11. Deic

    Thread Where do I can get Adreno/egl libs updated for GB?

    I need get the libs updated for Gingerbread, link please? Sorry for this post so small, my english isn't so well... XD, thx. Sent from my HTC Explorer A310e using xda app-developers app